Fangs of FuryMature


After a cheap and greasy dinner, I headed back to the near run down motel where I was shacking up. It was the cheapest form of hospitality. My head began to throb. I recognized the familiar pang as Katherine, her own grief contracted to mine in ways that weren't even comprehensible. She was the alpha female of my pack. By laws of nature we were destined for each other. It was a destiny I wasn't willing to embrace just yet. I didn't love Katherine, nor did she love me. Where I was able to keep my emotions tucked away, she wore her resentment on her sleeve, constantly demanding things of me and challenging me in front of the pack. Her logic; if she couldn't be happy, no one could.

I located the small but sterile bathroom and hopped in the shower. I let the water rain down on my head; pounding on my skin like warm rain. The water, I knew would temporarily break Katherine's hold on me. Once done I towel dried and changed into some clothes I purchased at a second hand store; a black form fitting T shirt and faded black jeans. I hadn't washed them, but I knew I was a beggar now, not a chooser. In the wild, I was king of free will. Here I was a restrained pauper, confined to human law and propriety. My status was that of a poor man, not of a strong hunter. Hunting was obsolete to these people when their was a KFC three blocks away. Still I preferred my meet, fresh without any corrupting preservatives. I didn't carry any guns on me, but the knives I carried were throwing knives, an art I damn near perfected two years ago.

Last night I played damsel, while my ex...whatever, came to my rescue, my ego was hurt. I needed to redeem myself in the worst way. With this mentality I climbed up the fire escape stairs, until I found myself on the roof of the building.

I knelt down balancing myself on the heels of my feet. This was the easiest position to assume for the shift. I closed my eyes, and tuned out the unflattering noise of the city. Moments later the wind ruffled a coat of coarse silver fur. My nose, along with my entire person became that of a wolf's. My senses were heightened. Immediately I picked up several different emotions, fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, stress. I stifled through those emotions of strangers and concentrated on scents instead. The city smelled of stale cigarettes, sewage and garbage cans. I pushed passed those, bowing my head as I targeted a more specific sent. One I would never forget, lilac and chocolates, like a pleasant sweet wine.

I raced down the fire escape, and took the alleyway, in the direction of her sent. It was growing dark, I would easily be confused for a stray dog. I ran several blocks, like this, tearing through the night. I turned into a man when I was just a couple yards away from Sophia's apartment. A scream outside of her building stopped me in my tracks. I stepped into the alleyway to investigate.

A boy was being shoved up against a wall, by a much larger man bearing a knife. Once I stepped onto the scene the larger man averted his attention towards me. “Get the hell out of here!” he growled.

I smiled. I was going to like this far too much.

“Mind your own business,” he spat again.

I took one step closer to the larger man. He tore the knife away from the boy's neck and pointed it at me, which was what I wanted.

“Run,” I told the boy, as I aimed a kick to the man's chest. He dropped his knife in surprise. His hand went for his belt where a gun was sheathed.

“Shit,” I muttered.

The man pulled out his gun.“I didn't want to waste this last shot, but you just screwed me out of a deal, so it seems I owe it to you,” he tried justifying, as his finger went for the trigger.

As provoked, I shifted back into the wolf, I lunged for the man. I watched as his eyes grew wide, in disbelief. I barred my fangs, just as a bullet rang out they sank into his leg. His eyes rolled upwards and he feinted, dropping the gun.

After a moment, my body shifted back. I felt the sting of the bullet at my shoulder, the rush of blood, down my arm. I remembered to breathe, and that was the important thing in these situations. I took the man's gun, and tried my best to keep my composure as I stumbled into the apartment building.  

The End

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