Truths of AlphaMature


I ventured the cold streets of downtown Bakersfield. Snow lined the sidewalk, seeping through my boots. I picked up my pace telling myself I was only anxious to be out of the cold, and not to see Kieran. It was a half truth. I did want to be out of the cold but I was  excited to see him. Though I would never admit that out loud. I was also a little worried. I knew Kieran could handle himself, even if he was reckless and irresponsible. He was an alpha, a leader of a pack. Which made me wonder; where were his precious little groupies now?

I reached the abandoned warehouse. I took to the back, so nobody would notice as I kicked a window through. I was good at breaking and entering, putting my ex gymnast skills to good use. I had a rebellious streak in me that only Kieran seemed to provoke. The glass shattered and I waited a moment before lowering myself into the window's frame. I wanted Kieran to squirm with anticipation. After a minute I climbed over and landed softly on the cement ground. It was dark, a good place to be mugged. I rounded the corner to find Kieran sitting on a chair that he was bound to with ropes.

Worst of all was that he wasn't wearing a shirt. I could see every scrape and every scar he ever bore. Some were recent and lined with crusted blood, stretched across his tight muscles. Quickly I averted my eyes to his face. He wore a smug grin. His eyes were framed under strands of loose black hair that had escaped his ponytail. I had let myself forget how breathtaking he truly was. His evergreen eyes were taunting as stared into mine.

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the phone by his feet. One foot was bare, as he kicked his boot and sock off. Clever, I thought as I realized he had stashed his phone in his boots. Anyone who tempted to search his boots for knives and weapons, was bound to get kicked in the face,I had seen him do that before.

Did you toe dial me?” I asked, disgusted.

Kieran laughed, “Your not the only one who's flexible.”

I felt my cheeks grow warm and turned away from him.

Aren't you going to untie me?” He asked.

I crossed my arms as I turned to face him. “Yes, after you answer my questions. All of them.”

Kieran hung his head for a moment, deep in thought. He raised his eyes, and smiled at me. “Are those highlights, Soph? They look nice, in fact they make your eyes seem more intense almost, violet.”

I ran a hand through the subtle red highlights strung throughout my dark hair. “ Nice try. I know what your doing. Now, tell me, why your really here?”

Kieran put all his flattery and charm aside. His face became as readable as stone, void of any emotion as he began to speak. “I have... things to do," was all he offered.

I tried to speak, but choked on my words before managing a sentence. "You have things to do? All this time I thought you were dead. You couldn't have even bothered to send a post card to let me know you were alive. Or was it Kaitlynn? Did she not want you to contact me?"

Kieran shook his head. “No. It would have been better if you thought I was gone, dead even and her name is Kathryn," he said quietly.

I bit my lip to hide my reaction. I didn't want him to know how easily he could get under my skin. He must have seen the hurt on my face, because he offered a better explanation for his presence here.

“ I can't go into the specifics but I was sent here by an alpha male. He had leverage on me  that he was going to use if I didn't meet him here. It turns out he was looking to infringe on my pack. He had his henchmen tie me up. They whipped me, trying to instill fear and get me to relinquish my title as Alpha."

And?" I asked.

Kieran shook his head, “And, an alpha doesn't show fear.....They said they'd be back.

We have to go to the police,” I said immediately.

Kieran shrugged. “ It's useless. The henchmen were in masks and their alpha never switched into his human form. I have to track him before he tracks me.”

I nodded to let him know that I understood. My phone beeped. It was a text from Jeremy:

                   Going to be late, had some business to tend to.

I put my phone back in my pocket. “What do you need the money for?”

They took everything, my bags, my weapons- well most of them..." He kicked out his boot. I made a face at him as I reached inside it for one of the three illegal blades he possessed. I stood up and carefully cut the ropes that bound him.

The End

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