Werewolf in the CityMature


I returned to my studio apartment after a long shift. My apron wore the remains of someone's spilled coffee. I took my tip money out of the pockets, and threw the apron in the sink of the kitchenette to let it soak. I counted the money and added it to the jar, that went towards rent. Five hundred, I smiled. This would be the first month since I moved into the studio half a year ago, that I could pay rent on time. Smiles and homemade chocolates would only go so far with the landlord. He was getting aggravated. I tucked the money into an envelope, and sealed it with tape. It was going straight to the landlord before something else came up. And there was always something. Weather it be a bill, an emergency room copay, a relative who needed help out of a tight spot or-

My cell rang separating my mind from my worries. “Sophie,” the rough voice on the other end came out in a rushed whisper.

I nearly dropped the phone in surprise. It had taken me a moment to summon a response. “What do you want?” I asked sharply.

“I need your help.”

I laughed into the receiver. “Of course you do. Why else would you be calling me? It's almost been two years, don't you think I have better things to do than save your sorry ass?”

Kieran would have thought the question was rhetorical. He wouldn't take into consideration how miserable the last two years of my life have been without him. He left town when I was eighteen, shortly after my mother's death. He said it was because he was a danger to me and he needed to be with his pack anyways.

Since we were thirteen Kieran had been my closest friend, maybe even more at one point. I shut my eyes and tried not to think about our last meeting, I wouldn't go there. I had to live in the now and now I had a sweet boyfriend who bought me sweet gifts and flowers, and actually showed up for dates. Jeremy would never abandon me the way the Kieran had.

“Look,” Kieran said. He sounded as if he were begging or in great pain, I couldn't tell. Good, I thought let him suffer the way I had for two years. “ Sophia it's urgent,” he pressed. I ignored him though and continued to voice my animosity towards the man.“Tell me this Kieran aren't dog's supposed to be loyal?”

I heard a feint growl in the receiver, “You want a cuddle buddy Soph, go buy your self a damn poodle.”

At that point I was about to terminate the call, when he added. “Sorry don't hang up the phone. I have good news, I'm back in town.”

I hated how he could still hold my interest like that. I glanced at the clock on the kitchen stove. I was going to meet Jeremy for latte's in an hour. “Where are you staying?”

I could hear the coy smile in his voice as he said, “Tied up in the warehouse on forty seventh street. I'll text you the address.”

I covered my mouth so he couldn't hear my gasp on the other end. It was kieran so the news of his situation shouldn't have surprised me so much. Reluctantly I muttered a, “Fine, whatever.” Before I could hang up, he added. “And as much cash as you can.”

Instinctively my fist tightened around the envelope. “Oh and one more thing, Soph, something to eat I'm starv-

I hung up the phone before he could finish his request. Of course when I was getting my life back together, he would swoop down just long enough to tear it apart.

The End

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