Up on the RooftopMature


I stood with my back to the wind as it tore at my shirt sending chills down my back. I had waited for nearly two years for an excuse to visit Backersfield. It seemed I had finally found one. I had to admit I felt superior standing on top of City Hall. The highest building in the city. Somewhere below me was a man who challenged my position as Alpha. Now I just needed to figure out who he was and what he was doing in the city. Lycan's didn't belong here. It was challenging enough to resist the day to day urge to change into the wolf. Living here  among crowds of people had to be damn near impossible. Now I was faced with the question who or what exactly was I looking for? Someone who didn't blend? Or someone strong enough that they blended in all to well. Better yet Sophia... Was it a coincidence that whoever had targeted my pack happened to be from the same city as her? I didn't believe there was a connection. I made sure to break off any ties to Sophia from the supernatural when I left her two years ago, after graduation.

Whoever had sent the ransom letter that threatened to harm Kathryn, my mate. Had been watching from afar, but close enough to pick up on certain details of my life. This wasn't an overnight scheme. I wasn't that careless to let something like that happen.

The ambush on my pack was at best guess a year or so in the making. I knew this how? Well whoever sent the letter had the upper hand. They knew stuff about me that was meant to be kept confidential. Such as a secret that could put me away for life and potentially harm the people I care about most. I made sure to alienate everyone after high school. I knew I had a duty to my pack,but I needed to protect my friends and family as well. As an alpha, there would always be those looking to challenge me and lead my pack astray. This was why distance, was my only way of offering protection.

I glanced at the roof top of the neighboring building, estimating how many feet down the jump would be. Forty at best. As a wolf I could have made it no qualms. As a man, my abilities were  slightly heightened , though not as keen as the wolf's. I ran and resisted the urge to cry out into the night as I lunged for the next rooftop. I landed effortlessly on all fours. My hands only slightly stung from the impact of being slapped down on hard concrete. Adrenaline, had me repeating this pattern of running and jumping from roof to roof. Purposely trying to give off my essence and pheromones that only the next alpha could sense. Whoever wanted me, could come and get me.

The End

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