Kieran, a wolf Lycan returns to a town where his former best friend, Sophia resides, to hunt another anonymous alpha, after he leaves a ransom letter that threatens to expose one of Kieran's dark secrets to the world. Kieran must risk losing his pack, or Sophia, as the truth begins to unravel.


I stood out on the balcony starring down into the traffic. Night made the city seem prettier, somehow. Although even the vast magnitude of traffic and building lights, couldn't replace the absence of the stars. The beauty wasn't natural like it was in the country. I simply missed my old home, I missed the farm and my friends, most of them. I didn't hate the city, it was teaching me to appreciate new things more, like art and fine cuisine.

It was cold for November, but I was thankful that the smog and city heat had finally died down during the days. I pulled my jacket about me tighter. Embracing the smell of cubin cigars and leather as Jeremy, wrapped me in his embrace. “It's beautiful isn't it?” he asked motioning to the world below us. I tried to tune out the noise of a horn blarring and pedestrians cursing as they struggled to cross the road. I turned my face up towards Jeremy. “It sure is,” I lied.

I couldn't tell him the truth, he would only make fun of me and call me a naïve country girl. Country folk were seriously underestimated in the city. There were big differences between me and Jeremy. Jeremy was the son of the mayor of Bakersfield, he was a desk and briefcase kind of guy. Me, on the other hand; I was the daughter of the town drunk, I knew how to hunt, skin and gut my own food. I never wore designer clothes until I started dating Jeremy two months ago. All of which Jeremy didn't know. I had let myself become reinvented when I moved to the city. I vowed to never look back. Secretly my heart longed for the security and freedom that Ash Hollow offered. I wanted open spaces and wild nights. After two years of moving away, the memories felt more like a distant dream.

“Are you alright?” Jeremy purred into my ear in a tone that promised he'd buy me the city, if it would make me happy.

I squeezed his hand reassuringly. “Absolutely.”

“Good, let's go inside. I'm beginning to catch a chill,” he smirked. I followed the lure of his dark eyes back into his amazingly designer loft. He busied himself pouring two bottles of champagne. Tonight we were celebrating our two month anniversary. To that we toasted. Jeremy presented me with a gift. A small box. I tore away the wrapping paper. Inside was a beautiful necklace. Two hearts intertwined on a silver pendant. It was the necklace I saw at Tiffany's when he took me to New York a few weeks ago.

I pressed my hand to my chest. The gesture made him laugh. “So you like it?”

“I love it,” I whispered clasping it over my neck. I glanced at the chocolate I made him. Suddenly I felt inadequate. I pressed my lips against his mouth. It was a chaste kiss. Jeremy smiled and pulled me closer, his mouth eagerly seeking out mine again. He pushed me down on the sofa, deepening our kiss. For him this was a milestone. I happened to know that the bachelor took his time while courting someone. He was a figure of sophistication, which was most likely why even after two months we hadn't made it to second base until now. His fingers, cold and smooth found the brim of my shirt and inched their way upwards, majestically. He found the clasp of my bra. He lowered his mouth to my neck, trailing kisses downward. The moment came to an abrupt halt when his roaming hands passed over the deep scars on my chest. He sat back up and I immediately pulled my blouse back down.

“Were those claw marks?” He asked eying me cautiously.

Flustered I shook my head. “No. I mean yes.” I laughed, as I tried to recover. “My old dog.”

“Was it rabid?” He asked starting intensely into my eyes.

I shook my head. “No, it just lost control, one day.”

He smirked at my state of confusion, he had caught me off guard. I didn't want to think about the scars today. I just wanted to change the subject. The moment had been ruined and my mind set corrupted. I needed to go home. I stood up and awkwardly made an excuse to leave.

“Sophia? Promise you won't take the necklace off.”

I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. “Never.”

He smiled, satisfied with that answer.

The End

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