Tick-Tock, Smash The Pocket-WatchMature

Cath doesn't know why she didn't do this before.
Jon doesn't know why he never got her to do it before.
Matt knows that it's changed his life.
Ruby knows that it's changed her relationship.
Leo thinks it's the only way to live.
Will thinks that he'll never come down.


I’m wearing my heavy, dark Crombie. It’s drizzling pitifully out here and droplets are clinging to the wool and sliding off the pocket-watch in my hand. Other droplets are clinging to my eyelashes.

I’m nineteen years old, second year of uni; you’re twenty. We’re both kids, but dear God, I’ve aged today. After your funeral this morning, I somehow found myself in this clearing, in this wood, where I had my first joint with you - five years ago today. I’ve come back because I want to be young again; I remember us being young together.

I can remember it all. I can see how easy it was.

The End

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