Ticking Me Off

Based on a project I'm doing for my game design course. Each change of scene is a new level.

She sat in her rocking chair nursing her black eye, the other trained on the clock watching the seconds tick by. Each one brought the cage of fear slowly closer to her. The sounds echoed through her head as she drifted off into an uneasy slumber.


Fuschia licked the blood off her arrow, standing over the mutilated body of the orc. A smile creeped upon her pale face as she searched for life in the village.

Steam swirled out the cogs and mixed with the thick black smoke of the fire. It crackled and hissed as it licked at the house timbers, spreading towards other buildings. All this havoc for a simple clock shell.

She studied it in her gloved hand, examining the scratches on the dirtied copper. It felt good to finally have it in her palm. She attached it to the chain hanging around her neck and pushed it into the hole in her chest.

"Now to find the middle."


Blood splattered at her feet as she yanked her arrow out the back of a chimaera. Turning swiftly she lashed out and ripped the throat of another, smirking as it gurgled on its blood. The final one cautiously circled her then leaped, knocking her onto her back. It snarled at her but before it could cause her further harm she plunged the arrow deep into its stomach. A screech emitted from its jaws before it collapsed in a lifeless heap.

She reached into the gash and found what she was looking for. The clock face complete with parts. The bloody piece was added to the shell and she sighed as it faintly ticked in her chest.

"Now I'm ready."


The clock tower stood proudly at the centre of the land, it was both feared and respected by the creatures. The hours rung dutifully but now the twelfth hour was upon them. Fuschia stood staring at the mask of the man who had maimed her life- Viktor.

His robot arm lunged at her, throwing her at the wall. Breathless she leaped back up attempted to scratch him. He shoved her back and narrowly missed crushing her bones with his hammer. She hissed as he lifted the hammer back up and tried to strike again. This time as soon as the hammer cracked the floor she jumped forward and caught his mask on the edge of her arrow, yanking it off and tossing it to the side.

The grin on his face shocked her. Rooting her to the floor for a split second in which he managed to smack her in the face.

"Fighting back finally?"

Her face burned as she turned to him, murder gleaming in her laser blue eyes.

"You're really ticking me off."

With that she drove the arrow straight through his stomach and out through his back, his spine snapping like a twig.


She sat in her rocking chair nursing her black eye, the other trained on the clock watching the seconds tick by. Her clothes were bloody and she smiled.

"Shouldn't have ticked me off."

The End

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