What's the Price ?Mature

Marney takes Jorge for a ride in her Boxster. She want's Jorge to drive her, but Jorge isn't sure he can afford it....

Jorge felt himself pushed back into the seat by the acceleration as Marney floored her Boxster. Barely able to move his head, he glanced sideways at the speedo

seventy… eighty…. ninety…

He turned his eyes back forwards… the roadside was just blurring in his peripheral vision… he wasn't sure if he'd ever been this fast, this low to the ground before… the auto-sequential gearbox barely caused a shudder as it kept shifting up.
Jorge glanced sideways at the speedo again,

a hundred and twenty… geez, was she ever going to ease off the pedal

Marney turned her head to look at him,

"Takes your breath away the first time doesn't it…"

She had that blazing look, like she sometimes got when they were paint-balling, or playing tennis. She was just too competitive

Look at the road, look at the road, please look at the road

Jorge pleaded in his head, as he grinned and weakly nodded.

"That's what people say about me",

Marney added coyly, futilely trying to flick the bangs of her short blond hair in the roaring draft.

What was she on about, and why doesn't she keep her eyes on the road… and let off the pedal

He glanced sideways again at the dial. Oh my god!! was all that came to his mind as his eyes registered the one hundred and seventy miles an hour on the dial

"I bet you're really scared of me now",

Marney said as she headed the Boxster down the motorway slip road.

Jorge couldn't answer as he was thrown forward against his seat-belt as Marney decelerated the Boxster in what many people might consider an emergency braking procedure. His spectacles came flying off his head. His mouth felt frozen and he couldn't talk. Marney went on, seemingly oblivious,

"You must be thinking, why did I ever agree to get into this car with this crazy woman".

Now she turned to look at him

"But at least you've had the ride of your life, hey", she patted his knee and turned to look at him.

"You awright!? Yorr very quiet… you always quiet!?… Me, I'm noisy", she guffawed hysterically for a few seconds.

By the time Marney pulled over into a empty off-road lay-by… Jorge felt his ability to speak returning. He thought he'd better show some appreciation, for Marneys' "baby", as she called her Boxster,

"That was really… exhilarating", he said.

"Did you enjoy that… did you… really !?", Marney said, gripping his knee.

Jorge tried to ignore the electric touch, "Yes, yes, I take back what I said… these flashy things are good for a thrill".

"Is that all !?", she pouted. "Is that how, you see me, a flashy thing just good for a thrill !?"

"Nothing wrong with thrill seeking… you know me, adrenaline junkie… flashy, not so sure about that", Jorge grinned playfully

"Oh you bugger", Marney feigned hurt and squeezed his thigh this time.

Jorge sat very still, trying to ignore the increasing discomfort in his groin, and resist the urge to adjust himself.

Marney suddenly closed her eyes and wriggled down into her seat, parting her legs ever so slightly "Wanna drvive baby?"

The action wasn't lost on Jorge and all he managed was a "Uhhh… ummmm… whaa.." as be grabbed the opportunity to move in his seat and ease some of the pressure.

Marney re-opened her eyes and turned to him with a wicked smile

"wanna to take the hot seat… drive her?"

"Uhhh whaa... uhh, umm”

An uncontrollable shudder shook Jorge from his neck, going upwards and the hairs on his head prickled up and a million ideas flashed through his mind

She was talking about the car?... but if I crash it?... and she's talking about more too...  what's the price?... could I handle her?


The End

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