The Land of Brackle

Curiously, Wren carried on walking; heading deeper and deeper into the thick tangle of earthy plumage, where the hollow base notes of the whispering trees lay comfortably under the harsh, piercing shriek of the forest birds, nowhere to be seen. Looking up, she saw a gleaming white sun pour it's rays through the dancing silhouettes of the dappling leaves, making her squint and draw her eyes back down towards the woodland floor. Thinking about what she had just seen, Wren couldn't resist looking up again, this time shading her eyes with her hands. There it was again, the low sun glistening through the wafting leaves, which seemed as though they were floating in the soft breeze. Hesitantly, she carried on walking into the glowing light, or so it seemed.

"Wow!" She muttered, staring straight ahead. She was standing at the edge of a beautiful meadow; emerald green grass, bright flowers of every colour you could imagine, nothing bad could be said about it. Strolling forward, the only thing Wren could think about was how everything was... shimmering. The ground, the grass, flowers, trees... everything, like they had a glimmering orb around them.

Then she realised that this wasn't the only meadow - there was quite a few of them surrounding her, like she was in a room of mirrors.

Laughing aloud, Wren ran forwards - she couldn't believe this was real. She was so thrilled that she didn't notice the creature in front of her, and stumbled into him.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" She gasped. He was like an otter crossed with a buffalo.

"I'm fine! Fine, I tell you!" He answered irritantly, "Anyway, I haven't seen you around before...?" He said suspiciously.

"Hi, I'm Wren! I've just found this place, and you are..." She told him, holding her hand out.

"Hmmm, a newbie." He said, ignoring her hand," My name is Vevaneer Fouse and I am a Blue-Tailed Quealy. Well, I suppose I'd better show you around the village as you seem frozen on the spot. Come along!" He started to walk off, then stopped as he realised she was still rooted to the spot.

"Well, come on then! Or shall I leave you here to get lost?" He threatened. As soon as Vevaneer said that, Wren came back to life and ran across to join him. They wandered around the corner so that the village came into veiw.

"Wow!" Wren said, for the second time that day.

"That, my friend, is the beautiful Land of Brackle!" Fouse said proudy. " The secret Land of Brackle is called that because of the legendary brackle - the finest berry ever grown! Those trees over there are all brackle trees, come on, and you can try some!" They walked a little bit further on towards the trees; the glowing trees, I should say.

" Here you go,try that!" The berries were smooth and velvety to touch, were a deep red colour and smelt delicious - almost like happiness had been put into a berry. Wren took the small brackle and slowly put it in her mouth. A smile spread across her face.

"There amazing! Oh, please let me have some more!" She cried.

"Of course you can have more! Take a handful and we'll eat them on the way!" Vevaneer offered. She took a few and they carried on walking.

The veiw was immense! The shimmering trees in the distance, the gleaming meadows of flowers, the lively music coming from the village you could almost see, and the village itself? That was the most amazing thing of all, it glistened in the sunlight, the sounds were lovely and the sweet, strong atmosphere was contagious. It made everything look brighter than it was.

By now they were in the village full of every different creature you could think of, along with a few humans.

" Now, I can imagine you want to go home and tell all your friends and fa-"

" Oh no! I love it here! I'd stay here forever if I could!" Wren interuppted.

" Well, that's jolly good! You see, Wren, only the Chosen Ones can find there way here. To everyone else, it's just an endless forest..." Vevaneer said mysteriously.

" But... Who are the chosen ones?"

The End

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