An explanation...sort of

 “Of course. You wouldn’t know, being a Chosen One yourself. That’s part of it. If you knew that you were a Chosen One, then you wouldn’t really be one, would you?” Vevaneer asked, looking hard at Wren. 

“Uh. I suppose so. But what are the Chosen Ones? I’m flattered that I am one, but I still don’t know what it means.” Wren said timidly. She felt she ought to know what the Chosen Ones were, especially if she was one herself. 

“Forgive me, forgive me. I must remember that you are still young. The Chosen Ones are those who are called to the Land of Brackle. All come from other Worlds, but only a few come from the same World as you. There are many different types of Beings who live in this Land, but all of them have been Chosen.” Vevaneer explained, even though it didn’t really offer Wren much more information than she already had. 

“So, by being Chosen, I can see this Land of Brackle, and I can live there? But what about my family, and friends, will they ever know what happened to me, or will I just have disappeared.” 

“I thought you said that you didn’t want to go home?” The Blue-Tailed Quealy asked suspiciously. 

“I don’t, but I still love my family and I don’t want them to worry about me.” Wren explained. 

“Fair enough. They have known that you were one of the Chosen Ones since you were born. They were told on the night of your birth that one day you will disappear and never return. This is how it must be. They will know what has happened and will have been preparing for it. Were you left alone a lot as you started to get older?”

“Well…” Now that Wren started to think about, ever since her brother had been born, her parents had been spending a lot of time with him. Wren hadn’t thought anything of it until now. It didn’t bother her; rather, it was as a piece of a puzzle had been put into its proper place in her head. “Now that you mention it, they were spending a lot of time with my brother, but I thought that was just because he was a baby.”

“To be true, babies need a lot of watching, but I think that they had your brother so that they had an excuse for spending less time with you. It’s not that they loved you less, but because you are Chosen, they knew that one day you would be brought here. For mortals to witness a Coming, is fatal. They let you be on your own, especially during the evening to protect both you and themselves.”

“Why in the evening?” 

“Because that is when you were brought to them. Chosen are given to mortal parents to be cared for until a certain time. That time changes for everyone, but could happen at any moment after turning ten. They knew that you would probably Come very soon. The Chosen Ones, except for very rare occurrences, Come at the same hour of their birth. So for you, you were born in the evening, just as twilight begins to set in.”

Wren gasped. “That’s just when the rain was starting to fall! But hold on a minute,  you said that I was given to my parents to be cared for. So did my mom give birth to me or not?”

“Of course she didn’t give actual birth to you - that would have killed her. You were born here, and we shall your birth parents soon, but on the night of your birth, only hours old, you were brought to your mortal parents.”

“Why couldn’t I stay here, with my birth parents? Why did I have to go away?”

“Because the Chosen must not grow up here. They are born here, and return to live, but they must discover it on their own, without help from anyone.”

“So, now I can live here?”

“My dear, of course you can’t! You must prove that you really are Chosen. You can see the secret Land, yes, but that is not enough. You must meet the Chief of the Land who will show you what Task you are to accomplish. Then, and only after successfully completing the Task, will you be allowed to live here.”

“This seems very complicated, and it seems to be getting more confusing the more I learn.”

“Life isn’t easy or simple, remember that. Now, let us be off to the Chief.” Vervaneer said decidedly. 

“And my real parents?”  Wren asked, pointedly.

“And your parents too. Come on.” 

All the time they had been talking, they had been getting closer to that wonderful, glowing object. Wren couldn’t wait to find out more about this place…and herself.

The End

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