Along The Path

If only she hadn't worn those blasted heels.  Oliviera sat upon the forest floor, pulling off her high heeled shoes.  The heel had broken while she was walking towards the lantern.  Impatiently she finally undid the many straps of her heels and continued along the path.

"'Ello there, Missus!"

Frightened, Oliviera turned around to see none other than Ruufus Corripio.  He was dressed in his usual informal attire.  His torn black jeans sagged well below his hip, his dress shirt buttoned untidily, and his hair in a casual messy state.  He wasn't an ugly man.  If he tried, he could have looked dashing beyond belief.  Oliviera had only briefly seen him at supper and had purposefully avoided him.

"What are you doing here?" Oliviera questioned him.

"Am I not 'lowed to enter this 'ere forest?" he retorted.  Oliviera watched his blue eyes intently.  They were like the color of the sea.  Or, what she remembered of the sea.  She had been to the coast but once in her childhood, almost 17 years ago. 

"Not if you intend to follow me around.  And you don't need to speak with that silly accent.  I know it's fake."

"Would you prefer something a little more foreign?" Ruufus chuckled.  Oliviera turned away from him and, being sure to carry her dress, ran along the path toward the lamp light.

The End

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