Throughout the Forest

Oliviera Sanguine is a young woman with many secrets. A collaboration.

Oliviera Sanguine was an honest girl.  She did her best not to lie.  She didn't need to.  Her parents couldn't help but follow her every command.  That was just the way it was with Oliviera.  Her friends wondered why she was so morally uptight despite the free reign she held.  That was Oliviera's secret, and her secret alone.

The forest path was just a simple gravel road.  Nothing special.  Oliviera carefully watched her step.  Wearing high heels was not her brightest idea.  As long as she made it there she'd be fine, no matter how long it would take her.  And so she trudged onwards with difficulty, sheltered by the canopy of the trees.

Perhaps it was not necessary for her to make this journey.  Of course, it wasn't a long one.  Oliviera simply hated the forest.  It was the only thing that scared her.  In some parts of the forest, it would be as black as midnight at the middle of the day.  Oliviera shuddered at the thought. 

Up ahead she could see the light of a lantern.  It must have been him!  She just knew it was.  What else could it be?  She picked up her pace, holding her dress so that she would not trip.

The End

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