Chapter Two- Keira Part TwoMature

    The project was to come up with a unique way of displaying the different types of cells humans have in their body, in a way in which seemed fun. Cameron, being a theatrical person, chose a video demonstration where each of us took on a different persona of a cell. For Leslie and Fischer, that seemed all, too predictable and together they quickly suggested a scaled down model depicting each one. “Why don’t we do both?” Keira offered before a debate began. In the end they decided to have a scaled down module of each character; the stage a comedy club located near the funny bone under the epidermis, and each cell a character in which told their purpose in a short monologue. It really was a combination of the two, Keira laughed, and after their presentation, she sat proudly knowing either way they would have earned an A.

            By the time the last group went, everyone could sense what came next. Single-handedly, Grayson stood, and strode to the front of the room. “Where is your other member?” Mrs. Baker asked aloud to the rest of the room. Only she could be so clueless. 

“I am my own group, I’m afraid.” He said politely, yet firm. “May I use your projector?” Mrs. Baker nodded in approval, and as he worked to prepare his presentation. Mrs. Baker purposefully glared daggers at the group of students, she only just realized, were to blame. Only now could I see just how truly bad at math she must be, to only just realize he would be the only one left.    

“I see assigned groups are in our future.” Her voice was laced with venom. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves, how would you like to be forced to do all that work on your own, and on your first day?”

Keira bared the brute of her teachers words, as she saw it happening and chose not to do anything about it. Pressing her hand over her face she sunk lower in her seat, Mrs. Baker was right, she was ashamed. “Alright, I am ready to begin.” Grayson said aloud, and Keira removed her hand in time to catch Mrs. Baker motioning for him to begin.

The End

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