What happens when the schools most notorious bad boy comes back to town, bringing with him a lot of questions, and a knack for falling into danger? When young Keira finds herself in the same class with him, everything changes, and throughout the rest of the school year, what will happen when she finds herself slowly drawn to him? Could it be her own curiosity for simply having bared witness to his families murder, or something else?

"It's time," the receptionist said, motioning towards a pair of dark mahogany doors. Her tawny colored eyes peering down at the eighteen year old boy, Grayson, with a look of empathy. She too must have heard the rumors of the boy’s return, sixteen year old, Keira thought to herself; everyone had. It wasn’t all that long ago that the accident had happened- although it wasn't an accident. She reminded herself as if she could forget. “Well, go on in,” the receptionist spoke up once more. “You can’t be late to your first day.”

Keira sat dubiously in her seat, and watched after the boy until he disappeared into the hall beyond her. What did it mean now that he had returned? She asked herself. Had they found his parents murderer, or was the rest of his family merely persistent in having him back home? The list of her questions went on for days but, the truth was that she would never receive an answer to any one of them. Grayson Harrison is one of the most intimidating guys in her school, and for good reasons.  Even before his parent’s murder he kept to himself, except for a handful of other loners he called friends. He was unnaturally attractive with his long, russet colored hair, and icy azure eyes. 

None of the other students knew of what went on behind the Harrison’s family doors but, they suspected. Mafia? Drug Lords? Satanic worship? Keira finished her inner ramblings before rolling her eyes at herself. Truth was that she never believed any of that. In her family, she was taught not to judge a book by its cover, and from what she could see, he didn’t seem the type they all portrayed him to be. But that didn’t mean she was willing to find out for herself. She was there the night of his parent’s death; she saw the whole thing.

It was parent teacher night, and her family had exited the school just as it all began. Closing her eyes, she could hear the sound of his father’s gun. Each round a deafening sound as Grayson’s mother cried out in the background. They had been too far away for her to see who they were shooting at, the scene cut off just shy of the school’s tall brick wall but, not far enough away that she couldn’t smell the iron like scent of their blood after it had all finished.

Most people would have run from a scene like that but, her parents weren’t most people. Instead they ran towards their lifeless bodies, and tried to stop the bleeding until help would come. Eventually it did, and as her parents told the authorities what they saw, Keira couldn’t help but wonder where Grayson was. Had he fled? Was he kidnapped? When she asked, she was told not to worry, that he was probably safe at home but, she knew that wasn’t the case. Not minutes before did she see him walk out with his family, yet no one seemed to want to ask the question themselves. Her parents included. So she dropped it, and tried to forget but, who could ever forget seeing something like that?

“You too, Miss Liverston,” the receptionist smiled, her mood already a degree lighter after the boy had left the room. “There will be time to speak with Mrs. Jude in regards to whatever questions you may have at a later time. Now go.”

“Yes ma’am,” Keira smiled politely. She had forgotten the time herself, and after collecting her bags she ventured out into the hall. Images of Grayson's dead parents now haunting her inner thoughts.


The End

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