Chapter 7

Gazing sleepily out of the taxi window, I mulled over the day. A pleasant morning’s walk round the walls of the old city and through the gardens of the Medina, an icy cool drink of lemonade sipped under the shade of a palm tree. The day spent in the Djemaa el Fna square and wandering through the souks, although losing 50 dirham was an unpleasant surprise; still, I’d had enough for the day, with more back at the hotel in the safe. New purchases made, a miniature jade elephant statue wrapped up carefully in my cashmere shall in my bag, a new embroidered one draped across my neck and shoulders. I could already imagine the little statue sat on my bed side table at home in NY, another piece to customise my apartment. All in all a good day, perfect for rounding up a relaxing holiday. Even at the thought of returning home tomorrow I couldn’t help but sigh, I would miss this place. The tranquillity and calm compared to New York, no muggings and murders here. Slowing down at the traffic lights, the taxi halted by yet another side alley… a bundle of reddish cloth caught my eye, probably just some rubbish, so instead I turned my head towards the hotel, where I would spend my last precious hours before heading home tomorrow. Yes, I liked it here.

The End

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