Through the Snow...Mature

It was quarter to three in the morning and he couldn't sleep.  He stared, glass-eyed, at the snow screaming over the television screen.  Someone was coming, coming through the three feet of light, powdery snow.  Somehow, impossibly, he knew it could only be her.

Over the static, he could hear the steady click of stilletto heels climbing up the stairwell.  They turned a corver and her steady gait clicked their way down the hall and stopped at his door.  There was a sudden silence that pressed itself against his ears, he was incredibly aware of the thumping of his heart.

Outside the door, she raised her loosely clenched fist and knocked three times, in counterpoint to the beating of his heart.  Like a zombie, he rose from the couch and made his way to the locked door.  It opened seemingly of it's own volition and there she was, standing in the harsh fluroscent lights as if it was a common occurance.  As if ten years hadn't passed in the time since they'd last seen each other.

Her head was lowered, so he could only see the glossy chestnut hair and the straight center part.  Her hair created a curtain to hide her face.  Most of it.

His eyes traveled along the edge of the curtain, fastening momentarily on the redness of her sensual mouth.  Her lips were curved into a gently but strangely malicious smile.  Something in that smile made him shiver.

From her lips, his eyes traveled down the column of her throat.  The milky whiteness of her skin had a strange luminescense.  Her shirt exposed her delicate collarbone before plunging into a deep V-neck that showed a considerable amount of cleavage.

The "V" ended at her breastbone.  The silky material of her shirt fell like water down the flat plane of her stomach, ending just above the hem of her jeans.  The merest hint of skin flirted when she drew breath.  A braided leather bracelet covered her forearm from the first knuckle of her right hand to encase the flesh to just below the elbow.

She was wearing low-rise jeans, so low that the top of a brightly colored tattoo showed on her left hip.  The black toes of what could only be knee-high boots peeked out from the hem of her jeans.  Covering from neck to ankle was a sealskin jacket.

"Aren't you going ot let me in?" she asked, finally raising her head to look him in the eye.

The very second her eyes met his, he was overwhelmed by a wave of panic.  Her brilliant green eyes were backlit by the same light as her skin.  Without thinking, he slammed the door, bolted it and then backed up as far as he could while keeping the door in sight.  On the other side of the door, in his mind's eye, he could see her smile.  Then the door exploded inward.

A large chunk of wook came careening and burying itself in the wall an inch from his head.  A cloud of sawdust, so fine it would leave slivers in the lining of his lungs, filled the air.  Even then, through the dust, she was still perfectly visible.

When the cloud disappeared, she was still just on the outside of the threshold.  The air around her right arm seemed to be vibrating.  She clenched her fist, making the leather creak.  Slowly, she lowered her arm, shaking it a little, as though it had gone numb.

She was staring straight ahead, although her eyes were very far away.  Without a word, she stepped through the doorway.  The heels of her boots made little indentations in the carpet.  She walked slowly, one foot falling in front of the other.  He was just getting to his feet as she stopped in front of him.

She tilted her head slightly to the right, studying him carefully.  Her soul was staring out at him, still backlit by that eerie light.  She lifted her right hand and caressed his face.  He shivered, torn desperately between pulling away and leaning into her touch.

"I've scared you.  I apologize that wasn't my intention."  She said, her voice caressing like raw silk.

He opened his mouth to protest, but only managed to dumbly shake his head.  Her hand was leaving a searing trail along the line of his jaw, up to smooth his hair away from his face.

"I can feel your pulse racing under my fingertips.  Relax...." she soothed, her hand cupping the back of his neck, fingers gently massaging.

His eyes slipped closed and he finally leaned fully into her carress.  She kissed him, the merest brushing of her lips against his.  Then she slipped something into his left hand.

"I just want to know what happened to Raven."  she murmured.

In an instant, his eyes snapped open; panicked and desperate.  His hand clenched in a deathgrip around the object placed there.  He jumped out of her grasp, as though her very touch burned him.  For a moment, his eyes darted around the room as if seeking an avenue of escape.  His blind eyes fell on her and he released a terrified scream, almost rupturing his vocal cords.

Before she could react, he dropped to the floor, arms and legs splayed.  He struggled like a caged animal, but something obviously had him pinned to the floor.

Unconsciously, she dropped to her knees, totally unaware of the tears that streamed down her face.  All traces of eerieness were washed away.  She watched as his arm was pinned flat out, away from his body.  The blood appeared out of nowhere, also muscle tissue as the flesh was pried away.

"Raven!" she screamed.

His body jerked, the object falling to the carpet.  It was a now-crumpled resealable baggie.  Inside was a perfectly preserved piece of flesh.  In the center was a tattoo of an elaborate padlock in the shape of a raven.  He lay on the carpet, all traces of physical damage gone.  Eyes closed, his body slowly relaxed.  She crouched at his feet, face buried in her arms, crying hysterically.

Finally, the tears stopped and she just sat, waiting for him to come back to himself.  She must have slipped into a doze because she bacame aware that his hands were smoothing their way over her back.  Without a word, she shrugged out of the coat, her back was bare beneath.  A set of black wings covered her flesh on either side of her spine from her shoulderblades to the dimples of her butt.  It was only a tattoo, but the artwork was exquisitely rendered.  He felt her shudder under his familiar touch and the tension literally drained out of her.

His hands continued to touch her, gradually convincing her to lean back against him.  The silk shirt fell away and he was free to caress her naked sking from collarbone to hips.  He ran smooth palms down the line of her body, over the hills that were her breasts, down the valley of her stomach.  The tips of his fingers disappeared under her jeans, stayed for a brief moment and began the entire journey again, only in reverse.

"Kaine...." she murmured under her breath.  She watched the lazy passage of his hands through half-lidded eyes.  His skin felt cool against hers and she could feel the callouses on his fingertips.  She felt Kaine dip his head towards hers, felt his breath against her ear.

"Dyan." he breathed, his questing fingers unsnapping her jeans.  The zipper was tugged down, exposing black lace panties.  Kaine hesitated, flirting with the lace before slipping his hand inside.  Dyan shifted slightly, arching against him as his fingers slid inside her.  She bit her lower lip as Kaine brought her savagely to climax.  She relaxed, a sated smile on her lips.  Kaine still knew her body so well.

They stayed like that for a moment, letting Dyan catch her breath.  When it looked like her breathing looked about normal, Kaine lightly bit the side of her neck.  Her breath caught, heat exploding from the contact beneath her shoulder and his mouth.  She waited patiently for him to let go, then turned; kneeling in the circle of his arms.  A small smile hovered in the corners of her mouth before she lowered her head and kissed him.

Something like an electric shock ran through them.  Kaine was intensely aware of her mouth against his skin, her hands tangled in his thick black hair, how his hands clutched convulsively at her back.  Dyan leaned forward, overbalancing and spilling them both to the floor.  She nibbled along his jawline, kissing down his neck.  He felt, more than heard her growl sloftly before ripping his t-shirt open.  She nibbled and licked her way down his chest, flicking her tongue over his nipples.  She undid his pants with her teeth, her cool fingers hooked over the elastic of his boxers and tugged them down to his knees.

She gave him a purely wicked smile before teasing the head of his cock with her tongue.  Kaine groaned and tangled his hands in her hair as she took him into her mouth.  Kaine let her blow him for five minutes before he decided that it wasn't enough.  He needed her covering the length of him, buried inside her.  He gently tugges her hair, Dyan lifted her head and smiled at him.

Dyan kissed Kaine's mouth again as he slid inside her.  Her nails dug into his skin, pressing until blood ran in bright red rivulets down his back.  She tossed her head back; cheeks flushed, eyes half-lidded, revelling the feel as Kaine thrust into her.  Kaine's fingers bit into her hips, thumbs almost disappearing into Dyan's flesh.

"Harder...." she breathed, her entire body coaxing him to redouble his efforts.

Moments later, Dyan's body went rigid and she bit into his shoulder as another orgasm rocked through her.  Kaine cried out shortly thereafter.  He rolled over, pinning Dyan beneath him.  He closed his eyes, replete.

After a few minuted, Dyan shifted restlessly.  Kaine moved up off her body, allowing her to wriggle free.  She began putting her clothes back on, muttering under her breath as she did so.

"Where are you rushing off to?" Kaine asked.

Dyan stopped in the act of snapping up her pants.  She tilted her head to one side, her eyes curious.

"To look for Raven, of course." she replied.

"Do you know where she is?" he asked.

He saw Dyan shake her head before the bathroom door shut.  He heard her run the tap, knowing her routine even now.  She was brushing her teeth.

"Why don't you stay and start looking when the sun's up?"   The minute the words were out of his mouth, Kaine cursed silently to himself.  He was begging for her to stay and they both knew it.

Wordlessly, Dyan pointed out the window.  The rising sun had stained the horizon strawberry pink.  She shrugged on her jacket and then patted absentmindedly at her pockets.

"Stay Dyan.... please." Kaine said.

She finally looked at him, pain in her eyes.  She got to her knees beside him, leaned forward and kissed him chastely.

"You know I can't stay." she whispered.

"What am I to you, Dyan?" he asked.


Kaine shut his eyes against the emotion in her voice.  When he opened them again, she was gone.

The End

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