Hadrian and his companions had flown the entire day before they had finally made it to Kohinoor. All of the faeries in the small village looked like normal faeries to him. Why wouldn't the others believe him when he said that Galia was dead by now. She had vanished three years ago! That was the day when he truely began to act like his gift. Dark. Depressed. He kept to himself more often. He became what people like to call a pessimist.

 Not long before Galia had vanished he had asked for her hand and she had agreed. But before they could even start planning the wedding they had been ambushed and captured all six of them. Then one day he asked to see her privatly. That was the last day he had seen her. And they've been looking for her since they escaped. All of them especially his younger sister Alina believe that they would find Galia even if they had to fly all around Eolande.

And older man who looked to be incharge of the village aproached them. Blaise walked over to him and shook hands.

"Welcome to Kohinoor. My name is Digby." By now some of the villagers had gone back to what they had been doing before. "Do you need anything?" The man was kind but Hadrian could tell the old man knew that they were different just by the way he kept glancing at their wings.

Blaise was basicly the leader of the group because it came naturally to him thanks to his firey personality. He was in fact a fire faeire. His wings even looked like the flames of a fire.

"We would be honored if you could give us direction to a place where we could gain food and shelter." Blaise smiled at Digby. Digby nodded and turned to a man about the same age as Hadrian. Next to him was a young girl who looked strangly familer.

"Kyran could you fly to the inn and tell Martha that there are some travelers here that shall be staying there and ask her to prepare them rooms." the boy nodded.

Right after he left the girl who had been standing next to him who had a blanket around her arms began coughing violently. She fell on her knees shivering as the snow began to soak through her pants. "I thought I told you to stay inside!" Digby helped the coughing girl to her feet. He turned back to Blaise. "If you would follow me I'll lead you to the inn."

Hadrian watched as the girl took off her blanket so that she could fly and almost stopped breathing as he saw her wings. They looked exactly like Galia's. He glanced at Dalena who stood next to him and she nodded.

"We told you she wasn't dead." Dalena whispered as they began their flight to the inn.

Once there the innkeeper showed them to their rooms then brought them back down for a warm supper. Hadrian began to look around the inn for Galia. He didn't find her at first but then he spotted her more near the back with Digby who gave her a bowl of soup. He waited until Digby was done scolding her about going outside with a bad cold before getting up to go talk to his fiance.

"Where have you been?" he asked taking the seat in front of her. He was begining to feel like his old self again.

"Do I know you?" she asked, obviously confused.

"Of course you know me! It's me! Hadrian!" he smiled at her. She sighed saddly.

"I'm sorry but if I didn't know you then I don't remember you." she looked at him apologeticly.

"How could you not remember me?" Hadrian's heart fell "Your own fiance!" This definitly sent confusion to her. But that quickly changed to excitement.

"So you know who I was!" It wasn't a question.

"Was?" Now it was Hadrian's to be confused.

"Well you see..." she tightened her hold on her blanket. "Three years ago I was found in the village gardens. But I have no idea who I was before that. I don't even remember I own name! Everyone else around here just calls me Mist."

Hadrian's life just kept getting worse.

The End

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