Three Years Later...

Mist stood by the window, wrapped in a warm wool blanket, watching the snow gently fall from the sky. As usual she couldn't go outside thanks to her illnesses.

No one knew why Mist was always sick. It had been that way since she had gotten better after Kyran had found her three years ago. What bothered Mist most is the fact that she had no idea how she had gotten here or who she really was. She didn't even know her real name! Kyran had come up with the name Mist and she had stuck with it.

There was a knock at the door. Wrapping her blanket more around her she walked over to the door. When she opened the door she was greeted by a stranger.

"Who are you?" she asked, squinting her eyes as the sunlight came through.

"Ah come on! How can you not recongize your best friend." he smiled at her as he closed the door behind him. Mist looked at him for a minute then dropped her blanket in surprise. Her wings perked up as soon as they were revealed

"Kyran!" she exclaimed and he embraced her. "You're back!"

"Of course I'm back. Did you expect me to stay away forever?" he smiled as he stroked her soft hair. Mist rested her head on Kyran's chest.

"It was begining to feel that way."

About a year and a half ago Kyran's mother who lived in a village north of here became ill. Kyran had gone to help take care of her. And now he was back. He had changed so much! Kyran was at least a foot taller and his hair was slightly longer.

Suddenly the village bell began ringing. "Someone's coming!" yelled Adrian the village watchmen.

"You want to go check it out?" Kyran asked. Mist nodded as she quickly put her boots on and grabbed her blanket. Once outside she didn't put the blanket on right away as her and Kyran flew to the edge of the village. After they landed Mist wrapped herself up in her blanket again as the village watched as the small siloutes got bigger.

The End

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