Chapter FourteenMature

I woke up the next day trying to forget the whole episode that happened last night. I sat up and Kaine was already dressed, he was laying me out some clothes, I couldn’t help but smile he was so sweet.

“Good morning sweetie” I said

“Oh your awake.” He said sadly

“What’s wrong?” I asked getting out of bed and he looked away from me and my phone was ringing. “You can tell me when I get off the phone.” I said firmly I nodded and he shook his head. I picked up my phone.

“Hello who is it?”

“It’s Ryan.”

“Oh hello are you coming here?”

“Yeah I am going to pick up Jade and then coming there.”

“Alright cool.”

 “Yeah I have to go I am outside Jade’s now, see you soon.”

“Bye. Ryan is bringing Jade around here in a bit.” I said brushing my hair.

“I heard the conversation.” He said glumly

I turned to say something but I gave up and walked out the room. “Stupid guys they are pathetic” I said to myself and started humming a soothing song. I heard Kaine walk closer to me he was in the kitchen thinking of what to say. He walked out.

“I’m sorry Jayla, I guess I am Jealous, you and Ryan grew up together he knew you longer before I did and I had no idea how you felt until I read your thoughts on the phone, you love him, and I know it’s not as much as you love me and it’s a different kind of love but I can never beat him. But I want to try and I don’t know what to do to make you want me more than you need him.”

I stood up carefully and walked up to him and slapped him across the face.

“What was that for?” he asked rubbing his face

“You’re so oblivious to what I want and need I need you and I want you way more than Ryan, compared to you he will never beat you and he is my brother from another mother and I’m his sister from another mister and that’s all we will ever be. I can’t live without you I don’t want you to be jealous it makes me feel like a bad girlfriend. And I don’t want to be, I want to be your good girlfriend. Kaine Williams you’re my boyfriend and soon to be husband and you will always be that forever and unfortunately Ryan and everyone in this generation are going to die and we are going to see that everywhere we go and our kids are going to see that to and we have to live with it I don’t know what I can do to make you realise Ryan doesn’t want me and I don’t want Ryan.”

“I know that I know I am so sorry I am an idiot please forgive my selfishness.”

“Of course I forgive you, always.” He smiled and kissed my lips.

“Ryan and Jade are here.” He said pulling away and walking me into the house. He opened the front door to let them in. “Hey love birds.” He greeted them.

I hugged Jade. “Hey darling.”

“So did you sort out my surprise?” she asked happily.

“Yes we did” Ryan said hugging her from behind “you can have it tonight.”

“Yay, Kaine you can get my present while you’re with my boyfriend.”

“Excuse me but I think you will find Ryan is my boyfriend” Kaine laughed putting his arm around Ryan’s waist.

“But I thought you were my boyfriend.” I sulked at Kaine.

“Nah your old school” he laughed

“Come on Jade we are going shopping. Away from these immature boys.” I linked arms with her and we got in my car. We laughed as we drove away. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“I did something really bad.” She said looking down.

“What did you do?” I asked

“You know that wedding I went to last week?”

“Yeah I remember your cousin’s right?”

“Yeah, well there was a guy there I used to know when I went to visit them.”

I think I had some idea where this was heading and it made me hurt to think about it.

“Jade what did you do?” I needed to know.

“It started off as just a kiss but then it turned out to be more than a kiss and we did it.” She hung her head in shame.

I didn’t know what to say she and Ryan were my best friends if I didn’t tell Ryan he would be angry she had to tell him.

“Oh Jade, You have to tell him.” I waited for her to reply but when she didn’t I continued. “If he finds out by someone else he will be so angry and if he finds out that I knew as well he will be angry at me too, why did you do it Jade? Why?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m not perfect like you are Jayla.”

“I didn’t say I was.” That shocked me.

“Oh you don’t have to say it, you have Kaine, all the guys look at you like your some pop star and Ryan I see the way he looks at you.”

“What? Ryan? He is my brother.”

“No he isn’t stop using that as an excuse so you can hide the fact that he loves you. You may not like him that way but he certainly does like you.”

Is she insane?

“Are you insane? Why are you turning this around on me? The fact that you had sex a week ago with someone who isn’t your boyfriend and you were all upset when your ex boyfriend was cheating on you.”

She hung her head again. “Your right I’m just trying to hide the fact that I cheated on my boyfriend when it all happened to me 3 months ago.”

“Ring him and tell him to meet you at McDonalds.”

“He is going to hate me.”

“He will hate you even more if you don’t do this.” I said handing her my cell. “Now be brave and call him”

She got is number from my contact list and rang him. Hmm if Kaine’s there he will be thinking what he is saying. I will just have to get him to think it.


“Okay baby.”he replied and I sighed with relief.“Hey baby what do you want?”he repeated what he said.

“Can we please meet in McDonalds in about 10 minutes please? we need to talk.”

“Yea sure I guess have I done something wrong?”

“No you haven’t done anything.”

“Okay then see you soon. Kaine wants to talk to Jayla he said.”

“Here you go Jayla Kaine wants to talk to you.”

I parked the car outside the mall and took the phone off her.

“Hey Kaine.” You were great.

“Hey Jayla”“Why thank you.”

“I need to talk to you in McDonalds” I will explain everything its really bad.

“Okay, sure”he is crapping himself in his head he is really scared.

“See you there then.” He should be she has done something stupid and probably unforgivable.

“See you there”What has she done?

I will tell you when we get there. Keep him happy with you; he is going to need a friend.

Okay bye.

Bye.  I put the phone down and put it in my pocket.

“Are you happy now?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“Of course I’m not happy, why did you do it Jade?”

“He was kind and he kept complimenting me and I thought he was really hot, he made me feel special and so we kissed but it wasn’t supposed to go as far as it went but it did.”

We got out of the car and we waited in McDonalds.

“Do you want anything?” I asked

“Do they sell time machines?” she said glumly

“Nope, but they sell explanations which is in a chocolate milkshake which amazingly is your favourite flavour. Want one?”

“Yeah alright then.”

I went up to the counter, the guy serving looked like a model he was totally hot.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked with a voice of a model. You can get me your number I thought.

“You say that and I will eat you Jayla McKenzie.”I turned around and Kaine his arms around me.

“Can you get me and my girlfriend four chocolate milkshakes? And stop staring at her breasts.” Kaine said angrily at the last bit.

The guy walked away and got four cups.

“Hey Kaine.”

“Hey baby, see I took control of the fake model for you.”

“You didn’t have to be so rude.”

“He was checking you out.”

“Are they talking?” changing the conversation.

“Nope they are waiting for the milkshakes, and here they are.” He said when the guy came back with four milkshakes. “Thank you.”

He grabbed the tray and we walked to the table.

“Hey Ryan” I said naturally I didn’t want to sound sad or happy because it would be wrong.

“Hey Jayla is it alright if you and Kaine get different table she needs to talk to me.”

“Oh yeah of course I said.” And I punched Kaine’s arm to get a different table. He got up and we sat on a 2 seated table. Ok I am going to be quiet drinking this milkshake and you are going to in your head repeat the whole conversation they are having.


Thank you.

“He has started by saying well?

She is thinking of how to say what she is going to say.”

“What did you want to talk to me about?” he asked

“You know last week when I went to my cousin’s wedding?”


“Well there is a guy who I know that was there and we were talking and we kissed and then it got out of hand and we had sex.”

Jayla his mind is going crazy he is heartbroken and confused.

“You cheated on me?”

“I am really sorry I didn’t mean to I didn’t want to it was a mistake.”

“Why would you kiss him in the first place if it was a mistake?”

“I don’t know I really am sorry.”

 “Why did you wait till now to tell me?”

“I was trying to figure out how to tell you.”

“Let’s just not talk again okay?”


I saw Ryan stand up and walk out the door. You go to Jade I’m going to sort out Ryan.


I got up and followed after Ryan. “Ryan wait.”

“Jayla, she cheated on me with a dude she met at a wedding.”

“She told me in the car on the way here I told her to tell you.”

“Thank you Jayla not only did she cheat on me she lied to me as well.” He made speech marks with his fingers. “‘I was trying to figure it out how to tell you.’”

I was torn between my two friends. “Can’t you try to work it out?”

“What is there to work out? She cheated on me and that’s the end of it.”

“Can’t you give her one more chance?”

“My mom gave that monster one more chance EVERY time. I don’t think I can do that.”

“But she isn’t a monster.”

“To me she is, and you and I only started being friends again because I was going out with her. We have nothing in common anymore so there is no point sticking around for this explosion.”

In a sense he was right we didn’t have anything in common we were opposites.

“But you’re my brother.” I managed to say and he just laughed.

“Oh come on Jayla we only made that up because I fancy you.”

“You don’t fancy me” I denied

“You don’t but I do I always have and always will, but I won’t ruin what you and Kaine have even though I probably could just by talking to you now.” He looked at the see through door and Kaine was standing there. “Goodbye beautiful.” He said and walked away.

Kaine walked out and gave me a hug. “Jayla, I love you.”

“I love you too Kaine, Can we please go this day is a disaster.”

He nodded. “Jade is getting a bus home she doesn’t want a lift.”

I nodded and we sat in the car. “I need to go through the light for a while and sort my head out. You’re welcome to come and meet some people.”

“Nah you can go I need to find Ryan, I will meet you back in the bedroom.” He smiled wearily and I closed my eyes and I didn’t open them until I couldn’t here Kaine’s thoughts.

“Back again Jayla?” The familiar voice asked still in his throne.

“I need answers.” I demanded

“Answers for what questions?”

“Why has my world been tipped upside down? Why is it that everything good I have had turn to trash?”

“Hmm you didn’t think that changing the future would be all good did you?”

“Well yeah”

“You have a lot to learn Jayla McKenzie.”

“I just want my friends back together I don’t want him to fancy me I want Kaine and me to be together without all this jealousy.”

“Why don’t I show you a bit of your future?”

“Can you do that?”

“Hello look at me of course I can.”

“Fine then show me.”

“Excellent, take my hand.” I walked over to him and took hold of his hand. “Close your eyes and focus.” I did what he told me to do. My eyes were closed and I was focused. “Open them” he whispered.  As soon as I opened them I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I was in a house it was me Kaine and a little girl who was about 3 years old.

I looked the same just older and so did Kaine.

My hair was a little bit longer and still brown it was nice and straight. I was wearing skinny jeans and a plaid blouse.

Kaine’s hair was the same sexy mess and he was wearing baggy jeans and a black shirt which showed how muscular he was, which was really muscular he looked like a male model.

The little girl was so adorable she had long brown curls and big blue eyes, her teeth were really white and she had a faint light around her as did I and Kaine. She was wearing a flowery dress and tights and little shoes.

They were all playing with her toys and Kaine was hiding some of her blocks behind his back. And I was giving her cuddles. I could almost feel the warmth on my own body.

All of a sudden the scene burst to life.

“Mommy can you tell daddy to give me the blocks back?” The little girl asked getting future me’s attention.

“Has he stolen them again baby?” future me replied surprised.

“Yeah he has.”

“No I haven’t mommy she is telling tales.” Future Kaine denied.

“Mommy he is lying.” The little girl said

“Daddy give your Daughter her blocks back before I leave you in this century.”

“Spoil sport.” He moaned giving her blocks back. The little girl laughed. “Is uncle Ryan and Auntie Jade coming around today?”

“Yeah they are because it’s someone’s birthday today.” Future me replied.

“It’s mine.” The little girl said clapping her hands together.

“And how old are you today Princess?” Kaine asked giving her a cuddle.

“I’m thwee” she said holding up four fingers and so Kaine put down the fourth one.

“That’s enough time.” He whispered next to me and he took hold of my hands and we were back in the golden room.

I got up off the floor full of questions. I thought I would start with the most exciting one. “Is that my daughter?”

“Yes isn’t she just adorable? And so clever.”

“What is she called?”

“That hasn’t been decided yet.”

“When will I have her?”

“Between next year and 4 years time.”

“She mentioned Jade and Ryan, did they get back together?”

“Yes they did.”


“Path is unclear at the moment you and Ryan have issues to discuss first.”


“Yea, Even as powerful and in love as you and Kaine are you still have to deal with other crushes and drama like this.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Jayla your life isn’t tipped upside down it’s the way normal life goes, as far as your friends and think you are normal so enjoy the normality for now.”

“That house whose was it?”

“That’s your new house you’re going to buy when you’re pregnant, I took a tour of it a few days ago it was very nice.”

“A question.”

“Another one?”


“Very well what is it?”

“What is the purpose of this powers and immortality? What do you want from us in return?”

“An actual question at last.” He said pleased. “Well when your powers get stronger they are going to be used for good purposes you could say like superheroes but less cheesy and no costumes.”

“So we have to save the day?”

“Yeah something like that, Kaine can read the thoughts of the bad guys and you can see the future and levitate.”

“This is sounding so cheesy”

“I know but that’s all we need you to do”

“What can that little girl do?”

“Ah well that gift is a great gift she can tell if people are lying.”

“What if she wants to know if Santa’s real?”

“Just tell her the truth, that story is so outdated anyway, everyone thinks I’m some powerful God, well I am but they think I have a beard and I don’t I’m seriously hot.” He smiled and I laughed.

“I better get back to Kaine.”

“Yeah you should, goodbye Jayla come back anytime, and I have nothing better to do.”

I looked at him to say but your God and he just gave me a cheesy grin, I shook my head and closed my eyes. I opened them and I was in my room yet again on the floor.

“Need any help?” Kaine said holding out a hand.

“Thank you.” I grabbed onto him and he lifted me up. “I saw us in the future Kaine.”

“Was I still hot?”

“Yea of course, we had a daughter it was her third birthday.”

“Really?” he smiled

“Yea and her power is to tell who is lying and speaking of powers we have to be “superheroes” when our powers are stronger.”

“That is so cool.”

“Yeah so how did getting Jade and Ryan back together go?”

“It didn’t go as well as I hoped he is too hurt that she cheated on him and he is kind of bruised after I punched him in the face.’’

“You did what now? You punch him in the face?”

“He admitted he was in love with you what was I supposed to do?”

“You’re supposed to believe that he would back off if you asked him nicely which he was going to do.’’ I got off the bed and picked up my bag.

“Where are you going?” Kaine asked trying to make me stay.

“I am going to Ryan’s to make things right.”

“What about us?”

“I haven’t got the patience to deal with us yet I am too upset with you.”

Jayla I am sorry, please don’t go like this.”

“I will see you later.” I walked out the room and out the house. I got in my car and drove to Ryan’s house.

“Jayla what are you doing here?” Ryan asked when he opened the door.

“Can I come in?” I asked tearing up.

“Of course you can come in.” I walked in his house and followed him to his room. “What’s wrong you look shaken up?”

“Kaine and I got into a fight so I came over here to apologise for Kaine punching you in the face, it looks painful are you okay?”

“Hey, I am fine it’s you I am worried about, I don’t want you and Kaine to break up because of me.” He said putting his arm around me.

“We will be fine I am just really angry at him at the moment and I just needed to talk to someone who might understand.”

“Yeah I understand I will always be here for you come here give me a hug.” I hugged him and held me closely I looked up at him and felt safe he was so warm and I just felt good in his muscles. He looked down at me and leaned in I moved my head and closed my eyes as he did. Our lips met and all of a sudden energy burst out of me sending him flying across the room. My eyes shot open they were burning; I shook my head and ran for the door.

I sat in my car shaking with fear I had no idea what had just happened I just had to get out of there. I drove off the only place I feel safe.

Lake Lure. The lake glistened with the night sky it was peaceful and nice. I sat at the edge of the pier look into the water thinking about what had just happened and how it could have happened.



The End

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