Chapter ThirteenMature

3 months had passed Kaine and I were still happily together engaged. Britney still tried to get him to dump me nothing worked. Our powers had expanded I could levitate without having to try so hard and Kaine cheated on some of his end of term tests by reading everyone’s minds and judging which one was said the most, and I got his answers from him he always swears at me for it who cares anyway. I kept having visions more and more frequently I had one about an hour ago I was getting slapped across the face by Britney in the parking lot, which is where I am now standing with my back against mine and Kaine’s car, his arms around my waist.

“Will you two please get a room you are making me sick, me and Ryan aren’t as bad as you two.” A lovely voice appeared.

“Oh hey Jade, Ryan.” Kaine said looking in my eyes.

Ryan was tall muscular and hot, but not as hot as Kaine. He was wearing a shirt, tie, blazer and jeans. His hair is black and spiked. He is also Jade’s boyfriend since 2 weeks after Todd cheated on her with Britney. He has fancied her for years and she has always fancied him but Todd got there before him. But now she is happy with Ryan.

“Jade, hey babes happy birthday.” I said smiling at her.

“I got you a present.” Kaine said to her.

“Oh really what is it?” she asked happily

“I will let you know when I pay for it.” He winked, I bit his arm. “Ouch what was that for? Evil Jayla”

“That is for being mean to my Jade.” I smiled “Now let me go so I can give her my present.” He unwillingly let me go. I walked up to Jade and hugged her. “Happy birthday.”

“Where’s my present?” she asked sadly

“Oh that, it’s with Kaine’s.” I said guiltily “but, there is a but, I will give it you when we go shopping tomorrow, Saturday crazy sales.”

“Okay.” She said happy again “Jayla?”

“Yeah babes?” I replied

“We need to talk tomorrow about something important.” She whispered in my ear.

I looked at her confused and went along with it. I looked at Kaine who was on the floor play fighting with Ryan his new best friend. “Oh for god sake boys where is your humanity.” Jade groaned at them. Ryan stood up and helped Kaine up.

“We continue this tomorrow while the girls are discussing what socks suits them better.” Ryan said tutting at us.

Kaine got me against the car again and made out with me while Ryan was sorting out his blazer and Jade was fixing her hair.

“Oh please why don’t you 4 just have a gang bang” Britney said walking past with Emily.

“Maybe because we could never out beat your gang bangs with the football team.” Ryan shouted back. Me and Jade burst out laughing.

“Jayla you got something to say?” Britney growled.

“Not to a slut, nope.” I said moving away from Kaine, my vision was happening but I was the one going to slap her.

“You’re the slut McKenzie.” She walked up to me and I walked up to her I glared at her glaring and just as she raised her arm I was quicker. I grabbed her hand and pushed it away.

“You’re so pathetic you think slapping me will make you feel superior to me, it will just make you an even bigger bully. Now walk away with your friend.” I said and saw loads of people circling around us.

“This isn’t over Jayla McKenzie.” She growled

“I know it isn’t.” I smirked and walked away.  “Come on we better get to Spanish before we get detention.” I said to Kaine, Jade and Ryan.

Kaine put his arm around my waist and we walked into Spanish.

“¿Por qué es usted tarde?” Miss Clarity asked which in English means why are you late?

“porque fuimos atascados en el parking” Kaine answered. Apparently it means because we got stuck in the parking lot. What a smarty pants he is.

“Vale.” She replied. That means okay. We sat down in our seats and listened to the lesson and watched a Spanish programme. I answered the questions she asked me by listening to Kaine’s insightful head. And I think one time he made me say something weird because she looked at me angrily.

Lunch time we sat in the cafeteria eating our lunch and laughing at what I said in Spanish which made her angry apparently I said I like eating dogs. Our table consisted of Kaine, Jade, Ryan and me. We were great friends apart from the fact we were dating. We didn’t do couple things like you see on TV programmes, well sometimes we do but that’s irrelevant we each had something in common.

“Ryan, please stop talking, you’re giving me a headache.” I said while he kept repeating what I said in Spanish.  

 “Chill out Jayla we are having a laugh.” He replied.

“Sorry just a bit stressed. Do you want some coffee?” I asked Kaine

“Yes please babe.” He smiled I went to the machine and got him coffee.

  “Here you go.” I handed him the coffee and he took a sip.

“Thank you babe.” He smiled

“It’s okay.”

His smile vanished. He whispered into my ear “I can’t hear any thoughts, can you?”

“Yeah, maybe coffee like does something to the power because caffeine is a drug.”

“Yeah, maybe.” He sulked 

“What are you two love birds on about?” Ryan asked

“Nothing you would be interested in.” I smiled and winked at him and he shuddered. I laughed that he understood.

The bell went, and we stood up and went to the last few lessons.

Hours later when school finally finished for the weekend we hung in the car park like this morning and were messing up Ryan’s spiky hair.

“Hey cut it out please it takes me ages to spike it up” he moaned. “Anyway Jade we have to go House will be on soon.”

“Oh yeah, sorry Jayla” she hugged me and sighed again and whispered into my ear “don’t forget about tomorrow.”

“I won’t” I whispered back “Happy birthday Jade see you tomorrow I will pick you up and Ryan can pick Kaine up.”

“But my car.” Kaine moaned

“It’s our car plus you always get to drive it so now it’s my day tomorrow.” I smiled and he sulked. “See you tomorrow guys” I hugged Ryan and my eyes widened when he whispered something unexpected.

“Will you come round to mine tonight please” there was a plea in his voice.

“Why?” I asked

“I need to talk to you.” He squeezed me tighter.

“What about Kaine?” I asked

“I have known you longer, please will you come?”

“Alright, fine”

“Around 7?”

“Yeah sure.” We pulled apart.

 “What were you two doing?” Kaine and Jade asked.

“Kaine, is it alright Jayla comes around for an hour tonight at about 7 to discuss Jade’s surprise I’m doing for her?” Jade smiled

“Yeah, yeah just have her back by 10 and no touching.” He smiled pulling me back in his arms. I looked at Ryan guiltily.

“I will see you at 7 Jayla and bring a pen and paper we don’t own any.” He laughed grabbing Jade’s waist and helping her into his car.

“Okay see you then.” I waved bye to them both and looked at Kaine when they drove off.

“You’re jealous aren’t you?” I accused

“No why would I be jealous?”

“It’s okay I’m just helping him out he wants to do something special for Jade.”

“You sure?” he asked

“Yep and he has a girlfriend he loves and I would never do that to you I love you.”

“I know my powers being cut sucks.”

I moved away from him “you need to read my mind to know that I love you?”

“No that came out wrong I just mean that I love hearing you talk to yourself and hear you say how much you love me in your head.” Lucky for him he was telling the truth. He put his mouth to my ear “let me make it up to you when we get home.” I smiled and nodded.

It took us 15 minutes getting back and we ran straight upstairs he kissed me hard when I closed the door and he took off my top I took off his clothes and he pushed me on the bed and we made love.

“I forgive you” I said after I could talk again. “What time is it?” he looked at the clock and swore.

“It’s nearly 7.”

“Damn it I have to get dressed.” I picked up my clothes and put them on. “I love you”

“I love you too” he kissed my forehead “Be safe getting there and back” I nodded and picked up my folder and pen then walked out the room.

“Hey Jayla where you going?” mom asked when I opened the front door.

“Just going round to Ryan’s for a while helping him with Jade’s surprise.”

“Kaine not going with you?”

“No if he is there nothing will get done him and Ryan will just be play fighting” I smiled “so he will probably be playing his video games or doing work all night just call up to him if you need any help.”

“I know Jayla you tell me this every time you separate from him, he isn’t going anywhere and he is a capable boy.”

“I know sorry mom anyway I’m late so I got to go, see you later.” I walked out the house and drove to Ryan’s house. Closer and closer I got and I was nervous and even more nervous. I pulled up outside his drive and walked up to his door. I rang the bell and few seconds later he answered.

“Hey Jayla come in.” he said happily

I walked in and the house was perfectly tidy nice and clean I smiled and I followed him to the front room. His mom was sat there.

“Hey Jayla nice to see you again how’s your mom doing?”  She asked smiling at me

“Oh she is fine, she is dating Max the barber.”

“Oh I thought so I see them out together on the odd Saturday night” she smiled. Ryan pulled me out of the living room and we went into his room.

The room looked the same when I used to go round when I was little, purple walls, a desk, bed, wardrobe and mess lots and lots of mess.

“Thanks for coming Jayla” he finally said.

“It’s okay, so what did you want to talk about?”

“Remember when we were little and we used to play that game?”

“We played a lot of games when we were little Ryan we were kids”

“Do you remember the one we played when we had to block out all the noise from downstairs?”

I looked at him and his face was all sad and I looked away from him, I remembered that game it was the worst but I had to play it.

“No I don’t remember that game.” I said through my teeth.

“Yes you do, I saw it in your face, you have to help me.”

“That noise has been gone for years.” I said “We don’t need to play anymore.”

“You're wrong, he is back.” Panic was in his voice.

I turned to look at him; his head was in his hands. There was fear on my face.

“Why is he back?” I demanded

“My mom wanted to give it another try; it’s just going to get worst.”

I sat next to him on the bed and put my arm around him. “Where is he?”

“On his way back from work.” He said shaking, I stood up immediately.

“No! I don’t want to do this anymore Ryan.”

He lifted his head up angrily. “You? You don’t want to do this anymore? What about me Jayla? You get to go home and I have to do this alone.”

I sat against his bed. He was right I was being so selfish.

“I’m sorry” I said and he moved off the bed and sat next to me.

“You’re right though I shouldn’t have to drag you into this mess you were little when this happened.”

“You’re only a year older than me.” I said angrily.

“But you’re my little sister I should be looking after you not the other way around.”

Ok we weren’t technically related but we thought of each other as brother and sister we started it when we used to have play dates but we both had a huge crush on each other but he said we should just be brother and sister.

We sat talking it through about what he should do about his father. And then we heard a door slam.

“WHOSE CAR IS THAT OUTSIDE IS IT ONE OF YOUR BOYFRIEND’S WHERE IS HE I WILL KILL HIM” his voice boomed up the stairs and the game began.

We both covered our ears and I was looking at Ryan with fear on my face. He looked at me and shook his head he grabbed one of my hands and squeezed it tightly. Feet stomped up the stairs and loads of things crashed on the floor.

“WHERE THE HELL IS HE?” he opened Ryan’s door with force and we were sat casually on the floor.

“WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE?” he roared at Ryan, we both flinched and he came up to me and pulled Ryan off the floor.

“Get off me.” Ryan yelled


I stood up with my hands in fists.

“Get the hell off him, you’re a mean vile man and you’re not going to come round here and hurt your own blood and wreck this house.” I didn’t even know where that came from but it was my voice all angry.

“Shut up you pathetic little girl.” He said still with Ryan’s arm in his grip.

My temper was soaring I walked up to him and bang, my fists punched into his face and he fell to the floor letting go of Ryan. I stood in disbelief looking at my hands, they didn’t even hurt.

I took out my cell and called 911.

“Hello please send police out to 110 old oak drive, hurry” I put the phone down. I heard the sirens blaring away outside and then a few moments later there was banging at the door Ryan went and opened it and they came running upstairs.

“He came here and started yelling his head off then he wrecked the house came in here and grabbed Ryan and I punched him in the face and he fell to the ground.” I repeated to every officer that asked me. they hand cuffed him and took him away. When I closed the front door I looked at Ryan and smiled. “Game over.”

He gave me a massive hug and his mom hugged me after she had got over the shock.

“Thank you Jayla” she whispered “you shouldn’t have had to see that.”

“Don’t worry I’m fine just never let him back in this house.”

“I won’t” she walked back in the front room and turned on the T.V.

“Well I should be going now it’s getting late.” I finally said.

Ryan opened the door and we both stood outside. He gave me a hug and I hugged him back. He whispered into my ear. “I love you so much.” I pulled away from him “Oh god don’t worry I love you like my little sister silly”

“Oh good” I laughed and he kissed my cheek and smiled. “I love you too then like a big brother”

He looked at me “what am I going to do about Jade’s surprise?”

“Just make her pizza give her a box of chocolates and get her drunk” I smiled

“Easy as that?” he asked

“Yep, and treat her right” I gave him a hug

“You should probably go home to your fiancé and I will see you tomorrow.” He hugged me and kissed my cheek again.

I got in the house and mom and Kaine were laughing in the front room.

“Hey guy’s what you doing?” I asked suspiciously

“Jayla, come sit with us.” Kaine said pulling me next to him. “Your mom has been telling me what you were like when you were a baby.”

“A baby?”

“Yep I wish I knew you when you were a baby.”

“Oh you did I couldn’t get you two off each other.” Mom said and Kaine and I looked at her blankly.

“Mom what you talking about?”

“You and Kaine used to have play dates and in the little pen you always kept kissing each other, me and his mom had a big fall out and well she forbid you two from seeing each other.”

“Really?” I said looking at him and smiling.

“Oh yes Kaine was your first word.” She said looking at us both.

“Kaine, really?” I asked her

“Yep it’s in your baby book wherever that is”

Kaine looked at me and held my hand.“That guy was right he did see us since we were babies.”He said in his head I nodded at him and smiled.

“What else did we do?” he asked her

“Well you both crawled out into the backyard when we weren’t looking and were giggling.” She smiled like she was going down memory lane and I smiled at her smile.

“Is that why you are always happy when Kaine’s around?” I asked

“Yeah I guess, I think I always knew I’d see you two together again it’s like the fates wanted you together.” I smiled at her and Kaine. “Well it’s time for this old girls sleep” she stood up and hugged us both. “Goodnight let the fates keep you both together.” She started humming a tune and walked upstairs.

The End

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