Chapter TwelveMature

At 6 in the morning Kaine rudely woke me up “Jayla it’s time to wake up time for school” he said happily.

“Oh cut out your happiness” I moaned he took the blanket off me and pulled me out of bed. “Evil boy” I got my clothes out of the draw and went into the bathroom to get ready. I looked in the mirror my face was pale and I could see a faint light around me. I smiled to myself and got dressed and brushed my teeth which shined that was very odd. I did my hair in a messy bun and put a bit of eye liner on I smiled again and skipped out the bathroom. He was ready and greeted me with a lovely hug.

“Let’s get to school shall we?” he said linking arms with me.

“Yeah alright then, just think this time erm in the other this time you were going all by yourself.”

 “Not something I would like to think about actually Jayla.” He muttered and we walked out to the car and he put my belt on for me and he put on his and drove us to school. On the way I saw loads of people driving through town and all the under 17’s and those who can’t drive walking as fast as they can so they won’t be late, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.

“Today will be interesting” I muttered after seeing Todd’s car drive past.

“I will beat him up” he replied angrily

“He thinks you are his best mate” I said

“Ex best mate, stupid prick”

He pulled up in a parking space in the front of the school

“I love you.” he said looking into my eyes

“I love you too.” I replied looking into his. The connection was back, his hands were on my face and mine were on his chest we made out until we were interrupted by the knock on the window, it was Mr Walker.

“Will you two stop making out please I expected more from you from you Miss McKenzie.”  He said then walked away Kaine and I burst out laughing when he was out of ear shot. I got out of the car and so did Kaine, he walked up to me and held my hand  and we made our way up to the entrance when Britney stopped in front of us.

“Kaine hey baby. I need help with my algebra work and since you’re so smart maybe you could come round mine tonight and help me.” She smiled twirling her hair with her finger.

“I don’t do algebra but Jayla does maybe she could help you.” He replied smiling“play along, play along”he said in his head twice so I could hear him.

“Oh yeah sure Britney I’m really good at it I will be happy to help.” I said smiling but on the inside I was growling.

She looked at me for a split second as if she just realised I was there and she glared at me.

“No I don’t want help from some boyfriend stealing, slut.” She spitted back at me

“Whose boyfriend have I stolen from you? Besides you’re the one who slept with Jade’s boyfriend”

“Oh she will get over it. Just watch your back McKenzie.” She smiled flirtingly at Kaine and glared at me and flicked her long blonde hair in my face as she turned and walked away.

“What a bitch.” I said walking still hand in hand with Kaine.

“Calm baby, calm” he said soothingly. We sat in our places in English, my stomach lurched.

“I am going to be sick.” I said after a minute of covering my mouth.

“Just ignore her” Kaine said “she has nothing on you.”

 “No seriously I am going to be sick.” I got up and ran out the room.

“Where are you going McKenzie?” Mr Walker shouted after I passed him. I ignored his question and carried on into the toilet. I could feel the sick in my mouth and I stormed into the cubicle locked the door and was sick in the toilet. After many times of puking I slid down the wall and wiped my mouth with a piece of tissue paper. I felt awful. I leant over the toilet and puked. Eugh this is awful. I sat back against the wall. I closed my eyes trying to keep myself calm. My eyes shot open when I heard footsteps and talking.

“Oh she is such a slut.” I recognised the voice straight away it sound so evil, it was Britney and probably Emily.

“What you going to do about her?” yep it was Emily.

“I’m going to have to sleep with her boyfriend.” She replied.

Emily laughed, “Do you think he would sleep with you?” she asked

“Yeah he totally wants me; I mean I bet he is getting tired of old Virgin Mary.”

“But he isn’t going out with Mary.” Emily replied dumbly I even had to snort a little.

“No, he is going out with Jayla” Britney said slowly “but Jayla is a Virgin like Virgin Mary was.”

“I don’t get it.” She said I shook my head helplessly.

“Oh forget it. I just need to get him alone.”

“He is always glued to Jayla no way will you get him alone.”

“Not if Jayla gets detention.”

“How she is a goody girl.”

“Well we will stitch her up, stupid.”

“Oh I like it.” Emily said

“Good now give me your lipstick”


“Because graffiti isn’t allowed to be done in school.”

“Okay.” I heard Emily rummaging through her makeup bag. “There you go, I hate this colour it’s so trashy.”

“Perfect, it’s so Trashy Jayla.” Britney said then I heard a squeaking on the mirror. “All done, let’s go to class before we get detention.”  They walked out and I slowly stood up and unlocked the door. I gasped, on all three mirrors was Jayla McKenzie was here 2009 in bright red lipstick. I got some toilet paper and wet it and started to wipe it off. It took nearly forever but I did it and smiled I got my own lipstick out of my bag and wrote “My name is Britney Baker and I am big slut.”  I smiled and walked back to English.

“Where have you been?” Mr Walker asked when I sat in my seat.

“Sorry I had to put something in my car.” I answered.

“Well you’re on a warning.” He said angrily

“Okay sorry.” I sunk my body in the chair.

I looked towards Kaine and shrugged.“What happened?”I let what I just heard swim around my mind and heard him gasp in his head.“You did graffiti in the toilet.”Is that all your bothered about?“Sorry, don’t worry I won’t sleep with that slut.”Good. He carried on writing in his book.

“Jayla what did Todd just say?” Mr Walker asked staring at me. What did he say?“Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare.”Thank you.

“He said Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare.”

“So you were listening?” He smirked

“Yes I was I’m not stupid.” I replied

“I didn’t say you were Jayla.” He turned back to the board.

2 hours passed it was a fast 2 hours. Kaine and I walked out of Spanish lesson at lunch and we walked through the corridor and out to the parking lot.

I heard that Britney got suspended for graffiti in the toilets.“Good, she deserves it.”He said driving us back home.


The End

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