Chapter ElevenMature

I couldn’t hear his thoughts I don’t think he could hear mine. We were standing in a golden corridor I remember walking down it many times while I was dead.

“Can you hear my thoughts?” he asked as we stood up straight he gripped my hand tighter.

“Nope I can’t can you?” I asked worried a little

“No it’s weird like it is a neutral place.”

We walked down the corridor me leading a little and we saw the great doors. I knocked cautiously on it and they opened automatically.

I took a deep breath and we walked in. The room was massive it was gold and marble there was a big red and gold chair, I had seen it before but there was loads of people sitting around the chair. There were loads of whispers and then a loud booming voice echoed through the room which made everyone fall silent. It wasn’t an angry voice it was a cheery boom. The man walked through the people and sat in his chair. It was the big guy. He was tall pale skinned he had brown beady eyes and wore a red cloak with silver and gold patterns his hair was a strawberry blonde colour it shined brightly, his face was perfect, everyone stared at his beauty.

“Jayla hello, Kaine hello.” He said smiling at us

Kaine shuddered beside me I didn’t need to read his mind to know what he was thinking.

“Hello again.” I smiled

“What can I do for the both of you?” he asked studying our faces.

“Well since we returned we have been able to read each other’s minds.”

“Ah yes I forgot to mention that little bit to you when you were last here. You see now you are connected more side effects will happen you will be able to sense each other, appear at each other’s side just by thinking about them also memory travelling as you have done to get here. You each have your own ability; Kaine you can read other people’s minds as well as Jayla’s and Jayla you can levitate and move in the levitation. It’s a special gift I should say a very dangerously amazing gift your bond is powerful there is only 3 couples who are like you. Me and my wife Adele, a couple from Tennessee and a couple from France.”

My mouth was wide open Kaine and I had special powers.

“But why us?” Kaine spoke up

“Because Kaine we have been watching over you two since you were born and you were perfectly matched your life flashed through our eyes, we saw the future you two behold and your family. You will make one of the most powerful families known two man.”

My jaw was wide open. But Kaine kept talking.

“Are you allowed to tell us all this information about the future wont it change everything”

“Oh no that bit is a silly little myth this is neutral grounds it won’t change a single thing.”

“You mentioned family.” He said wanting answers

“Yes you and your children.”

“How many?” I asked

“That I cannot tell you” he said smiling

“I thought you just said that was a myth”

“Oh it is I just think you should be surprised you have a long, long endless life ahead of you.”

“Endless?” Kaine asked

“Never mind” He said not looking away from our faces.

“No go on you said endless life” I demanded answers.

“Well story is you can’t die, isn’t that wonderful.” He smiled clapping his hands together

“Will we age?” Kaine asked completely shocked.

“Hmm well I stopped aging at 27 so you will probably stop at around 28, 29”

I took a deep breath “What about our children will they out grow us?” I asked

“Don’t worry they should stop aging at 15, 16”

“Oh that’s alright then” Kaine said sarcastically

“Kaine” I warned

“It’s ok Jayla. You will both adjust soon”

“Can we go now?” Kaine asked him

“Yes of course just think of your bedroom and then you shall appear, by the way good choice on the new bed” he smiled and we closed our eyes I held Kaine’s hands and pictured the bedroom. The room was spinning again we were flying we held on tight and the light lifted off us, the walls were spinning I was could see his face clearly he looked in utter shock. We were back in the bedroom I landed on the floor and he fell on top of me I smiled at him and kissed his lips but he drew away and got up sitting on the bed.

“I can’t believe what just happened.” He said shaking his head.

“I only kissed you; we have done it plenty of times before.”

“No not that, what we had just witnessed powers, immortality, sounds like some vampire novel.”

“At least we won’t crave blood.” I laughed; a smile flickered on his face. “What we going to do Kaine?”

“Like you said we won’t crave blood.” He replied looking around the room

“I mean about all this, we are going to stop aging while people around us are getting old, like Jade, Sam, my mom and your mom.”

“Well we are going to have to leave at some point and keep moving after people start noticing.” He patted the empty space next to him and I sat next to him. He put his arm around my waist and kissed my neck. “Just you me and the…”  “Kids” he was kissing me when he said kids and I was kissing him back we lay back on the bed he was moving his hand up my top and I had my hand in his hair my other and was holding his free hand. It was magical it was going so fast we got undressed and we finally made love. I could feel the love in the way he moved and touched me. The power was overwhelming. We moved slowly together letting what felt right happen it was just powerful and full of lust and love.

A while later we were lying in each other’s arms he was kissing my neck playing with my hair.

“How did that happen?” I asked totally surprised

“I felt a power inside of me and you were in my arms then I couldn’t control myself. I love you baby.”

“I love you too” I kissed him on the lips I was not expecting what had just happened between us it was as if we were drawn to each other but I loved the fact it happened. He was stroking the side of my face and I was stroking his chest under the covers. I picked up my skirt and top from off the floor and put them on. I got out of the covers and sat back on the bed. He stared at me smiling still I loved it when he always smiled.

“What time is it?” he asked me and I thought I should try something out. I closed my eyes. Levitate. I concentrated I felt something happen I was lifting up and I uncrossed my legs, it was weird I tried walking in the air and I was moving away from the bed. Wow Kaine I can levitate. He was laughing at how cool it was I giggled and moved in the air towards my mobile. I picked it up and it said 6:30.

“Wow 6:30 already, where has all I that time gone?” he said mischievously.

I stopped levitating and walked back to the bed and lay on top of him.

“We are in deep trouble Kaine.”

“I know I am sorry I didn’t think it was going to happen.”

“I know but this could be the start of our future.” I held my tummy. He stroked my face.

“It might not happen.” He tried to reassure me.

“It happened to my mother at my age Kaine” I snapped back.

“I am really sorry babe” he kissed my ear “really I am”

“Yeah I know your practically screaming it in your head you big mush ball.” He licked my cheek “Eww Kaine gross you big dog”

“Sowwi Jaylay bear.” He said cutely holding my waist with both arms. I picked up his clothes and gave them to him.

“Put them on before anything happens.” I smiled seriously he laughed and put them on

“We wouldn’t want that to happen now would we?” he smiled and I lifted him off the bed and we walked downstairs into the front room.

Mom was watching America’s next top model I love the show I’m so jealous at how skinny the girls are but they are so bitchy. We sat down and Tyra Banks was doing the photo shoot…

“Your mom knows, I can hear her thoughts she knows what we did.”He said in his head. Oh crap what do we do?

“Deny the whole thing just don’t give yourself away as much as we are right now.”He shifted moved his arm away from my waist.“She is going to mention it now.”

“You two have had sex I can tell.” She accused looking at Kaine and I.

“No we haven’t we aren’t stupid” I retorted

“I am not stupid Jayla I can tell you have, did you use protection?”

“God mom I haven’t had sex.” I stood up and he followed me out the front door, I got in the passenger’s side of my car. And he got in driver’s seat.

“Jayla you’re such a teenager.” He laughed

“So are you.” I said sulking

“Yeah well I wouldn’t say “God mom” and then Jayla out.”

“Where are we going then genius? I need to get out of Old Fort for awhile.” I asked changing the subject. I sat looking out the window waiting for a reply but he didn’t respond I looked at him but he was just staring at me smiling. “Earth to Kaine.” He stroked my face and our eyes locked onto each other and we were sat there for ages staring into each other’s eyes until my mobile beeped I moved my eyes away and shook my head getting myself together I saw him do the same I checked my phone and it was a text off Jade I read it my eyes widened.

“What’s the matter babe?” Kaine asked concerned

“I got a text off Jade she caught her boyfriend Todd cheating on her.”

“What a prick” he said driving off the driveway

“Where we going?” I asked

“Jade’s house of course she is your best friend she needs you.” he said with a little smile.

We got to her house in about 2 minutes he parked outside her house and I got out. “I will call you babe.” I said to him and walked to his side of the car and he unwound the window I kissed him it was hard and deep, powerful we didn’t want to break apart but we had to. He did a call me gesture with his hand and I nodded, he backed out and drove off in my car.

I walked up to her door thinking of Kaine. I knocked on the door remembering the last time I stood on this spot my own best friend basically thought I was being stupid. She opened the door the first thing I saw was tears crawling down her face and red eyes; I hugged her and walked inside. We went into her bedroom and sat on her bed.

“I can’t believe he would do that to me” she sobbed. “I thought we had something good going, but he had been doing it with Britney.”

“Britney!” my jaw dropped “I thought she liked Kaine”

“She loves any guy with a pulse and is desperate enough.” She wiped her cheeks and I held her hand supportively.

“Hey there is plenty men out there.”

“But he was like my soul mate we were in love, so I thought”

“Todd is a prick Jade, you don’t need him. How did you find out?”

“He sent me a text saying: hey baby my girlfriend is busy today come to my house.” She cried some more.

“Oh my God” that’s all I could manage

“You're lucky Kaine loves you he would never cheat on you.”

“Yeah I know” I said half guiltily I wanted to tell her what happened today but I knew now wasn’t the right time. She and Todd had sex ages ago.

“I guess I will just have to get over him.” she sighed. “So what’s new with you?”

“Well Kaine and I are going to get married next year.”

“That’s better I suppose” she said glumly.

“You’re going to be my maid of honour of course.”

“Yeah defiantly” she smiled

“Kaine and I today we….” I coughed

“Oh my God. What’s he like?” she asked wanting the juicy gossip

“Amazingly amazing. It was like magic. It just sort of happened. But we didn’t use protection” Jade’s face turned serious.

“Jayla anything could happen like STDs and pregnancy.”

“I know I’m really worried about that.” It felt good being able to talk to Jade about my problems, I couldn’t really tell my mom she would flip.

“We will go to the nurse when we get back to school on Monday, it will all be fine.” She smiled

“Thank you” I smiled back “I am so glad you’re my best friend.”

“Me too. But I now need to get on with my school work so I’m afraid we can’t chat.” She said apologetically

“It's cool I will just call Kaine.” I got my cell out of my pocket and dialled Kaine he answered straight away.

“Hey Babes I will be right there.” He said. I could hear the car engine.

“How did you know I was calling for you to pick me up?” I asked suspiciously

“I can read your mind through the phone” he laughed “You can never escape me. By the way I am outside now.”

“Okay.” I turned to Jade. “He is outside right now I will see you Monday, Love you babes.” I hugged her and walked out of her house still on the phone to Kaine he was whispering weird things which were funny. I got up to the car and got inside before I was comfortable in my seat he was kissing my and holding me tightly. I kissed him back we had this strange force that we couldn’t keep away from each other’s bodies. I shut my phone and just made out with my sexy boyfriend.

We pulled apart after a good 5 minutes, both out of breath he kissed my forehead and we drove off the street.

“What is the matter with us?” I asked after regaining my breath, he looked at me.

“I have no idea but it feels weird, in a good way but when it happens it’s impossible to stop.”

“Yeah it’s like we are being drawn closer together and it’s hard to break apart.” I said still totally confused.

We were on Kaine’s street well his old street.

“What are we doing here?” I asked

“I haven’t told my mom or Sam yet and I need to pick up clothes and stuff.” He replied helping me out the car holding onto my waist. “Plus I need the car Sam offered me.”

“The crappy white one?”

“It may be crappy but at least it’s a car”

“Alright smarty pants let’s get this over with” I said holding hand his that’s around my waist, we walked to the door and he used his key to open it.

“Where the hell have you been?” his mom shouted coming into the hallway as we stepped into the house.

“I’ve moved out mom.”

“Says who?” she said

“Says me and Jayla’s mom I’m living over there we are getting married next year.”

“Oh no you are not mister you are grounded.”

“You can’t ground me I don’t live here anymore I just came to get my stuff.” He barged past her holding my hand and I couldn’t look in her direction. We ran upstairs into his old bedroom

I sat on the bed while he got a big bag from the cupboard and angrily shoved a bunch of clothes into the bag. His thoughts were giving me a migraine.

“Kaine watch your language.” I ordered

“They are inside my head it’s not my problem if you don’t like it.” He snapped back.

“Sorry” I walked out the room. I will meet you in the car. I walked down the stairs and out the door. A cold chill made me shiver and I froze too the spot (not literally) I looked around nobody was watching me I tried to move but I couldn’t. I heard a whisper in my ear. “Go back to him.”

My body turned back around facing the house I went back inside and walked back to him. He saw me and he looked at me sadly.

“Jayla….” He began

“No I’m sorry I shouldn’t have been so heartless, it was a tough thing to do and I shouldn’t have said don’t swear even though you never said it out loud it’s your head also I shouldn’t have stormed out of the house.”

He smiled and hugged me “it’s alright I don’t care about any of that I just need you with me now.” He kissed the top of my head and let me go. “I’m just about packed all I need is my books and my car.”

“Okay where is Sam?”

“No idea probably with his new girlfriend Michelle.”

I got his books and put them in his school bag and we walked out the house without another word and I put the bags in the back seat and he drove off fastening my seat belt.

“My saviour” I said giggling

He laughed and stroked my cheek we were on our way home in silence I was looking out the window in a day dream the sun was almost gone and the moon was rising and the stars was about to come out to the moons call. We were taking the long route back home the short route has been blocked due to a car crash, stupid drivers. We had school tomorrow something I would have never been able to go back to if things were different.

“Don’t…. Jayla, be happy you’re alive.”  I am happy that I’m alive just stay out of my head it’s my day dream.

“Do you reckon we can hear each other’s dreams?”

“I don’t know maybe.” I said still looking out the window I could feel his eyes on me every now and again I looked out the front window my eyes shot open “KAINE WATCH OUT!” a massive truck crashed the side of the car.

“Jayla you ok?” Kaine said shaking me.

“KAINE WATCH OUT!” he turned the car quickly away it swerved down the road and we missed the truck. My face was all hot I sat back in my chair and unwound the window. The air blew at my face.

After what seemed like seconds we were outside my house. He was staring at me and I couldn’t look at him two reasons one, I would draw me closer to him and two, I’d hate to see his disgusted face. “I know what I saw, it happened moments before, I knew it was going to happen but the first time we crashed.”

“I saw images in your head but I thought you were imagining what it would be like if it happened then you started shaking and breathing funny and then you shouted me.”

“Can we not talk about this please?” I said still not looking at him I got out the car and went inside he followed after me and I ran upstairs and lay on my bed cuddling my pillow.

“Oh Jayla I’m sorry” he lay next to me with his arms around my waist and kissing my neck it felt nice and loving. “Babe it’s nothing to feel bad about we can’t die remember?”

“I know it’s just it was all too fast I didn’t know I could do that sort of thing.”

“Hmm yeah that is strange and unfair.”

“More like scary, it was horrible.”

He kissed me again and we fell asleep.

The End

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