Chapter TenMature

In the morning I woke up with Kaine’s arm around my waist he was still asleep I smiled at him and kissed his forehead. We always seem to kiss each other’s forehead I think it’s because it means take care or something like that. I wish he would wake up its boring when he is asleep.

“I’m awake now alright.” He sat up and looked at me. My eyes were wide open I was completely spooked. “What’s the matter? You’re acting like you have seen a ghost”

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“You have lost me, what you on about?”

“I thought I wish he would wake up its boring when he sleeps, and then you responded”

“Didn’t you say it out loud?” he asked now as freaked as I was.

“Nope I didn’t” This is really freaky.

“Yea it is freaky” I moved away his lips didn’t move

“Oh my god we can read each other’s mind” I said out loud

“This is so cool” he said smiling

“No it’s not cool it’s my mind” I said sulking

“You will get over it”he said I got out of bed and Jaylaed out the room, stupid Kaine I thought“Aww don’t be like that Jayla”


“Oooh shirty”

I walked back in the room and jumped on top of him.

“Kaine, what are we going to do about this?” I asked after I calmed down

“I’m not sure, it might be alright after we get used to it and it will help when we are doing exams”

“Kaine this is really serious”

“You don’t always have to be so serious Jayla have fun with it.”

“Fine alright”

“Whoop, whoop”he said in his head

I smiled and kissed him on the lips he kissed back and I got off him pulling him out of bed. Come on lazy.

“Hey don’t call me lazy or I will … I will eat you.”

Ooh tough guy. We walked downstairs hand in hand and sat in the kitchen, mom was there drinking a glass of wine. How much has she drunk? I thought and of course nosey boyfriend Kaine could hear.

“Hey I’m not nosey… She has drunk nearly a full bottle”

I think the news has sunken in.

“So do I”

“Mom, why are you drinking?” I asked taking the glass away from her.

“Give it back please Jayla” she said sounding desperate.

“No mom why are you drinking?”

“You can’t get married your too young”

“But last night you were all for it.”

“I was in shock Jayla.”

“But mom it’s not as if I’m pregnant” I almost shouted

“How do I know you’re not pregnant?”

“God mom I’m not like you were.”

“Jayla calm down”Kaine said in his head which ringed into mine.

“Jayla this is not about me it’s about you what will people at school say?”

“We don’t care what people at school think we are in love and that’s all that matters.”

“If you want to go through with it then I will support you.”

“Thank you mom.” I said and gave her a hug. “And we will have a chat about that pregnancy argument later” I giggled Kaine’s jaw dropped.

“WHAT!?” mom shouted

“I was joking, mom seriously we haven’t even got there yet.”

Kaine stood up and went into the backyard I smiled and followed after him. He was sat where he almost died head in hands. I heard his thoughts swimming round his head.

Kaine, I’m sorry I was just joking about all that.

“Yeah I know it’s just we haven’t spoke about it yet. And we should.”

I sat next to him and he took hold of my hand. Why are we talking inside our head?

“Because your mom is listening”

Oh right yeah it’s easier to be silent anyway.

“Jayla please shh your thoughts are confusing me. You’re acting as if you don’t want to.”

I do its just I’m not good at these sorts of conversations.

“So you do?”

Yes I do let’s just get married first.

“Ok we will get married”

He stood up and pulled me up we hugged and he kissed my lips. We walked back into the house mom was sat at the table.

“Mom we are going to get married and we would love to have your support.”

“Okay then I will support you I just got off the phone to the vicar he will be round in an hour.”

“Thank you Sarah” Kaine said and he gave her a hug. She smiled and we told her we were going to pop round Jades’s.

“Jade likes you Kaine she always thought you never liked her.”

“I do like her we never really got a chance to talk like properly.”

“Yeah I know well you should talk to her more.”

“Yeah I will” he said pulling up outside her house.

I knocked on her front door and she answered.

“Hey Jayla where have you been?”

“Oh just here and there. We need you to come help us organise the wedding.” I smiled at her holding Kaine’s hand

“Is your mom marrying the barber?”

“No silly mine and Kaine’s wedding”

“You’re joking right?” she said looking at me weirdly

“I don’t think she is agreeing with the idea”Kaine said. Shut up Kaine she will agree.

“No why would I be joking?”

“Well for one your too young to be getting married your only 17.”

“So you’re not going to help with the wedding?” I asked shocked at her reply.

“I don’t agree with how your rushing into things you have only been going out for 9 months.”

“We have known each other since we were in diapers”

“Jayla think this through please”

“I have and if you don’t like it then don’t even bother.” I let go of Kaine’s hand and Jaylaed off and sat in the car Kaine ran after me and I had tears rolling down my face he wiped them away and kissed my cheek. “I thought she would understand but she didn’t my own best friend.”

“She will come round eventually” he said and drove back home. I hope so. He grabbed hold of my hand and nodded. We got out of the car and went into the house, the vicar was already there waiting with a cup of tea in his hand.

“It’s about time” mom said

“You said he was coming in an hour” I said annoyed at her incorrectness

“It’s alright we are all here now” the vicar said “so let’s get started”

We sat down still holding hands.

“So first of all how old are you both?”

“17” Kaine said “we both are”

“Hmm quite young”

“Yes they are vicar” Mom said nodding her head

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait a year or two?” he asked

“Jayla what should we do?”Kaine said in his head squeezing my hand.“I just want you to be happy”

I thought in my head what I wanted to do he studied my thoughts and nodded. Will you please say? I don’t think I could say it. He nodded again and we both cringed.

“I think we will wait a year but will it be possible to book it now for a year’s time?” Kaine said his arm now around my waist.

“Yes that will be fine.” The vicar said smiling and I could see my mom smile. “So what date you thinking?”

“Well its 30thAugust now, how about 29thJuly?” I asked after confirming it with Kaine, he was right this mind reading thing is cool.

“Told you so”he laughed out loud.

“Is everything alright?” my mom asked at his laughing

“Oh yes thanks the whole thing makes me giddy with laughter” Kaine said kissing my head I smiled.

The vicar pencilled in the 29thJuly and stood up “We will meet up in May to discuss more arrangements”

“Okay thank you vicar” Mom said showing him to the door. “Goodbye, take care”

She closed the door behind him happily and walked back in the room.

“I know it was a tough thing to do and it will be worth it when you’re walking down the aisle in a nice white dress and everyone has their eyes on you.” she said smiling.

We stood up and went upstairs and turned the television on.

“You should reply to her texts Jayla” Kaine said reading my mind after I looked at my phone I had 12 missed calls and 3 text messages.

“Not now I’m angry at her. Can you please let me act like a normal teenage girl for a day?”

“But you’re not normal anymore you are engaged and married spiritually and can read my mind.”

“Well nobody else knows that and I don’t want anyone to know so let’s keep it to ourselves.”

“Okay. Do you reckon anyone else is like us?” he asked after a moment’s silence.

“I don’t know maybe.”

“Isn’t there a way you could find out?”

“I don’t know I never thought about trying”

“You should try me and you our own adventure”

 “I don’t think it’s that easy.” I said shaking my head. He took both my hands we stood in the middle of my room the light shining on us.

“Close your eyes, let the blood swim through your veins, remember the way the place you stood used to look like.”

His theory was working I was remembering and I pictured Kaine with me the room started turning the light was growing stronger we were almost being dragged apart but I gripped hold of him we were taking this adventure together.

The End

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