Chapter NineMature

Hot blood seared through to my heart I held her hand tightly and it happened. I was in a memory me and Jayla was on the pier it was our first kiss.

She was in her shorts and vest top her hair was shining the sunlight and waving in the wind. I wasn’t in pain anymore I was happy I was with my girlfriend. We were sitting facing each other her face was glowing her teeth shiny like pearls I leaned in and kissed her pure lips, she kissed me back it lasted for about 2 minutes. I knew then I was completely in love with her but I knew I couldn’t say it yet. It wasn’t the first time she had jumped in the lake the day she died. This was the first time but she came straight back up I think now I know she wanted the freezing water to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. I should keep that in mind.

“Our first kiss” she said after I pulled her out of the lake she sounded completely out of it.

“Yep” how great was that she was smiling the way I knew she smiled the way I loved. I pulled her close to my chest and kissed her again she moved her fingers through my hair and we were making out. This didn’t happen the first time. I drew back and whispered into her ear. “I love you” she looked at me shocked and whispered “ I love you too” my heart beated faster I looked up at the sky and my knees went weak I pulled her down with me holding her close her soft skin clung to me and we were on the floor lying down. I closed my eyes for 10 seconds and opened them. I looked around Jayla wasn’t there I stood up and went to the edge of the pier her body was floating in the deep water. “Jayla, JAYLA” I shouted but there was no reply.




I was swimming under the water staring at the emptiness. I was alive I felt alive. I couldn’t see as much as I did through the light. Kaine had saved me. Did he remember what had happened? It was hard when he was in so much pain, apparently it was because our love was so strong that if I had died as in fully died he would have to die too because we were emotionally attached to each other. “Jayla JAYLA” I heard my name being called I swam back up to the top it took a while but I got there. His whole body relaxed when he saw me.

“Jayla I thought you had died, you scared the life out of me.” He got me out of the water and wrapped me in his arms “I love you so much”

“I know you do and I love you so much because you’re the best boyfriend ever and I want to be with you forever.”

“So let’s be together forever” he said

I stared at him shocked and amazed “what?”

“Marry me” he got onto one knee and held my hand. “Jayla Anna McKenzie will you marry me?”

Was he being serious? I looked at him smiling I was ready to be with him forever I was ready for the commitment.

“Yes” I nodded “I will marry you Kaine Williams.”

He stood up and we made out he took hold of my hand and walked me to my car, we got in and we were still holding hands when he drove me home.

Everything was still the same except for Kaine left the lake in my car and not a police car. I was human and we were on our way to tell my mom I am now engaged to Kaine Williams.

We arrived at my house and he stroked my cheek.

“It’s going to be fine babe she will understand she might even be happy she knows we are in love.” He reassured me. I was even happier. He kissed my lips and I kissed back we got out and he walked me hand in hand to my door. I unlocked it and we walked in smiling together. Mom was sitting on the sofa smiling as we walked in we sat down together on the sofa.

“Mom, Kaine and I have something to tell you”

“Okay what is it dear?”

“Well… Kaine?” I looked at him for reassurance

“Me and Jayla are engaged”

Her jaw dropped and she smiled happily

“It’s about time” she said still smiling

“You’re taking this really well mom why?”

“Because you two are in love its cute and I know you will make it work I have a good feeling about you Kaine are you going to be moving in here?”

“Well we haven’t thought about that yet it must have crossed our minds.” Kaine replied he was amazed at her reactions like I was

“Well you can’t get married and not live together silly’s” still smiling

“Is Kaine allowed to live here mom?”

“Of course he is now I must sort out the dinner would you like some Kaine it would be our celebratory meal.”

“Okay then yeah I will stay for dinner” Kaine replied and I kissed him on the lips and mom smiled and went to make the meal.

“Is she supposed to be this happy” I asked Kaine

“I am not sure” he laughed and we hugged and kissed.

When mom had finished making dinner we sat in the dining room. Mom was still happy.

“So Kaine” Mom said “When do you want to move in?”

Why is she so cool about this?

“Hmm whenever you and Jayla want me to move in” he said not wanting to sound cheeky.

“So tonight?” I asked mom

“Of course” she said still smiling

“Are you sure?” he asked “I don’t want intrude”

“Nonsense” me and mom said together we both giggled, I held his hand under the table so soft.

“Ok then” he said and I was really happy he was going to be living with me!

After dinner Kaine and I went upstairs to my, our room and sat on the bed.

He took hold of my hands and took a deep breath, something was bothering him was it me?

“Jayla, this might sound crazy but I have to say it ok?” my heart was racing what did he have to say?

“Okay is it something bad?”

“I don’t know, It’s just I can see images in my head”

“You can see images?”

“Yes and like flash backs but I don’t remember them happening. I can see you in an ambulance your body all limp and your mother crying and myself looking in the mirror all pale and ill then you standing behind me shining so brightly, it’s crazy I know but it scares me.”

Oh no he is remembering. Do I lie? No I can’t he is my boyfriend I’m going to have to stick with the truth.

“The truth is Kaine I died today well the first today, you got me out of the lake but it was too late, you were crying squeezing me tight hoping I knew you were there. I did know you were there. You went home and locked yourself away for a week I couldn’t stand seeing you do that to yourself, so I became solid through the light we used to talk to each other. I told you to save me from the light. When you told me you loved me when we first kiss that wasn’t the first time you said it, the first time you said it was before I died. You helped my mother with the funeral. We made out for the first time and floated in the air. You worked out how to save me which in the end turned out to be torture, I saw you withering in pain in front of my eyes but… but I was selfish I took your hand and basically said save me but I knew it would save us both and you went into your memories and said you loved me and here we are today.” I took a deep breath and Kaine was just staring at me.

“Jayla, I think I believe you. I could see it all playback in my head as you were telling me I shut the world away Sam told me I was being stupid I went and found Jade here, the funeral was booked for Wednesday I went behind your back and found your dad …. I’m so sorry… you told me I was supposed to forget but now I know I wasn’t supposed to forget because remembering can I only make you stronger. I remember the pain, sometimes I feel it.”

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine… I’m sorry, you’re my everything I love you if your heart stops beating mine will too.”

“Yeah about that”

“What about it?”

“Well it will literally stop beating if I die and vice versa.”

“What! Why?”

Well in order to fix us both we had to become one so we are basically married but not formerly.”

“So we have been connected?”

“We have always been connected but now it more official.”

“Hmm… ok” he smiled after awhile and kissed my forehead.

I smiled and stroked his hands in mine.

“Jayla its fine we are going to be okay I love you, you love me we are going to be getting married.”

“Yeah I know” we sat in silence for ages just staring into each other’s eyes; I got up and went into bathroom to change into my nightdress he had his boxers and t-shirt on. We got into bed and lay holding each other.

The End

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