Chapter EightMature

I got home 2 hours later and went straight to my room.

“Where have you been Mr. Williams I have been worried sick about you.”

“Jeeze Jayla you sound like my mother.”

“Well I am sorry for being worried about my boyfriend.”

“Why didn’t you just stalk me like you normally do with that light?”

“I can’t track you outside of Old Fort.”


“I don’t know probably because this is my home and where my boyfriend lives here.”

I walked up to her and gave her a hug. “Look babe I am sorry I don’t like us being grouchy towards each other. Can we start over?”

“Yeah of course we can… as soon as you get me out of this stupid light!”

“I will tomorrow I promise you “

“Good now get some sleep”

“Yes mom” I laughed and she punched my arm. “Criminal abuse I will get you done for that young lady.”

“What you going to say “my dead girlfriend just punched me in the arm arrest her” yep I’m sure they will believe you”

“Stop saying you’re dead cause you’re not”

“Yes I am dead, why won’t you just fix me now so I can see you and hold you properly again.”

“I don’t want to miss the chance”

“You won’t I have faith in you so just do it now I’m here just think back to one of your favourite days with me and let the memory flow through your veins and into your heart.”

“Not yet tomorrow is going to be a special day for us and we are going to do it then.”

She was sitting sulking. I leaned in and kissed her lips she kissed back and she was smiling again. “At last you’re happy” I teased and she stuck her tongue out at me. I lay back on my bed and she lay on top of me I smiled and we made out passionately and I knew I could save her tomorrow it was all in the matter of timing and picking the right memory. I had my arm around her waist and just realised something “Do you ever change out of those clothes?”

“Nope unfortunately, I could do with a year’s bath and new clothes”

“Yea I agree” she gave me evils “Just kidding you’re gorgeous.” She smiled again and we made out again.

Her face turned serious as looked into my eyes. “I hope you do forget when I come back to life.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t want you to be keeping a secret from the world I want us to be a normal boyfriend and girlfriend I want us to do more things together instead of doing the same boring thing go to whistle stop then Lake Lure then back to mine I want us to drive out of town once in awhile and spend time to get to know each other better.”

“But what about adventure? I would forget we made out and all the fun I had winding you up while you were a light.”

“We can make new memories and we could make out for the first time again and deep down you would still remember I suppose you won’t mentally remember. We have our whole life together after this, let’s just get this over with and then figure out where we go from there.”

I nodded and held her tightly against me.

“So what about everyone else will they go on living like you hadn’t even died?”

“That’s the plan now you go to sleep I will pick you out a nice smart outfit for my funeral”

I groaned and she laughed and got off me raiding my wardrobe for something smart, sometimes I would hear “eewww, gross, don’t think so, that’s cute and not in a million years” she walked  in holding a pile of clothes “When I’m Alive again we are going shopping. I mean it mister these clothes are ugly but you where them so great and that’s why I’m taking you shopping. We can find both great look on you and perfect outfits “

“You’re killing me here” I said waving both my hands over my head.

“Sorry Mr grumpy guts but its happening”

I looked at her tilting my head all directions.

“That light has changed you. You’re more confident, bossier, more fashionable and more motherly. Why is that?”

“Okay, okay but your aunty is so cool we hang out a lot and she is really nice and helped me out a lot.”

“I knew it, if she wasn’t already dead I would kill her myself, look I love you loads babe you know that but I need the old you back my perfect didn’t care what people thought about her Kaine loving girlfriend”

“Wow Kaine you lasted longer than she thought.”


“We thought we would pull a trick on you and it totally worked.”

“That was totally out of line” I turned away from her.

“Damn it Jayla you’re so stupid… Kaine I’m sorry I thought you would take it as a joke.”

“Go away.”

“Ok fine then”

I turned around smiling and she was gone my smile faded “I was only joking babe”

She appeared laughing “so was I, ok let’s not play that game anymore it’s scary.”

“I agree” I pulled her onto me and made out with her. “This game is way more fun”

She giggled and we both lay in bed together.



It was Wednesday the day of the funeral; I still had Jayla in my arms she didn’t leave when I fell asleep.

“You’re still here?” I said sounding surprised

“Yea today is my funeral and the day my lovely boyfriend pulls me out from the light.”

“And then your boyfriend can forget everything after it.”

“Look don’t…”

“Hey easy I know I thought about it and I think your right about the whole forgetting thing I don’t want to keep thinking about your wet dead corpse and how seconds before I said I loved you, you died, I want to have said it earlier, and now I get my chance to.”

“Thank you, I love you so much”

“I love you too.”

“Right now we have sorted that out I sorted out you some clothes now get dressed.”

“Okay.” I smiled and picked up the clothes and went into the bathroom.

I came out a few minutes later and she was gone. I looked around the room, in the wardrobe, under the bed even in the draws.

“Loose something important?” she asked when I turned around. She was sitting on the bed reading a magazine, upside down.

“Yea I lost my girlfriend have you seen her?”

“Hey enough of the dead girlfriend jokes”

“Seriously where did you go?”

“When?” she asked smiling pleasantly

“Hmm let me think, I came in the room and you weren’t there”

“I was sitting right here” she looked at her arm she seemed confused and kind of panicked. Then she sat and closed her eyes.

I waited patiently and 5 minutes later she returned to earth.

“What happened to you?” I asked concerned

“Did I vanish again?” she asked looking at her arm again

“No, no, it was just that you shut off for like 5 minutes.”

“Oh yeah I had to talk to someone about what’s happening. And its bad Kaine very bad, since it’s my funeral there is a very high chance of my light getting shut off, it’s like being up in space with no oxygen attached to you, I will die. I don’t want you to have to see it twice in one month. So now we have to do it very soon.”

“How soon is soon?” I asked getting nervous.

“An hour to two hours”

I took a deep breath and nodded she smiled a little and I stroked her cheek.

“I will go into your head it will be easier plus I would be able to hear what you’re thinking so you don’t have to talk.”

“I knew it, you were listening”

“I’m sorry” she smiled guiltily I smiled back and she disappeared. “Guess who” she said in my head.

“No idea” I said back but in my head

I went downstairs and walked out the door, my car was luckily still in one piece I got in and drove to Jayla’s house. Loads of cars were parked on the road and loads of flowers were outside the door. “Wow” I said in my head “you have loads of fans”

“Yea shame the flowers have been wasted on nothing.” She laughed

I laughed and knocked on the door, Sarah answered.

“She looks terrible” Jayla said “her hair is not perfect”

Jayla was right her hair was in a bun but loads of hair managed to escape. Her clothes were all black and smart.

“Oh hello Kaine thank you for coming”

“I couldn’t miss it but sorry I’m late traffic was really bad.”

“Kaine, stupid there is no big traffic on the way from yours to mine just streets” Jayla said


“Yeah oops” she replied giggling

“Hello earth to Kaine, you coming in?” Sarah said.

“Oh sorry I must have got distracted by the light.” I smiled and walked inside.How long have we got?

“Less than an hour” she replied a little panicked “ooh look there’s my nana Pat and Aunt Tasha”

I went and said hello to people I knew and who Jayla ordered me to talk to. I went into the kitchen and made myself a drink of orange juice.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sarah shouted from the front room.

What’s going on?

“I don’t know go look” she replied and I walked into the front room everyone was huddled up in the corner staring at the new arrival.

“You invited him!” Jayla shouted at me

I’m sorry I thought he had the right to know.

“I know you meant well but I don’t even know the guy.

I did have a plan but I seem to have forgotten it. Your mom is really angry.

“I know I have never seen her like this before.” She replied quietly.

“I heard about her death in the pub I had to see for myself. Richard said answering her question. “But if I’m not welcome I will go”

“I think that would be best.” Sarah replied holding the front door open. Jayla was standing next to him. Her light had faded, she stroked his cheek and he shivered pulled himself up straight and walked to the door nodded and left. Jayla was smiling at her mom and slowly walked out into the backyard. I followed after her and when I got into the kitchen I almost fell to the cold ground my heart bust into fire flames it rushed through my veins the room was spinning I held myself upright only slightly and stumbled into the backyard I only got so far I fell to my knees she wasn’t there I looked for her but I couldn’t find her. The pain was excruciating I knew I was dying I wasn’t going to survive this fall, Jayla had already gone, the town clock was chiming I was on the ground I reached out my arm “Jayla, JAYLA” I screamed she appeared she saw me in pain and ran up to me.

“Kaine, no KAINE this wasn’t supposed to happen you’re not supposed to die, this is all my fault I’m so sorry.” My bones were aching I clutched to myself I was losing air.

Sarah and a few others ran out after hearing my cry for help. “KAINE” she screamed “don’t do this to me Kaine stay with me….” Her voice drowned out I was withering in pain on the floor I heard mumbled screams and cries but the clearest voice I heard was Jayla she gripped tight of my hand “Somebody call an ambulance” Sarah shouted .

Everything went black apart from Jayla who was shining brightly in the light, my body was numb but I knew the pain was there I smiled at her she smiled back “Kaine” she said in a calm soft voice “Its time.”

The End

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