Chapter FiveMature



I lay so still on my bed. I didn’t know what to do now, her funeral was Wednesday, school tomorrow, I can’t sleep every time I close my eyes I see her pale skin, green eyes, rosy pink lips, long soft brown wavy hair, her flawless smile and she keeps miming I love you too me when were on the pier together. Why didn’t I say it earlier? Maybe I was scared, what if I didn’t love her enough, no I did I have always loved her the moment had to be right I LOVE HER. please Jayla, come back please come back. I let the tears roll down my cheeks, my heart was split into two the love Id long for was dead I never got to tell her all the things I wanted to tell her was this some cruel trick of nature was I destined to be alone.

“GO AWAY SAM!” I shouted. I could hear his breath against the door.

“Can I come in I need to talk to you” Sam pleaded. Sam is a big muscular guy but very sensitive he is completely opposite to me everyone is scared of him for obvious reasons so he puts on the hulk attitude to people. He is 19 and wanted to go to college but he didn’t get the grades. He has the same colour hair and eyes as me but that’s about it, his skin is so tanned he likes to drive to beaches with his girlfriends and mates.

“Fine, come in.”

He opened the door and walked to the bed and sat on the end of it

“What do you want Sam?”

“Do you want my car?”

“Why what’s wrong with it?” he looked at me shocked at what I said

“Nothing is wrong with it I’m getting a new one so you can have mine”

“Ok thanks”

“And I just wanted to tell you that even though Jayla has gone she will always be in your heart and head everywhere you go she will be there” Sam is always like that with me and I was grateful for it. “When dad died it was the toughest part for me, that’s why I drag you down there with me because I can’t cope by myself but you never seemed to be that bothered about him.” He had to bring him up didn’t he and that’s what I hated about Sam.

“This has nothing to do with dad he has been dead for 4 years and Jayla has been dead a week. I had to lie to her about what I did when I saw him I made up a stupid lame story about fishing and guy stuff.”

“Why didn’t you tell her then?”

“Because I miss him everyday it’s just hard to talk about it with her I didn’t want her to see me sad.”

He pulled me into one of his bear hugs again and walked out. I got under my blanket and fell asleep.

I was dreaming about my perfect Jayla she was standing by my tree I was on the other side of the road I could see her smiling her eyes on me as I walked towards her I started to walk faster which made her smile go wider I wanted to run and hold her in my arms tell her how much I missed her and then I reached her she looked at me and her smile faded she was staring at the light behind me she screamed I tried to hug her but she was fading away “Jayla, JAYLA” I shouted “tell me what to do”

“You have one chance Kaine save me” her voice echoed up the street hitting all the brick walls and bouncing into my ears with a force that knocked me against the tree. I slid onto grass arms wrapped around my knees. The atmosphere turned cold the world was spinning and then I woke up.


I walked to the lake and lay on the pier where she lay. The Lake looked empty without Jayla here the whole world looked emptier. The forest behind me was silent all the trees static the water was still it looked dark and the ground looked dark it was once a bright place now it was a dark place. I lay in the dark haunting silence.

“Jayla! JAYLA!” I heard it echo through the trees which made the water move. I sat up and looked around and there she was by my side.

“I heard you” she said quietly


“You shouted my name while I was underwater I heard you but the light it was too bright, the current was too fast it was all over and now I’m here and then gone, re living memories” she turned her head to look at me “with you.”

“I don’t understand are you really here or am I going crazy”

“Look I will be gone soon just promise you will help me”

“How? You’re dead. Your funeral is on Wednesday”

“It’s a test Kaine; they are testing us we have one chance to get this right you have to save me. Believe just believe in yourself and I will see you in our next memory.”

“What? Wait!”

“Goodbye. I love you” she leaned over and kissed my forehead.

“Goodbye.” She had already disappeared with the light.

I sat there for a while staring at the emptiness which was once occupied by the solid appearance of my girlfriend. What was she trying to tell me? Who’s testing us? What does see you in our next memory mean?


It was 7am school today I wasn’t sure to go but I knew I had to she would have wanted me to go so I did I got dressed had my breakfast and took Sam’s old car to school. When I parked in the student car park 30 or more heads turned to face me, people were pointing and whispering I chose to ignore them they didn’t mean much to me. I got out and slammed the rusty car door shut, I saw Jade sat in her car head in hands I went over to her and she looked at me and pointed at the empty seat in the car, I got in and she didn’t look at me and I didn’t look at her.

“So you decided to come?” I asked her

“I didn’t want to” she replied still not looking at me “it’s the only way to get through the day without going crazy I guess”

“Yeah I suppose your right I think that’s why I came. Thank you for being my friend, you seem to be the only friend I have.’’

“Back at ya.  Looks like lesson is about to start we should go in”

“Alright then” we both got out and everyone was still staring I looked down and a group of girls walked up to me I recognised 2 of the 5 Britney and Emily they both fancied me and was jealous of Jayla. Britney was the one who managed to say something.

“Kaine I’m sorry about Jayla and we are thinking about her. If there’s anything we can do”

“Thank you but I think we can cope” Jade said grabbing hold of my arm and dragging me away from them. “Kaine they don’t care they are just waiting for it to blow over so they can date you”

“I know thanks for getting me away.” I smiled at her and we walked into English I sat next to an empty chair where Jayla would have sat but the sun outside shun brightly on her chair I smiled at it I knew she was telling me she was there. Mr Walker walked in he was tall middle aged about  40 to 45 he has short brown hair with grey roots growing he didn’t like me very much and when he saw me he avoided eye contact and sighed.

“Class, it has been a sad week as Jayla McKenzie sadly died in a tragic way last Sunday, her funeral has been set for Wednesday her mother said everyone is welcome to pay their respects.” I turned to face the empty chair, the light had gone so I got up and walked out loads of people were chattering I couldn’t handle what Mr Walker had to say or what anyone else had to say it was too painful to keep thinking about her that way especially when I was the one who was with her when she went under the water and I was the one who pulled her back up and I’m the only one who keeps seeing her through the light the shiny blinding magnificent light which captured my beautiful perfect girlfriend I need her back. I walked to my car sat inside locked the doors and turned the music on to drown out all the background noise. The music stopped. I saw the light on the seat next to me but it was just the light.

“You have Sam’s car?” a soft voice said

“Yeah I do not as good as yours though”

“Why didn’t you keep it?” the voice replied

“I couldn’t take your car its yours”

“But I can’t do anything with it. I’m dead.”

“I’m going to save you Jayla I will save you, just tell me what I got to do”

“I can’t tell you. It’s deep inside you.”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too. We will be together soon. Just save me”

“I will I promise you I will save you my love”

“Good. I love you my Kaine”

“I love you too my angel” the music played quieter this time and the light had gone I smiled deep in thought. “My angel.”

My new car was so rusty the seats were grey the whole inside smelled of rust and Sam’s fags so I went to the shop and brought some air fresheners pine tree and rose petal.

“That’s better” the soft voice said

“Yea it is” I agreed. Her presence didn’t seem to bother me it was good to hear voice but that time she didn’t stick around. For some reason her presence made me understand everything until she goes then I wonder if I’m crazy. Yes I’m defiantly crazy.

I drove around Old Fort for three hours thinking of how I’m supposed to save her. I gave up for now and drove back home and sat in my room on my bed I closed my eyes then opened them and she was pacing my room in solid form.

“What’s wrong?” I asked in deep concern.

“Time is running out you have till Wednesday you need to hurry up”

“Why Wednesday?”

“I will be buried and when I’m buried I can’t return”

“How do you know this?” I asked truly shocked

“I made some friends they tell me things”

“Oh you better not be meeting any guys”

“Awe’s your no fun Mr grumpy guts” she came and sat on the bed with me. “The only guy I have met is the big guy looks about 23 but he is over 2000 years old he is the wise one he told me how long I got.’’

“But why haven’t you crossed into the light you can see it, you are the light most of the times why is that?”

“Like I said before it’s a test we are being tested on true love the big guy wanted to do an experiment on it and unfortunately we got dragged into it he said we were one strong bond so he wants to test his theory”

“Will he let you back if I can’t save you?”

“Kaine… no sorry it will be too late”

“I don’t think I’m going to be strong enough to save you”

“Don’t say that you are strong you have to hang in there we love each other that’s all that matters”

“Love. Why didn’t I say I loved you early?”

“Maybe you should have” she muttered

“I’m sorry; you’re there because of me your dead because I didn’t stop you.”

“No it’s not your fault it was a matter of time before I got into an accident he said I would have been ran over if you didn’t tell me to wait in the car you saved me once so do it again.” She looked into the light and nodded “look I have to go again but something will happen soon and that will be your chance that’s all I can tell you goodbye. I love you.” She disappeared into the light.

I couldn’t handle it anymore I needed to save her and she said my chance is coming. I got up and went to back to school I drove a little faster than I usually do. I arrived. What lesson Is Jade in I wondered.

“Maths” Jayla said but in my head

“Are you eaves dropping on my mind?”

“Nope why else would you be racing to school” she giggled and I smiled

“So maths?”


I got out the car and ran in the building

“Room 26 genius” she giggled again

“Don’t make me come in there”

“Oooh I like a challenge.”

I laughed at her happiness which made me miss her more

“I will be there soon Kaine”

“I swear you’re listening”

“Nope just very observant plus your crying”

I wiped my eyes and knocked on the door “just keep quiet missy”

“I’m going now anyway. Bye my Kaine”

Then Mrs vile opened the door “can I help you?”

“Hey can I borrow Jade for the rest of the lesson it’s quite important”

“Oh Kaine… I’m so sorry… about Jane”

“Erm Jayla” her face went bright red I could feel my cheeks burning up with anger so when I next spoke it sounded cocky. “Can I please borrow Jade?”

“Yes… Yes of course… Jade you’re excused from the lesson”

She put her things in her bag and walked out and she could sense my anger and was a little reluctant but she knew she couldn’t tell me to go away. Mrs vile went back into lesson and closed the door.

“Kaine you alright you look really angry” she asked concerned.

“Since when has she been called Jane?”

“Well she hasn’t taught Jayla before so she wouldn’t know”

“She’s the talk of the friggin school.”

“She is old just calm down what would Jayla say if she saw you all worked up over her name?”

“Yea Kaine what will I say oh yea I will say your being stupid now get to the point in why you raced to school I’m curious to know.” Jayla said I could tell she was smiling at the last bit.

“She would tell me I was being stupid” I said rolling my eyes.

“Exactly now why did you want me?”

“I need your help can we go somewhere? Like the lake?”

“Lake Lure?” she asked looking a bit unsure “are you sure that’s the right place to go?

“Yep it’s the perfect place. I will drive”

“Ok… then.”

“Good. So how was English and science?”

“It was alright, why did you walk out of English?”

“Mr Walker hates me I didn’t need to be pitied by the entire class and most people in our English class wasn’t exactly kind to Jayla. And Britney and Emily this morning who were they kidding they were jealous of Jayla they always pulled faces at her and talked about her behind her back and sometimes right in front of her. It’s stupid I know some people care but they didn’t take much notice of her when she was alive.”

“I know Kaine but you can’t just walk out because you didn’t agree with everyone’s reactions even though I agree with you we just have to ignore them and don’t get so mad at teachers for not remembering someone’s name.”

“Alright ok. I parked the car over there.” I pointed to the rusty car.

The End

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