Chapter ThreeMature

Ambulance and police arrived which made me hold her tighter she can’t leave me.

They taped off the entrance with yellow tape “There was no crime here I got her out” I said to the paramedic walking over to me.

“Please sir we have to examine her let go I know it’s hard but you must” a woman paramedic said

“NO! SHE NEEDS ME I CANT LEAVE HER” I shouted crying into Jayla my girlfriend the love of my whole life.

“What are your names?” she asked

“K... K. Kaine this is my girlfriend Jayla”

“Okay Kaine we need you to let us take care of Jayla make sure there might be a chance”

“There might be!?!” I shouted gripping her tighter.

“Kaine, Rob here he is a paramedic,  I’m Kate we are going to take Jayla to the ambulance ok? So will you hand her over?”

“Okay” I let her go slowly while Rob and Kate were holding her as I let go.

“Thank you Kaine now this nice policeman wants to ask you some questions is that ok?” She asked pointing to the policeman who just joined by my side to help me up, I nodded and got to my feet.

“Hello I’m detective Dan is it alright if I ask what exactly happened.”

“Well Jayla and I were spending the day together just me and her we were lying side by side then she got up and said we were going to jump in the lake I wanted her to be happy so I said ok and I told her to go first I’m so stupid it’s my fault I should have said no but she jumped and my heart told me something was wrong… she didn’t swim back up I saw her slowly…. Sinking so I called her name …. She didn’t hear so I dived in and her shirt was caught …. I brought her back … did CPR it didn’t work so I held her …tightly…  I wanted her to know I was there but…. It’s my entire fault I should never have brought her here.”

“It’s not your fault don’t blame yourself your only a boy but you were right to do CPR. I think I should take you home we have called her mom she will be on her way to hospital.”

It was going all too fast I was upset angry tired and broken completely empty I wanted to join her wherever she was.

“Can I go with her to hospital please I can’t leave her”

“I think it’s too much for you, you need to sleep we will take you home. Follow me” I followed him to his car I walked past Jayla lying in the ambulance she looked so peaceful what must she think of me. I unknowingly sat in the car and he drove me back home.

“I will talk to your mom for you Kaine you go upstairs” he said helping me out the car and walking me to the door. He knocked twice and mom answered she saw me and with the detective and jumped to conclusions.

“What have you done now Kaine what have I told you about causing trouble” I looked at her and ran upstairs I could hear the conversation from my room I listened.

“What’s he done officer? I will ground him”

“He hasn’t done anything wrong this isn’t the time to be tempered with him his girlfriend just drowned chances are low we think she died before she hit the bottom”

“Oh dear lord” she said I could hear her sobbing “I can’t believe this she was only seventeen she didn’t deserve it she was always so nice, bubbly she made my son the happiest I have ever seen, but now it’s just not right what did she do wrong?” my whole system shut off hearing my mom talk about her in that way and talking about how she made me happy I just went numb and closed down on my bed.





Lightness and peace the feeling of both made me wish I could stay here forever but I couldn’t bare the sight of standing over Kaine as he gave me CPR. Normally in films the spirit of the person shakes as they get pulled back into their body but I just stood there watching the tears falling down his face and landing on me. There was no feeling there I couldn’t feel the water I couldn’t feel anything just hurt for my love.

“Kaine I love you keep trying baby.’’ I called out to him but he couldn’t hear me.

He called the police after he tried everything he could. He was angry at himself, scared and he felt hopeless he blamed himself when it was me.

“It’s my fault Kaine not yours come on Kaine hear me listen to me Kaine LISTEN TO ME.” I was being lifted up and dragged away into another place the lights of the ambulance police cars were blinding me until I couldn’t see anymore.

“Jayla Anna McKenzie?” A loud voice called to me I opened my eyes and turned around to face the voice. “Ah so you can hear me.” He was sat in a throne he looked young and healthy and more like an angst teenager than what I would have thought from the voice.

“Kind of hard not offence. Who are you and what am I doing here am I in heaven?” I asked wanting to ask so much more.

“Yes and no and I am you, I am your mother, I am Kaine, I am your best friend Jade I am your science teacher Mr. Kenworthy.”

“So you are everyone?” I suggested confused.

“Yes and No, look you don’t have to know everything just know you are in good hands here and you will be out of here before you know it and back into Kaine’s arms before you say I do.’’

“I don’t understand are you saying I’m not dead?’’

“I am testing out a theory kind of like Adam and Eve 2.0, I need two people to prove love will conquer all and then once you two prove that you can return to earth with a few changes but nothing major.’’

“So we are lab rats and what kind of changes? How do I get back to earth?’’

“You have till your booked funeral to return in that time Kaine must prove he will go to the bottom of the earth to  save you, let him know memory’s aren’t always just memory’s.’’

“How am I supposed to tell him that if he can’t hear or see me?’’ I looked at him blankly he looked so high and mighty I finally twigged to who he was.

“You can project through the light to him when he has calmed down a bit at the moment he is over shadowed by the dark that it is impossible to get through to him.’’

“ what do I do in the meantime?”

“You get to walk around this world and meet the past and anyone you would think could help you on this journey. Now go have fun.” He smiled at me and then clapped his hands together.






When I woke up I wished it was a nightmare but my wishes have seemed to be denied lately so I gave up on wishing. I looked around the room and saw a bright light then it disappeared I stared at the spot where it had shun so brightly almost blinding me. I forgot about it, it was stupid so I walked downstairs and Sam gave me a massive bear hug

“Kaine I’m so sorry bro I know what she meant to you, you were the perfect soul mates.”

I heard him but I was in such a state and I just Jaylaed back upstairs. I locked my door shutting the world out I didn’t want to live in the big world without her, that’s why I’m staying here waiting for her to come back. This is all my fault if I had just took her somewhere else why didn’t I just take her back to my house we could have played computer games or something but I had to take to Lake Lure, what kind of an idiot am I?

All day my mom was calling up saying I had visitors but I turn them down and keep myself hidden away, if no-one gets to see Jayla no-one gets to see me.





I spent most of the day under my blanket Sam had left water and toast outside my door and I quickly opened the door grabbed them and locked the door again.

I hardly ate the toast or drank the water I just left it on the floor by my bed and hid in my cave again.

“Kaine this is getting ridiculous” my mother said outside my bedroom door “you can’t hide from the world just because someone has died there are people in Africa dying every 15 seconds but they don’t mope around there rooms they got on with life.”

“GET LOST MOM” I covered my ears and shut myself down

“Suit yourself” she shouted and walked away. Why didn’t anybody understand how I was feeling? The love of my life has just died and nobody is caring. I hid under my blanket and screamed into my pillow. Why wouldn’t she come back where is she? Is she thinking about me? Can she think? My head was spinning I wanted to die and be with her I wanted to feel how she felt. What did she go through? Was she thinking about me or the fact she knew she wouldn’t return?

Hours and more hours past I was beginning to get hungry but I couldn’t eat. I was feeling sleepy so I shut my eyes.





Three days three slow days. I was starting to look paler and thinner I hadn’t eaten just drank water my eyes were all dried up and red my slow attempt was working. My attempt to block life out was mastered I was all alone mom had enough of me and went to work 2 hours earlier than she should have. Sam spent his days with his friends and his nights sitting outside my door telling me stories about my childhood and just random silly ones that he has made up on the spot. But I didn’t laugh or spend much interest in why he was there. All I knew is I was completely broken. My heart was shattered my brain twisted in confusion I didn’t want to believe what I knew was the truth.




Sam had cracked, he stomped upstairs Thursday afternoon hammering on the door. “KAINE…. GET OUT OF THIS DAMN ROOM NOW”


“Jayla is not keeping you locked up in here Kaine” I cringed at her name “you are, she wouldn’t want you to spend your life wasting away in your own bedroom I’m worried about you. Everyone is worried about you. Will you please come out?”

“No now get lost” he walked away from the door and I just paced around the room, I felt sick. Not because I hadn’t eaten because Sam was right she wouldn’t want me to rot in my own room I had to get out. I decided I would leave on Saturday; I would need to spend my Friday preparing to face the world again.







I woke up earlier than I have done all week I got out of bed and got washed and dressed I walked downstairs and I saw my mom and Sam sitting at the kitchen table mom had her head in her hands and Sam was comforting her. I walked in the kitchen Sam looked up and smiled he nudged mom to look up she shook her head and I nodded to him to say I understood. I got bread out of the cupboard and made toast. I sat at the table with mom and Sam. “Mom I’m really sorry I have been so stupid” I said looking at her and buttering my toast.

She lifted her head and smiled a little “It's okay Kaine I’m just glad to have you back.”

“Yea me too bro.” Sam said smiling

“Thanks” I said eating my toast it made want to be sick but I knew I had to keep eating.”

I saw that same light again flicker in the corner of the kitchen it made me smile a little then I shook my head and carried on eating.




I woke up at 7:00 in the morning and got ready to go out into the world. Yesterday me mom and Sam watched movies and had a family chat about the future but I still knew my future was doomed I need Jayla I need to be with her even if it was just for 5 minutes I needed a chance to say goodbye to her and tell her how much I loved her and wanted her back. I sat in the living room and watched some TV.


The End

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