Through the lightMature

Jayla and Kaine are boyfriend and girlfriend they are in love but they have never said I love you and when Kaine finally tells her she drowns and goes through the light. devastated Kaine greaves but cant admit she is dead and starts seeing her through the light she tells him there is a way to bring her back but it must be done before the set funeral. But at what risk?

Chapter One



My name is Jayla I am your average seventeen year old, my hair is long and brown which make my green eyes pop out. I wouldn’t say I was fat or really thin but a perfectly acceptable weight for my age. I don’t really care too much about my appearance like most girls in my year do but I’m not like most girls, I like to think about myself as different or unique. I live in a very small town called Old Fort located in the County McDowell in North Carolina I go to Old Fort High School. I get good grades A’s and B’s, I think well I hope my mom is proud of me, it’s been tough for her raising me all by herself since I was born, I have met my dad three times but I don’t remember him, I don’t really care to be perfectly honest but I am really close to my mom well I guess I haven’t been recently not since I grew up a bit.

It was my birthday last week and mom brought me my first car it’s a land rover its dark green and amazing. I have been driving around all week to the shops and round to my boyfriend’s house to show it off. My boyfriend is called Kaine he is also seventeen, totally funny and gorgeous he has lovely brown hair blue eyes and a muscular body he is 6’2 about 9 inches taller than me, yeah I know I am quite a short ass. My best friend is called Jade she is also seventeen she has short blonde hair blue eyes and a little taller than me and about the same build. She is really bubbly and funny to be with; we are kind of like sisters. We spend most of our days in Whistle Stop; it serves the best pizzas, which also has free internet where I do my homework because my house doesn’t own a computer.

Summer holidays are almost over so it’s back to school in a week I can’t wait to see everyone again.

“Jayla dear, Kaine is at the door shall I send him up”

Ah, my mother she is such a push over unlike Kaine’s mom. His mom won’t let anyone in his room after what happened at his Brother Sam’s party. I will put it this way never let a group of hormonal teenagers go wild in a tidy house that has alcohol and very expensive items. However, my mom will let boys in my room, she trusts me and plus she owes me a new piggy bank, she needed to pay for a new hairstyle, she is like addicted to getting the new look but maybe it’s just an excuse to see Max, the barber who does the guys hairstyles. He is 34 she is 35 so it’s a good fit I don’t mind if she wants to date she needs a guy other than guys in books. So yeah she owes me that.

“Yeah alright send him up” I haven’t seen Kaine for a week he went Marion to see his dad with his brother he doesn’t live with his dad either but the divorce contract strictly says must spend time with sons regularly so one week every 2 months he takes them to Marion, he doesn’t tell me what they do there which is annoying but I guess I can understand.

He walked in the room and my face blushed like a tomato, I got up and gave him a hug. He looked even for more perfect then I remembered, he had a smile on his face and my heart pounded so fast it would ache in a good way.

“Hey Jayla” he said with the voice I love and missed “I have missed you so much I know it’s really late but I couldn’t stay away a second longer” he kissed my lips and my heart just melted and I kissed him back and smiled. He looked at my bed smiled and jumped on it and lay down arms behind his head.

“I missed you too a week is too long to be away from you I was texting Jade all week saying how badly I missed you but you’re here now so I’m happy” I sat down on the bed with my legs crossed smiling at him, staring into his lovely blue eyes. His left eye was covered by his dark brown, slightly messy but perfect hair. He was wearing his black jeans and dark grey shirt which was nicely fitted against his chest. His skin was a lovely light colour and he had the most impeccable smile I fell in love with. He sat up mimicking my sitting position and held my hands in his big strong warm hands.

“So what did you do while I was away?” he asked staring into my green eyes.

“Well apart from missing you terribly Jade and I drove to Lake Lure and sat on the edge of the pier talking and thinking then we got a pizza at whistle stop and I finished all my school work what about you?” he was listening intensively and then when I asked what he did he seemed to try avoid the question. I looked at him puzzled at his reaction.

“Well you know…erm guy stuff fishing, drinking that kind of stuff but I kept thinking of you all the time.” A smile went back onto his face as he started stroking my cheek. I wanted to ask him what the hell are you not telling me. But what would that make me sound like? An untrusting girlfriend. But I do trust him maybe he just doesn’t really like talking about what he does with his dad I’m not going to pry.

“Fun” what! Fun? What the hell, oh dear Jayla what has gotten into you?

He laughed a little; my facial expression must have amused him, I often pull a face when I shout at myself for being an idiot.

“So Kaine what are we doing tomorrow?” I asked changing the conversation to a better topic.

“Well I was thinking I would kidnap you buy a pepperoni pizza and drive to Lake Lure and eat the pizza while you starve” he smiled widely.

“What! You don’t even like pepperoni and I do and you’re going to leave me to starve plus kidnap what kind of boyfriend are you?”

“The best” he laughed and kissed me

I giggled “yes you are” I kissed him back he got off the bed stretching and yawning

“Well I should get home before mom calls the police and besides you need to get some sleep, goodnight sleep tight and I will kidnap you tomorrow” he kissed my forehead then my lips.

“Goodnight” I said and then he waved and walked out the bedroom leaving me all by myself again. I could hear my mom saying bye in a cheerful voice she usually does when Kaine’s around. I lay back on the bed in same way Kaine was laying and I smiled to myself and started reading one of my favourite books.

I started to read a bit of the first chapter then I started to get bored and tired so I put it away and started cleaning up a bit. I went in the bathroom brushed my teeth and got in to bed it was really warm and cosy I just wish Kaine could have stayed here but I doubt mom would let him sleep over she is nice but not that nice.

I lay wondering what he was doing hoping he got home safely and wondering if he’s thinking about me. I soon drifted off into a deep sleep.

 At 02:00am I got shook to wake up I opened my eyes and saw Kaine standing over me he put his hand over my mouth just as I was about to open it.

“Shh I have been locked out” he took his hand away and I was staring at him in shock.

“Why?” I asked sitting up

“Because I got back too late so she told me to stay out and I have been wandering around debating to come here I’m sorry I know you were asleep I had nowhere else to go.”

“Hey it’s fine you can stay here. Get in” I opened my blanket to let him in, he lay next to me and put his arm around my waist

“Thanks you’re an angel.”

“Don’t mention it you will just have to leave before mom wakes up she will probably be angry.”

“Don’t worry it will be like I wasn’t even here. Right I will let us sleep” he kissed my forehead and I rested my head against him, we closed our eyes.

07:00am my eyes shot open and looked at the side of Kaine and I was gone. Was I dreaming last night? I went downstairs after I had gotten ready and mom was still in bed, unlike her but I suppose she deserves a lie in. I ate some toast and washed the dishes.

Kaine rang the door bell I knew it was him by the little tune he does it’s the tune from Flintstones well it’s supposed to be. I skipped merrily to the door, opened it and he flung into my arms which nearly knocked me down.

“Hello lovely lady did you sleep well?” He asked me in overly cheerful way.

“Hey yeah I had a dream you snuck in my room and rudely woke me and took up all my bed and blanket.”

“It wasn’t a dream silly it happened but it’s ok now mom apologised but I am sorry I shouldn’t have done that to you it was selfish.”

“No, no it’s fine honestly I was glad you came It was nice you should get locked out more often” I giggled and kissed him all over his face.

“You ready to be kidnapped by your sexy boyfriend?”

“Yeah sure” he grabbed my hand and walked me to my car I unlocked it and he opened the passenger’s side for me. He got in the driver’s seat and started the car up.

It was such a beautiful day the sun was shining bright the air was warm and the grass was green the forests all at a standstill it made me even happier than happy. I was with the love of my life and he was driving my car while I could enjoy the view.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I said staring at the sun on his face.

“Yeah you are beautiful” he said looking back at me then turning to look at road. Careful driver I loved that about him well I loved everything about him.

“I love being with you just us two”

“Good because today it’s just you and me and we are going to spend today like we are the only ones on earth apart from when we get pizza because there will be someone serving us.”

“You’re amazing I’m so glad your mine and I’m yours.”

We got into town and Kaine parked outside Whistle Stop and then he got out. I was about to take my seat belt off when he said.

“Stay here I know what you want pepperoni am I right?”

“Nope” I said sulking

“Oh really?”

“Yes…no pepperoni please” I was ended.

“Knew it” he smiled kissing my forehead “be back in a sec behave”

“Always do” I said smiling at him

He went and I took a deep sigh I looked around my car for something to do.

“This is Going to take ages” I said out loud.

It was boiling hot and time was going so slow I turned the air conditioning on and opened my window. I saw Britney with Emily and some other people I think one of them was called Jennifer they were all really pretty but really fake they all fancied Kaine and hated me for it. But I secretly enjoyed their hate; to be honest I didn’t like them either.

A few minutes later he came out with 2 pizza boxes. That was quick I was going to say. He put them in the back and got in.

We had the pizzas freshly cooked in the back and we were driving through town passing the community centre and the museum, there was so many people out and loads I recognised from school but I blanked everything out It was just Kaine and I today no-one else how great is that.

The End

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