Erinye stirred to consciousness as the morning light began to flood the warehouse.  Her body ached, but in a somewhat  good way.  Garnet was still in a peaceful sleep. The scent of cinnamon hung sweetly in the air about her. Erinye slowly got to her feet, the events of the previous night etched into her mind.

She let someone in.


The beast felt uneasy about this fact as well, maybe Erinye needed to leave. Her jaw felt a little stiff as did her ribs. Her body was already healing the internal damage, nothing more then bruising at this point. The shoulder was nothing more then a surface cut. Nothing compared to the massive broadsword that pierced her shoulder last night. Erinye decided to leave the bandages on. She wasn't even sure what to tell Garnet about the man that did this. What could she honestly say? She couldn't protect Garnet much less kill this man if the battle broke out.

Erinye could hear a stirring from the bedroom, quickly drawing a long sleved shirt over her body she went to see how Garnet was faring after the night. Garnet sat in Erinye's bed, her sheet draped about her. Other then that, she was still bare from the previous night. She gave Erinye a haunted look as Erinye gently sat beside her. Garnet seemed to have a different look as she looked at the damage to Erinye's jaw. Garnet spoke slowly with a reserved tone. She wasn't even sure of what happened last night much less how she came to find Erinye in her current condition. "Erinye, about last night. I don't know what happened, about your injuries. About-us. I'm a little overwhelmed at right now." Turning her gaze towards Erinye. "Can you tell me who did this to you, or how you can walk now?"

Erinye didn't defend herself. She had come up with excuses in the past. Adreniline or dumb luck but this time she didn't want to hide what she was. Garnet was already falling into her world it was about time to show a little faith back. Erinye responded softly, "I'm different Garnet. There are things I can't really explain to you yet." Pulling the sweater down to expose her shoulder. Erinye then began to peel off the bandages. Garnet gently touched the area where yesterday there was a massive gash where muscle, bone and flesh was torn. Now only pale white flesh remained. Getting to her feet, Erinye faced the desk she used to organize her clothing as she continued to speak. "I heal faster, I hit much harder." With that she brought her fist against the top of the desk. With a crash she left a solid dent in the relic. "I can't explain more at this time Garnet. Please, you need to give me time." Erinye tried to figure out how to explain this. "I've been burned badly in the past and trust is something I have a hard time with." Garnet looked towards Erinye with a mixture of confusion and fear. Part of her believed Erinye was a monster. Something out of her old fairy tale books and this should be the end of her time with her.

However, sometime deep inside Garnet felt a longing for what Erinye represented. To walk her own path and for better or for worse. Garnet wanted a reprieve of her own life of all the structure and form her mother had plotted out. She needed some time to make sense of what has just happened. Getting to her feet, still clutching the blanket around herself Garnet began to gather her clothing. Erinye kept to the side as she was unsure what to do next. Garnet finally turned towards Erinye.

"I need to get some air, just let my head make sense of things. I'm sorry, can I come back here tonight?" Erinye nodded as she placed a key in her palm.

"You can come here, I'll be about." Garnet nodded as she left the makeshift bedroom. Erinye sat idly as her own mind still pieced together what had happened last night. Nothing made much sense. Maybe a run in the country is what she honestly needs at this point. Too much city can hurt after awhile. As Garnet softly departed, Erinye shed the loose sweater and found more acceptable clothing. Taking a different path from Garnet, Erinye felt a twinge of sadness as she could smell the cinnamon scent she had grown fond of mixed with something new.



The End

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