The Big Bad Wolf Is HungryMature

Garnet nearly jumped when her phone started to vibrate in her pocket. Thankfully she was between classes because there was no way she could answer it in class. Technically they were supposed to be leaving their cells in their lockers, but nobody did except during tests when teachers were most likely to actually check.

Tugging it out as she tried to switch her books one-handed, she looked at the display, frowning a bit. It wasn't a number she recognized, but it was a weird time of day. So she answered it.

And she was glad she did. Her heart sped as she heard Erinye's voice on the other end, saying she needed help.

"Where?" In that one word she answered the question that had been nagging her, whether she really wanted anything to do with Erinye or not. She'd been thinking about it since that morning when the girl had slipped from her room, leaving Garnet to deal with her mother.

The answer was simple, though, when Erinye asked for her. So she memorized the information Erinye gave her and shoved her books into her locker, grabbing her coat and bag instead.

She had never skipped school before, but it didn't matter. This was more important than math class. Let them call her mother. She would deal with that later. Right now, Erinye needed her help.

It took her a bit to get to the warehouse Erinye had named, but she was fairly proud that there had only been one wrong turn in all of it. She had spent a fair amount of time roaming the streets herself, and she knew the city fairly well. Good thing, too. She'd stopped on the way and grabbed some snacks, water, bandages and money. Erinye hadn't specified just what sort of help she needed and Garnet had a feeling that wherever Erinye lived it wasn't exactly stocked with what might be termed necessary.

Seeing the door slightly ajar, Garnet slipped inside quietly. "Erinye?" she whispered, starting to feel a little uncomfortable with the location. As had been proven more than amply, she couldn't really look after herself. Her mace wasn't in her bag anymore and if Erinye needed help then the other girl wasn't likely to be able to protect Garnet if anything happened.

Just what had happened to Erinye?

Garnet heard sounds coming from her left and turned, weaving around a pile of boxes to discover an area that had been made slightly more cozy with piles of clothing, a couple crates set up as tables, and a makeshift bed set out. Erinye lay on the bed, her skin even more pale than usual. Faint bruises marred the skin along her jaw, or they could be dirt smudges. Garnet wasn't sure as the light was dim.

"Erinye?" Garnet was nervous now, starting to see the damage. There was blood on Erinye's shoulder and it looked like she was having a hard time breathing. Garnet was no doctor. She hadn't even been certified in first aid. At least she'd brought bandages, especially the gauze and pads.

Erinye opened her eyes, lifting her head slightly and wincing. "Thanks for coming." She sounded a little better, mostly because the damage to her jaw had started to heal. Her shoulder, however, was still bleeding and her ribs ached. Inhaling, she could smell Garnet over the stale smell of the warehouse and her own blood and it soothed the beast inside her that was ready to snap at the intruder. Letting out a soft breath, she forced herself into a sitting position.

"Help me get my bra off? I can't do it. Need to wrap my ribs and bandage up my shoulder." She paused a moment, looking up to meet Garnet's eyes, seeing the uncertainty on the face of this girl she'd come to crave. "Thanks for coming." A slight pause, then, "I wasn't sure you would." Her voice a whisper, every insecurity she had lying bare in her eyes.

"Of course." Garnet offered a tremulous smile, then crossed to kneel beside Erinye, tugging materials out of her bag before reaching out to touch the pale skin of Erinye's back. The tattoos were here too, but this time Garnet could feel the scars underneath. Her touch was light and in the dimness she felt less self-conscious about it. The ridges beneath the ink fascinated her and she let her fingertips trail over them carefully. Erinye shivered and Garnet froze just for a moment.

"Do they still hurt?"

"No. Not when you touch them." Her voice was thicker somehow and the sound of it made Garnet swallow, reaching lower to unhook Erinye's bra, carefully sliding the strap down over the other girl's injured shoulder. Seeing the lines of the other girl's back made Garnet's heart beat a little faster, her breathing come a little more uneven.

At least until she noticed the raw wound coming out the back of the girl's shoulder, the blood sticky around it. Quickly she grabbed a wad of gauze, folding it carefully, placing a pad over the back of the wound and holding it firmly.

Erinye hissed at the contact, but it didn't matter. She smelled cinnamon and could feel the warmth from Garnet's body. "Here, give me one for the front. I'll be ok. It's clean, and the bleeding is stopping." And she was healing, but she wasn't ready to explain about the beast within her to Garnet. Not yet.

She was too entranced by the way the other girl had touched her skin.

Garnet complied, handing Erinye another pad before starting to awkwardly wrap the gauze strips around the shoulder, adding some surgical tape to hold them in place. Then she was left looking at Erinye's back again, the white bandages stark against the lines of tattoos. Her breath caught again as she looked at the raised scars that marred the perfection of the skin. And yet they were part of the art now. The canvas was beautiful. She didn't see Erinye as damaged because of the tattoos. Instead she was envious, wishing she could paint her life on her own skin, find a way to express everything that lived inside her.

It surprised Garnet herself when she leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss against Erinye's shoulder blade, her lips finding the scar tissue more easily than her eyes. The texture was different than the skin beside it and Garnet found herself lightly brushing her lips back and forth, curious, fascinated.

Erinye's heart began to pound and the beast within her was most definitely sitting up and taking notice. Ready to stake a claim. This girl with the fiery hair belonged to them. Neither girl nor wolf was willing to live without the cinnamon scent or these soft touches that were so alien to the world they'd created for themself.

"Garnet..." Erinye spoke softly, not wanting to interrupt the touches, not wanting to startle the othe girl. But she had to say her name, had to say something. Her breath caught her ribs and she winced a little.

Garnet flinched as she felt Erinye wince, pulling back slightly although her hands had found their way to touching the other girl's arms and they were unwilling to part palm from bicep. "I'm sorry. Did that hurt? We should do something about your ribs. You said binding them, right?" She was speaking quickly, trying to cover up the fact that her heart was beating a mile a minute, her breathing was unsteady, and she felt aches in places she had never felt them before. Not like this. Her nipples were actually painful inside her bra, and she was certain that her panties were slick. It felt like one touch might just make her shatter. And she wanted to shatter.

"Yeah. That would be good. But.. you didn't have to stop." Erinye was holding very still. There was irony there, that she was the wild one, the untamed one, and yet it was Garnet who was the skittish animal, ready to bolt at the wrong move. And Erinye very much did not want to make the wrong move. The pain in her shoulder and ribs was forgotten. It didn't matter. Not with Garnet's hands on her arms, the feel of the other girl's breath still on her spine.

Carefully, Garnet let out a slow breath and she began to unwind more gauze, lightly holding one end to Erinye's side, very aware that her hand was only inches from the other girl's breast. She'd never really thought about breasts before, having a pair of her own, but suddenly she wondered what it would feel like to cup the giving flesh in her palm, to rub her thumb across the nipple. Were Erinye's nipples as painfully tight as her own?

A soft sound escaped Garnet and she felt Erinye's fingers brush hers, holding the end of the gauze strip. Garnet paused a moment, taking permission from the touch, then leaned forward to wrap the bandage around the front of Erinye's body. Garnet's chest pressed to the other girl's back and she suddenly cursed the fact that she hadn't removed her shirt. She wanted to feel skin against her own. With careful movements she slid her arms around Erinye, passing the bandage across. Her hands grazed the girl's breasts and they both let out soft gasps. The first touch was accidental. The next was not.

Then Garnet leaned back slightly, pulling the gauze a bit tighter, pulling it around for another layer. This time her hands brushed a little more deliberately against Erinye's breasts, and she felt Erinye lean into the touch, felt her relax slightly even as Erinye reached up to take one of Garnet's hands, carefully pressing it more firmly against her breast. Garnet was shocked at the feel of her hand trapped between Erinye's palm and breast, but it was the kind of shock that left her skin feeling too hot, her mouth dry, and the rest of her aching.

"Erinye, I've never..."

"Shhh. It's ok. Just finish helping me wrap my ribs."

And so it continued, the touches becoming more prolonged, the sound of uneven breathing, soft gasps, the occasional whimper filling the air. Then the gauze was gone and Erinye's ribs were wrapped tight, the tattoos disappearing under the pale material, reappearing below it. She turned, slowly, and met Garnet's eyes. Finally. Her own were nearly incandescent, the green luminous with just how close her beast was. The two were in perfect harmony on this, just as they were when they killed.

Garnet belonged to them.

Garnet trembled slightly, feeling self-conscious, but it didn't matter as Erinye reached for the hem of Garnet's shirt, tugging it up slowly. Garnet lifted her arms, feeling like someone else was pulling her puppet strings. And then her shirt was gone and Erinye was gently pushing her back onto the bed, stretching out next to her.

The first touch of Erinye's lips to her skin made her back arch and her hands fist. The second was followed by the light glide of a tongue, and Garnet couldn't breathe. She slid her own hands to the other girl's temples, then further as she tugged out the ponytail, tangling her fingers in ebony hair just as Erinye was tangling her own in flaming strands.

Their lips met, and Garnet suddenly felt like she could breathe for the first time in her life. Shared breath, the sweet taste of  Erinye's mouth, and the warmth of skin to skin. No pressure to be anything other than what she was. All the choices were hers.

Then she felt the nip of Erinye's teeth on her lip and she squeaked, flushing slightly as the other girl pulled away slightly, looking down at her with a wicked grin. It was the sort of grin the Big Bad Wolf must have given Little Red Riding Hood. The sort of grin that promised you would enjoy everything those lips and teeth did to you as they consumed you.

And Erinye kept that promise. After all, she was a Big Bad Wolf.

The End

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