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Erinye hit the soft green lawn and took off running. Once her feet felt the solid ground take shape beneathe her feet she could move quickly. Her pale frame ducking neatly into a back alley to redress, cursing softly as she realized she had left her tank top behind.

Making due with the baggy pants her street shoes and a simple black bra Erinye began to make her way back to the warehouse. Around every corner she felt invisible eyes watching her every move. Scanning her, watching her, breathing her in. Cautiously Erinye sniffed the air. Something felt very wrong. Something very wrong was watching Erinye. Even her beast was on edge as if it was backed into a corner.

She arrived at the warehouse as her own senses screaming to run from her home. This was a sensation unfamiliar to Erinye as she cautiously walked inside. Her feral body already beginning to shift from girl to wolf. If someone was hiding in her home. They were going to be very very sorry. As she walked into the main floor a new scent greeted her. Almost a mixture of mint and musk, as this scent wafted around her Erinye finally began to feel a feeling she had not felt in a long time.


Erinye noticed the man sitting on a box across the warehouse. Cautiously approaching the man she was very careful to take in the details. He appeared to be quite old, mid to late forties. Long grey hair, a full beard and dressed in what seemed to be a beaten leather duster. He had a heavy metal sheathe leaning against the wall. The blade was nearly the size of tha man. He slowly got to his feet as he surveyed Erinye. She silently wished she could melt back into the shadows.The old man finally spoke, his voice gravelly. However Erinye could feel there was a very large threat coming from this man. "So, your the pipsqueak causing trouble. Didn't your sire teach you what all that killings gonna do girlie? It's gonna bring our kind into the light." He slowly began walking towards Erinye as he balanced the blade on his shoulder.

Taking a cautious step backwards Erinye growled as her beast decided reasoning was not going to get very far. Her body was already partially shifted as she responded. "She taught me to make those who prey on innocent lives suffer," she attempted to lunge at the old man. He laughed as he swung the sheath towards her like an oversized baseball bat. The flat of the blade connected across her skull. Erinye felt her body slam against a series of conveyer belts. Her jaw was broken? How could it be that simple for him? The old man began to step towards her as his body gave into the shift. Erinye slowly got to her feet as she tried to leap over the conveyer. With elevation she may have a chance.

She felt a steely claw latch onto her foot and slam her into the ground. She gasped for air as she felt a rib or two snap, this fight was not going well. She finally stared down the elder as the realization kicked in. He was just like her. A werewolf, a fucking werewolf. He cleared a massive seven if not eight feet compared to her meagre five and a half. Crawling away she felt him grab her by the tail and bring another fist down on the back of her head.

Colors exploded in her eyes as she felt her body being rolled over. The werewolf stood victorious over her. One hind paw crushing her chest. Her lungs screamed for air as she tried clawing his leg off. The old wolf gave a hollow laugh, "i'll give you credit pup, nobody can say Ciarin never gave credit when it's due." The werewolf drew his massive six foot blade from it's sheath. With a simple thrust he pierced Erinye's shoulder. She howled in a mixture of pain and fury as her body began to shift back to human form. He finished his statement as he gave the blade a subtle twist. "You have one week, get out of my city before I run you through. I have half a mind to take you for myself."

Erinye sputtered a respond mixed with her spittle and blood as he pulled his blade free of her shoulder. The old wolf merely laughed as he strode off into the darkness. Erinye laid there for what seemed like hours. She needed help, but her mind seemed vacant for who she can call. Weakly drawing her cell out and praying she remembered to pay for minutes. She dialed Garnet's number, the phone rang for a moment before a familiar voice echoed out.

"Hello...?" Erinye breathed a sigh of relief. The number left for her at the playground was right.

"It's," Erinye could feel her body getting slower. The beast limping back to the shadows. She was beaten and all she needed right now. Was to smell that sweet cinnamon scent.


The End

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