In the Wolf's DenMature

Quickly Garnet flicked the covers up a little higher, doing her best to glare at her mother when she wanted to pull the covers up over her head. Or slip out the window and go find Erinye.

In pulling up the covers Garnet realized that there were some smears of dirt on the sheets and blanket. She shifted her legs under the covers, trying to adjust them to hide the worst of it.

"Mom, I'm fine. I was just thinking out loud." It was lame, she knew, but she had to try regardless. It was the best she could do on short notice. She wasn't good at lying, wasn't good at covering things up. Other than her discomfort with the life she was living for everyone else.

Her mom sniffed, then grimaced, her eyebrows narrowing together as she looked around the room.

Garnet started to panic. Her mom was going to see the shirt, and it was definitely not the sort of thing she usually wore. It was also dirty. Very, very dirty, with things she didn't want her mother to discover.

But getting up was bad too. Getting up meant the possiblity of showing the smears on her own body where Erinye's arms had been around her, where their bodies had curled together during the night.

The second it took her to decide was too long. Her mother bent down, picking up the shirt by the tiniest scrap between thumb and forefinger. "What... is this?" Her mother paused for a moment then held the shirt out further, the disgust on her face almost comical. "Garnet, what on earth have you been doing? Where did you get this? Who was in here? I know this isn't yours. And it stinks. What is going on? You've barely said 10 words to me over the past week. It isn't like you. Staying out late, and you've been with someone. Why aren't you talking to me?"

Garnet felt her shoulders slump. Her mother was right, they had barely talked lately and they were, for the most part, fairly close. Except the part where her mother didn't seem to know her, no sense of all the frustration that lay waiting in Garnet's soul. But how could she explain it? All that she longed for was so far outside what her mother wanted for her. No way her mother would understand Erinye.

Especially not with what Erinye just told her. With what had happened to Mark. What she had done to Mark.

"I'm just busy, Mom. Busy with school, and friends. Feeling a little stressed about some exams." Her mother raised an eyebrow, but held off commenting, waiting for an anwer. She shook the shirt slightly, looking at it as if to say, "And this?"

Garnet took a deep breath, hands fisting slighlty in the covers as she looked at the shirt, then looked down and away. "A friend gave it to me. I said I'd wash it for her since she knew her mother would flip out." Okay, it might work. Maybe. She was hoping the "you're the cool mom" card would get her off the hook, although she wasn't expecting it to work. Not this time.

"Garnet, I just don't know what's up with you lately." Her mother let out a sigh, then looked again at the shirt in her hand. "If you tell me that's what happened, then I believe you. But there is more going on here. I know there is. So tell me. Tell me who you're meeting with. Tell me the truth." Her jaw was tight and everything about it stance suggested that she was not going to leave without answers. Not without getting the truth.

So what could Garnet say? How on earth could she really explain any of it? Especially Erinye. And if she lied and said there was a boy then her mother would want to meet him. That was definitely not going to happen.

The look on Garnet's face was very much one of a deer caught in the headlights. She was starting to panic, overwhelmed. In the past 12 hours she had nearly been raped, discovered a fascination with the taste of blood, realized her interest in Erinye, woken up with the girl in her bed, and been told that Erinye had murdered Mark.

Tears began to stream down her face and she hugged her knees to her chest, buring her face against the covers as her body began to shake. It was all too much and she wasn't sure how to cope with it.

"Oh honey. Alright. You don't have to tell me right now. But you do have to clean up in here and get this shirt washed and give it back to... your friend. I don't want to see you wearing it." Beneath the blood and muck it was ripped and had seen better days. Thankfully her mother couldn't see the bullet hole Garnet would later discover, the one that made her breath come in panicked gasps at the thought of Erinye shot.

Garnet shook her head, still not lifting her face, hugging her knees tighter. She wanted somewhere safe, quiet, dark to hide. Somewhere that would keep her from having to explain.

As much as Erinye scared her, she also wanted the pale girl's arms around her again.

She barely noticed as her mother let herself out, dropping the shirt back into the same spot it had been on. The door closed quietly, shutting in the sound of Garnet's sobs.

Garnet's mother let out a pained sigh, wishing she knew what to do for her daughter, how to reach her. It was so out of character, and she had no idea how to deal with it, how to cope. She loved her daughter and wanted all the best for her. Something told her that thoe plans hung by a thread and it left her terrified, unsure what the future would hold for her precious baby girl.

The End

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