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Erinye laid under the soft covers as she desperately tried to read Garnet's reaction. The other girl seemed to be terrified of the idea that Erinye had killed Mark. Something inside however felt comfort in knowing he had breathed his last breath. He would not hurt anyone anymore. Her next question was barely above a whisper. "How did you do it?" Erinye's clam demenour never flinched as she gently ran her fingers alongside Garnet's delicate features.

"People like him are predators, they believe they are the top of the food chain. I'm a very painful reminder there are things out there much more dangerous." Her gaze went from Garnet's trembling hands to her own. For the first time in Erinye's life she felt scared of the truth. She can't tell Garnet what she was, the monster that lurked just beneath her own flesh.

Could she?

She chose her next words carefully, "I'm sorry, I can't tell you just yet." Erinye looked towards the trembling girl. Garnet was already starting to look beneath her ivory mask. The food court was a bad idea, she had used a little too much force a girl of her size. At least Garnet was the only one who realized this.

Garnet finally took in Erinye's body, the young woman was very pale, her body didn't seem like it got much sun. Nor was she abashed about her body as she had abandoned her clothing on the floor. Tattoos also adorned her body and that one shoulder caught Garnet's attention again. The one night Garnet swore there was something underneathe the ink. She reached out cautiously to touch scarred shoulder. She gave Erinye a cautious look before her hand ran across the ink. Erinye said nothing just gave a small nod, she could let this one in. She would try at the very least. Garnets fingers gently brushed over the shoulder, tracing the pattern of the scar. "Where did this come from? Who did this to you?" Garnet cautiously asked. For the first time she saw Erinye tremble at this question.She stammered a response as she backed away from Garnet's touch. She had to ease into this. 

"It still feels like those scars arent' mine. I just look into a mirror and wonder what monster did this to me," Garnet's finger gently moved from the deep groove of the scar tissue and down the inked portion of her arm. Gently tracing the pattern of the paw.

"And these? Why do you have all these tattoos?" Erinye looked at her arm. Each tattoo felt like Erinye was choosing the body she wanted. Her beast echoed this belief with it's own theory. Both girl and beast responded in one.

"With each tattoo, I feel I'm defining myself." Erinye winced as she realized Garnet's body was pure. Unless she had something small covered by her clothing. Unlike Erinye who had completely covered herself in ink. Garnet felt nervous looking at Erinye, as if something about her body made her feel nervous.

"What are you trying to redefine?" Garnet whispered, wondering if maybe this was Erinye's way of reaching out. For the first time, the pale girl reached for the sheets to cover herself as she tried to respond. The girls were interrupted by a rapping at the door, Erinye nearly froze with terror. Her mother got up to this door without her smelling or even hearing her. The cinnamon from garnet was overpowering.

"Garnet, are you ok? Who are you talking to?" Garnet tried to respond as Erinye had already left the bed. Her porcelain figure was already half dressed at this point. The doorknob began to rattle as Erinye looked towards the window. Garnet gestured to the window and gave Erinye a small smile.The pale girl said nothing further as she silently took her leave.

Garnet walked over to the door to let her mother in. Just as the door began to slide open Garnet spied the tank top Erinye wore still on the floor. Her heart almost stopped as her mother stepped inside.

The End

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