Erinye was running through a forest. Trees whipping past her at lightning speeds as she pursued the crimson wolf. The smell of cinnamon keeping her on course of this newcomer. For some odd reason this wolf was surprisingly faster then herself. Positioning herself between the crimson wolf and the rocks to her side. Using the rocks to gain leverage against the crimson wolf, the silver lupine slammed into the newcomer's side.

Both wolves spun to the ground in a flurry of tail and fang. Erinye was overtop of this newcomer and ready to bring her fangs down for the killing bite. A flash of light and a lithe young woman laid under her. Erinye backed off of the kill. Garnet could only stare at her with those same piercing eyes. The same eyes she felt powerless against.

Erinye awoke to the sound of thunder amidst the rainstorm. Gently running her hand over her pale stomach, she noticed her wounds had already healed. The sick scent of tainted flesh hung around the air about her. It was suffocating her as she looked towards the spilled entrails of Mark. His face still stuck in the look of terror as she tore him apart. Getting to her feet in the muddy terrain tempted her to shift to her wolf body however once she got back to the city she would be without her clothing. That was never a good idea as she didn't have any backups stashed about here either. She began to stumble out of the muddy field. Her mind trying to put together the pieces of herself, and of Garnet. Her beast seemed to feel at ease around this girl. The beast hid itself within the recess of her mind. For the first time in ages, Erinye felt lonely. Sniffing at the air she attempted to find that particular scent. She longed to find the cinnamon scent again, to become lost within it. 

She stumbled back into the urban forest. Catching a reflection of herself in a store window she nearly laughed at herself. Her hair was matted and looked almost like a bird's nest. Her clothes were drenched and muddied. These things never really bothered her however the curious looks she was receiving made her feel exposed. She needed to break into a gym and clean herself up. Changing her path towards the gym Erinye decided she could use some warmth above anything else. However the gentle scent of cinnamon began to catch her attention. Erinye sniffed the air with the hidden hopes that this would in fact be Garnet and not just another cinnamon scent. It felt alive, unlike the scent of a bakery. Erinye followed the scent with the dedication only the beast could give her.

Following the scent, Erinye was unaware of her surroundings. The rain beating down around her as she trudged on. Arriving at the house the scent seemed to stop at Erinye took in the majesty of the home. It was the type of home that made Erinye feel quite small, it made her warehouse look even more inadequate. Her beast tried drawing her away from the home. It's teeth gently pulling her away yet she took a step inside. Erinye learned after her gift that even her human body had a gift when it came to sneaking. Moving around to the back of the house, Erinye located an open door. Sneaking inside the scent of cinnamon was stronger. This had to be Garnet's home. A voice caused Erinye to shrink back to the shadows.

An older woman walked into the kitchen, her crimson hair and mannerisms definitely made her to be Garnet's mother. She was on the phone with someone speaking of  things that didn't concern Erinye in the slightest. Trust was something that never came to her quite easily and most adults were too preoccupied with their own lives to take any interest in her own. She had a scent about her that made Erinye very uncomfortable. Her beast pawed the ground again indicating she should flee. For once Erinye shut the voice out and continued to sneak to the source of the scent. She was still unsure as to why she was following this scent, possibly the familiarity of someone who Erinye felt could understand her.

Erinye found the door leading to what she can assume would be Garnet's room. The heavy white door, accompanied by the beautiful glass doorknob. Erinye licked her lips nervously as she attempted to open the doorknob as silently as possible. The door gave way with a soft creak as Erinye slipped inside.

Garnet's room would be nice to any normal girl. Erinye felt as if this room was strange. It felt suffocating to her as if she couldn't blend in. Garnet was already fast asleep in a bed that Erinye could barely believe in comparison to her humble cot. Moving not by her own volition but part of her beast deciding to accept where she was located. Erinye slowly stripped out of her sopping bloody garments and left them on the ground. Slowly plodding to the bed she laid upon the goose down covering. Erinye drew her knees up to her chest and allowed sleep to overtake her. If she could at least have one night where her nightmares wouldn't overtake her. The morning after could be acceptable.

The End

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