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Erinye watched from the shadows as Garnet walked home.  She wondered why she was still drawn to this woman. Her world was something Erinye was not allowed to partake of. 

Then why did she want to go back to that world now? How long has she been on her own now? Garnet seemed different from the other humans, Garnet seemed to look at herself differently. Erinye shivered as she recalled the haunting look in her eyes when she looked at her shoulder. Very few have gotten close enough to tell the tattoo was covering something worse. Erinye remembered when the man offered to tattoo her shoulder for her. She had run to a new city, she was tired and quite cold. He found her at the train yard among the other runaways. Erinye was never sure why he took her home for those days. He fed her, and to help her blend in a bit better he had offered to tattoo the scar for her. 

The next few weeks she had a home, a place to be happy. They had worked out the design together, the first time the needle touched her skin. She nearly yelped in surprise, the quiet laughter of the man confused her. Over time she learned about him as she discovered her own power. He had a family at one point, and then he didn't. Erinye didn't understand why he chose not to speak of those times. The sadness in his eyes made her think twice of asking further. Once the tattoo was complete the artwork made Erinye feel like something was unlocked inside herself. As if the beast had it's own way to show the sheep that she walked among them. The man had given her instructions on when she was done, she had somewhere to go if she wanted it. He could see in her eyes that there was much she needed to do until she wanted a home.

A home?

Erinye scoffed at that concept. A home was for someone who had someone to go home to. She was a hunter and she had a job to do. With an angry howl her beast called her back. The sweet smell of cinnamon was interrupted by something else. She sniffed the air again, taking in the scents of the night. She could smell more then just the cinnamon, alcohol, sweat, passion, and her beast felt a predator was in her midst. 


Erinye nearly laughed at the concept of a predator. She was a monster and to the best of her knowledge. She had no equal in this city. There were signs of others like her and they were a silent force. Erinye spied the source of the new scent. Anger and alcohol belonged to a man in a tussled letterman jacket. Garnet called him Mark and he was quite upset. His speech was slurred and movements were poor. He grabbed Garnet by the shoulder and spun her around. "Hey, we we'rn't done at the mall babe. Come on let's talk!" Garnet pushed him away, a mixture of disgust and pity across her face. Erinye felt relief at her rejection of Mark. 

"Go home Mark, you're drunk. You got beat up by a little goth girl and you're upset. I understand, now go home," Mark didn't seem very happy with that answer as he grabbed her again. Erinye felt as if someone had injected liquid fire into her veins. All she could hear at this point was her beast, the wolf inside demanding blood. 

"Let go of me Mark!" Garnet tried to reach for her mace. However Mark was still the stronger of the two as he kept her hands rigid at her sides. He didn't seem to hear the rustling of the shadows as Erinye circled her prey. She just needed one moment to separate them. She had done this before separating the abuser from the victim. She didn't want Garnet to see she was a monster yet so this kept her hidden. She felt something different in Garnet, a desire to be free, to be left alone from the buzzing of the world. Maybe Erinye could let her inside, into the distorted mess that was her head. He pushed her to the ground, her firey red hair over her eyes. 


Erinye shot through the darkness. Slamming herself into Mark with everything her beast could muster. The man was thrown backwards by the amount of force. He took one look at the fragile goth girl who had laid him out before. There were subtle differences this time. Her eyes almost held their own glow, their greens piercing his. The more intimidating part of this girl were her hands. The massive claws that replaced the ivory flesh he saw last time. Deciding it was time to leave Mark turned tail and ran. Erinye seemed to melt into the shadows as she gave pursuit. Pausing for a moment she saw Garnet laying on the ground as she tried to shake the cobwebs from her head. Part of her ached to make sure Garnet was ok however the beast had a better idea. 

Mark made no attempts to hide himself. His movements were sloppy and his scent tainted the air. Erinye was on him when she decided they were far enough away from Garnet. 

"You bitsh! I'll make you regret evr' hittin me!" He wound up to strike Erinye. She made no attempts to dodge the hit. WIth an uncanny speed she grabbed his arm, and began to crush the bone underneath. WIth a sickening crunch his arm fell limply to his side. A mixture of confusion and fear now tainted the air as he tried to run from Erinye. The beast rejoiced the idea of her new prey for the night. It was still full from the last kill, but who can complain about another meal? Mark had a short lead as her body underwent the change. That was shortly enjoyed as she caught up to him in her wolfgirl form. Erinye preferred that form for the fear she could instill in her prey. Plus the fact she could still talk gave her an added edge over her pure wolf body. She cornered him down an ally, the blood hung thick in the air. It masked the cinnamon smell altogether now. This aggravated her even more. The beast slunk down the concrete ally. Mark sat at the other end laughing. 

"What's so funny? I'm going to kill you for trying to hurt my..I mean Garnet!" Her beast was affecting her judgement. It was time for the kill and retreat, drawing her claws out she grabbed Mark by the leg. Her anger was clouding her judgement. The human was laughing, because he had a gun. There were several loud cracks as he fired the pistol into her body. There was pain, Erinye was very familiar with it. Her body could shrug off a lot of pain. She could heal later because right now she was going to savor this. 

"You're a monster! A god damned monster!" Erinye said nothing further as she began to her work. A swift claw to the stomach left intestines trailing along the ground. He gasped as he limply tried to push the trailing organs back into his stomach with his one good hand. Erinye laughed as she then grabbed that arm and begun to slowly rend the flesh along his arm, leaving both limbs useless. He could do nothing more at this point except laugh at her. Infuriated Erinye decided it was over, rearing up before slamming into his chest. She then sunk her fangs into his neck and began to tear. This time the meat tasted foul, there was nothing in this kill for her. 

Angered Erinye brought her paw down upon Mark's skull, the brittle shell took several hits before shattering. She was upset as this kill didn't seem to sate anything. Realizing the wounds taken to her body during the fight needed to heal. She grabbed the body and begun to drag it somewhere more secluded. She could then feed and heal, afterwards ensure Garnet was ok. 

She was able to drag the body to a small clearing before unconsciousness overtook her. To a world where she was still the same frightened child and the shadow of her beast was looming over. 

Bang your dead...

The End

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