Drawing out the beast.Mature

Erinya dashed through the urban forest. Her beast gave no reason, no purpose, just the desire to run. The eyes of the red haired woman seemed to send the beast into a frenzy. She ran until her legs ached, she reached the warehouse in record time.

Erinye found this warehouse two years ago when she arrived in the city. She gave a small sigh to herself as she pulled the heavy security door to the side and stepped inside. The memories of her old life still tugged at both herself and the beast inside. Memories of  a soft bed, family, a life, these were things both girl and beast felt were alien at this point. After she was given the gift she had chosen to leave her old life behind. Securing the heavy security door she walked past the disused machinery, at one point this used to print books.Erinye had fashioned a makeshift room in the manager office. There were stacks of books left in the warehouse to occupy her time. As well she was able to find suitable arrangements for a bed. Due to the heavy security door this warehouse was often left alone. It made a very suitable haven for Erinye.

Stripping of her bloodstained clothing she tossed the garments into a pile. She realized she needed to visit the laundromat at the mall soon. Erinye grimaced, the mall was the human equivilent of the forest. So many people crowding about. Her beast became very edgy, resulting in a very noticable shift in stance as well as eye color. Hunting was one situation she was at home with. Just being at the mall may have been something just a normal girl can be content with. However Erinye gave that right up ages ago. She allowed sleep to take her within moments of falling onto the mattress.

The Pineview mall was an interesting place on the weekends. Gatherings of every type of people, teenagers, adults, children playing. Erinye disliked being around them. She was wearing a simple pair of black pants and another tank top. Her jet black hair was tied back by a bandana this time. The elderly attendant of the laundromat stared blankly at the pale girl. Erinye gave a piercing gaze to the woman. She felt maybe it was time to allow her laundry to dry on it's own. She slunk over to the counter paid the fee for the attendant. The old woman gave her a nod and no further words.

Erinye disliked people watching her. Her pale skin, the tattoos, and her preference for dark clothing usually left her standing out of the crowd. Feeling her stomach grumble and the desire for meat. Erinye purchased a burger and a glass of water from the food court. The lanky teenage who server her meal could barely mutter more then a few words as he gave her the meal. Hearing the grating sound of several girls giggling she decided to finish her meal then retriver her laundry. As she got up to leave she noticed those piercing eyes again. The girl from the playground? She was with those other girls, she looked quite bored. For some odd reason the compulsion to sit back down returned. Her beast seemed almost content for now.

Watching this girl seems to leave Erinye almost entranced. She seemed just as out of place as Erinye felt. The fact her beast felt almost subdued in the presense of this girl confused Erinye. Part of her wanted to maybe let the beast finally be quiet. Maybe a trace of a normal life could be found.

The hunt was something that Erinye felt was needed. With each life she took part of her was returned as well. The monsters wouldn't hurt any other innocent life when she was done with them. Her reverlie was interrupted when two men sat down with the girls. They seemed unwelcomed as the red haired girl gave the closest man an icey glare. Erinye smelt a scent in the air, a predator? What did her beast feel this man was doing so wrong? Could it be the beast desired the red haired woman as well?

The man in the letterman jacket noticed Erinye was watching the crowd. Laughing as he tapped his friend on the shoulder and pointed directly at Erinye. The next thing Erinye knew she had these fools sitting with her. The man who was annoying the red haired woman was making fun of her. The red haired girl had come to her table as well, "Mark, leave her alone. She just wants to eat in peace." She tried pulling at his shoulder to encourage him to leave. The man named Mark shook his head.

"Nah babe, I wanna see what spooky's hidin' under there." She felt a heavy hand on her shoulder. A growl past Erinye's lips as she pushed the man away.

"Don't touch me!!" She stood from her chair. The silence of her beast being intrigued with this girl was interrupted. Both girl and beast now were quite angry. Mark didn't realize how much trouble he was getting into.

"Come on spooky, just a little peek?" Mark grinned as he reached for her tank top. Erinye was far too fast for such a sluggish move. Side stepping his hand she leaned into a punch that sent the man crashing to the ground.

"I said don't touch me!!" Erinye noticed her voice had taken a more feral aspect as caught her reflection. Her eyes were a bright green a sign the beast was struggling to break free. The red haired girl noticed something different as well. Erinye quickly vanished from the food court, the red haired woman attempting to pursue this newcomer.

Erinye knew she needed to leave. Her beast was fighting for control. The attack was a sign of this and more likely the broken jaw she just gave was going to be questioned. As she rounded the corner she felt a soft hand grab her shoulder. Rearing up to deliver another attack she realized the red haired woman had caught up to her. The faint smell of cinnamon should have clued her in, she reserved her next words. As to not scare her new encounter. 

"I'm sorry about that, Mark is," she paused for a moment as she decided to choose the best word, "not sure how to handle himself sometimes. That was a nice punch!" She grinned as she reached out a hand. Erinye gave a puzzled look as the girl drew her hand back.

"Umm I'm Garnet. Listen about the playgr-" She was cut off as Erinye replied.

"Erinye, my name is Erinye."

The End

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