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A slender woman stood alone in the Pine Ridge mall. Most take a single look at the slender goth girl and pass on. Erinye preferred it that way, she didn't like having to blend in, hiding like the rest of the cattle. She wore a set of heavy baggy pants; several different pockets on the heavy pants. Two heavy chains were strewn across her hips, linking to her knees. She wore a simple tank top, black with a band logo.  This allowed her tattoos to be completely visible. She ran a hand gingerly across a shoulder where three deep scars danced along her shoulderblade; it always hurt right before the change.

A memory of the night she got that scar flashed through her mind; along with the belief nobody will never cause a scar on her again. She only recently found out how useful tattooing can be in respects to hiding those scars from the world. Now her shoulder resembled a wolf raking a paw against her shoulder, the scars long since covered with ink. She heard the rumors of a gross monster in this mall.

Erinye wasn't a monster by definition, she only hunted those who were dumb enough to fall into her hunting ground. Those who preyed on others, they wouldn't be missed. Her own beast stirred within, it let a simple howl out into her world. She knew he was here. This would be his last night, she smirked to herself.

Good..I'm hungry

Erinye walked past her quarry's shop again, he was a fat, balding middle aged man. She had gotten his scent several days ago, he had one of his employee's cornered in the back room. She was unsure of what had transpired before she had "accidently" stumbled into the employee only area but at that point, her beast demanded he be her next prey.  She had watched him for two days now, and her bloodlust was starting to make her edgy, last night was almost enough to send her into a frenzy. She had returned to the mall to watch her prey, and that scent hung in the air.

It taunted her

It mocked her

Something bad happened here!

Deciding that tonight would be the night; she watched his movement very carefully. Her beast was on edge already. The hairs on the back of her neck rose as the mall began to file out. Her beast began to scrape it's paws against the ground. Erinye could feel it's anger. There was nothing else at this point, but the sweet kill.

Erinye fell back to the shadows for now. Security would be doing it's sweep soon, and she needed to avoid that. At this point; her hunt was down to a routine. The only one who would know about her was to be the one she was going to kill. Erinye sat patiently as the security completed the sweep of the floor; her prey was still inside. Now was her chance! Leaping over the side of the railing she made her way to the retail store. Gently pushing the door open a crack she slipped inside.

Now the real fun begins, Erinye felt her presence being pushed to the passenger side as her beast began to take the wheel. There was no beauty, no grace in the event that was about to happen. The pudgy man walked out of the back room; taking notice of Erinye he grinned as he put the boxes down.

"Now now, do we have a shoplifter? Girlie I don' t know how you got in here. However you can't just stroll out of here. I'll have to check you over first. She felt him put his grubby hands on her shoulders. She said nothing as he pushed her to the counter; at this point. There were no words to be said. She felt his hands grabbing her leg at first; amongst other places. The beast began to let the change commence; never noticable at first. As he began to check if she had anything concealed around her hips; the beast reached out for the cash register. With a swift motion, Erinye grabbed the edge of the till and brought it backwards with a swift motion. The register smashed against the man's face with a sickening crunch as he fell backwards. Getting to his feet he began sputtering a variety of profanity. The beast didn't care; he was nothing more then meat.

"You miserable little brat! I was going to just have a little fun, now you went and pissed me off!" He spat a mixture of blood and spittle as he got to his feet. Erinye growled as the beast began to manifest itself; bones breaking and reshaping. Muscles developing; the baggy pants she wore previously were now quite defined. Her pale skin began to grow silver fur, her face contorting with pain as her jaw cracked itself only to reform as a canine. The man fell backwards again as he attempted to waddle away. Erinye finally spoke, the speech muddled but purpose quite clear.

"Run, scream, beg, beg for your fat little life!" Erinye growled as she stood between the manager and the door. She had done this before. Every time one of these monsters finally realize they're nothing more then a little fish in a very big pond. They break down; begging will follow. They always believe begging will make her spare their sad little lives.

"Please, I have a family." He blubbered as he tried to put distance between her. Erinye sensed the movement; she slammed her body into the man. Both beast and pig tumbled to the ground. Erinye sunk her claws into his shoulders. The man screamed in pain as the scent of blood began to waft the air.

"Family? Do you think that girl had a family? Did she beg you the same way you are now to stop?" She didn't allow the man to respond as she raked her claws along his arms, rending flesh to ribbons, tearing sinew,  blood began pooling around them. The man screamed in agony. A second swipe of her claws across the man's face rendered him capable of very little more then incoherent mumbling.

Erinye was lost to bloodlust at this point. She could feel this man's heartbeat. It fluttered as his blood spilled out on the ground, it was time. She bit down at the jugular, an explosion of warm blood splashed her face. She tore into the vital vein with reckless abandon. She could feel the heartbeat crawling to a stop as the body gave out. She savored the final moments of the kill. Erinye felt the beast, now happy with the kill crawl back into it's cage.

Her body began to revert back to it's human form; thankfully the mixture of wolf and human body didn't rend her clothing too badly. Although she realized her clothing was covered in his blood.

Quickly spiriting herself away. Erinye made her way to the bathroom; cleaning herself as quickly as possible she was thankful the black clothing did wonders to hide the telltale blood stains. Slipping out the back of the mall she began the quiet walk home. Her beast was sated there were no desires, just silence.

Erinye came to an abrupt stop as she felt a new presence creeping into her subconscious. Something she had not felt before. The beast didn't seem very interested but Erinye felt a desire to investigate for herself. Slipping through the playground to where she felt the presence. She noticed the red haired woman staring out into space. Every instinct told her to get back yet the only thing Erinye could do was stand there. She cleared her throat in the hopes it would get her attention. The young woman turned around and stared at Erinye with a gaze that almost felt like she was staring through her.

What was she doing? Erinye couldn't figure out why she was drawn here; however her desire to find out was not going to allow her to make a move just yet.

The End

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