A devastating plot from a wicked Demoness is already taking place. Reign, chaos and despair. Amidst all this a girl, holding in her hands the fate of heaven, hell and earth. Will Mina be able to survive in a world that darkness looks even a daylight?

Many are those who do not believe in angels. That they are creatures of fantasy and nobody has ever seen them and the same for demons. Life though, sometimes can give you some bad, really bad twists in the long run. Shortly before everything began, when I was nothing more but a simple girl, I do not remember anything other than a twenty-one year old sad  face with green eyes and brown hair. My mother had been killed in an car accident a few days after my birth or so I was told. As for my father, I hated him. He was a drinker and the drink was the only thing that interested him. I was as a slave to fulfil his needs. “Mina the TV...  Mina my clothes.” That was my father and since I mentioned it, Mina was my name. I was free to do anything I wished but I had a freedom that no one would ever want to have.

I lied on my bed and tried to relax. Right in the center of my back for weeks now I had a sharp pain. I had just returned from the last lesson of the exams. How much I wished to have left that monster I was supposed to call father! Sleep did not take long to get me and back then I wish I had never slept.

I dreamed of a man with black long hair and blue eyes. He was tall and stocky, wearing a long leather cape until just below the knees. I felt my heart beating slowly.He was standing there in front of me having such a blank look. “Mina”, he spoke to me. My blood froze and I was thrown like crazy out of bed. “It was a dream”, I said to myself. I looked at the clock and it was 3 AM.

 I had slept most of day but I decided to pick up the keys of my Kawasaki bike from the 90s and leave. I needed to take a ride to forget what just had happened in my dream.

The road was desolate on the way I decided to visit my best friend. The only one I had for a long time now. He was about my age with curly blond hair and the most magnificent green-blue eyes I’ve ever seen. I was about to reach his house when suddenly in a very short distance I saw again the same man from my dream in the middle of the road. This all happened so fast. I was frozen from fear and slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting him. I ended up laying on the asphalt and he… he just disappeared. As for my bike it had landed on some stone poles. I was dizzy and totally freaked out.

I felt someone helping me up gently and slowly as I was falling into his hug.

“Mina, are you OK!? It’s me, Jake, calm down”.

I hugged him tight. He was my best friend, the one I mentioned before.

“I, I am di… dizzy”.

“Come dear, I will take you upstairs”.

We went upstairs and he laid me on the couch. He offered me some water and I drank it immediately.

“What on earth were you thinking slamming the brakes without reason huh ? Nobody was in front of you”.

“But…”, was the only word I was able to speak. I started to cry.  I had delusions and dreams, what was happening to me?!

I needed to drink a glass of vodka so we could say I had calmed down a bit. Until the morning, poor Jake stayed with me and I could barely speak all night.

“Go home, you need some rest. I will call you a cab and as for the bike I will take care of it”, said Jake.

I hugged him so tight as if I were about to lose him forever.

I went upstairs in my room and sat on my favorite wooden chair in the window. I heard him again calling my name.

“Get out of my life”!!

I run down and picked up the cigars and the Martini from my father. I locked down the door and started drinking. I took my first smoke and I almost choked completely, “gross”!! I thought to myself. And like all that wasn’t enough my back was killing me in that very spot!!

It was 10 AM and I was downing half the bottle of alcohol. I called Jake and he picked it up immediately. He heard my messy voice and asked me what’s going on. The only thing I answered for him was, “Please come, hurry!” Half an hour later someone knocked on my door.

“Leave me alone old man! Cigars are mine now go take new ones”!

“It’s me, open dear”.

It was Jake. I opened the door and I sat in my bed again with my eyes red from tiredness and crying while the cigar was burning slowly in my hand as the smoke filled the room. “Since when did you start smoking”? He looked over the bottle. “And drinking”? He sat next to me.

“Look, all these years we have been friends and almost like siblings, I never ever asked you one thing to do for me but now, yes”, she said.

“I would do anything for you Mina and you do know that”, Jake said.

“I am asking you only to believe me. The crash wasn’t an accident”, I replied.

He wore the most enigmatic,and strange face and his eyes locked on mine.

“Tell me you didn’t wished to kill yourself did you”?

“I so wished it was this but it’s not”.

I explained everything to him, even the strange pain.

“I am not crazy! I heard him… I seen him twice”!

“Look, I am not saying you’re lying to me but this is something I’ve heard for the first time in my life”.

I felt like he wasn’t believing me and he had every right not to. Everything was abnormal and especially in my life.

“But I do promise you that I will let NO ONE ever harm you, not even the devil himself”, he tried to assure me.

And so the next day suddenly the pain in my back stopped and that kept up until next Friday. That man didn’t shown up again and both me and Jake seemed to have forgotten about it. We started to go out for walks and drinks and found reasons for laughing again but all these soon were about to end… everything was about to change.

The following Friday after I had a warm refreshing cup of coffee to wake up I seen from my window the postman leaving an envelope at the mailbox. I run outside to see. Not many people sent mail to us so I got curious. The outside of the envelope had the title: Exam Results. My heart was racing from agony and fear but with some excitement. As I opened it with trembling hands I looked at the list of those who had been accepted. It read: Mina Lois- Accepted- University Hambork of Ireland. I was close to passing out from happiness. My first reaction was to jump all over the place, laughing unable to believe what I was reading. Finally! I would be going away from the man I called “father”!

My Father was not always like that. I did remember that he was working every day and when he came back home I had a different gift each time before they fired him from the job. How much I was missing those good old moments. Everything came to an end when he started drinking and all things turned dark, lifeless, cold, and spooky in the house. The reasons why he started drinking I never learned of. Sometimes he could not even recognizing me. Sometimes people change and so do their feelings of each individual.

I threw my coffee, grabbed my bike and went to Jake’s house to surprise him. When he opened the door I jumped in his arms to hug him and almost knocked him down from the force. He laughed and asked me what had happened, still trying to wake up, with his hair styled like a hedgehog.

“GUESS!!”, I beamed at him. “Or even better! READ!!”

I gave him the envelope and relaxed on the couch.

“University Hambork of Ireland?”, He looked into my eyes and wore the most magnificent wide smile he could.

“Congratulations my dear!!!”, He laughed loudly.

“I still can’t swallow it!!”

“And when are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow evening if possible, you know the reason”.

“Yes”. And he went silent a bit sadly.

“I will come also. Here there is nothing left but you”.

“But are you sure? And if that weirdo comes again…? I can’t afford to hear you getting hurt”.

“I would feel the same. That’s why I am coming with you”.

We had a small disagreement because I didn’t want him to get hurt from anything but he also felt the same for me. Eventually though he managed to convince me and off the record I did want him to come also, despite my crankiness. The same night we went out for a drink and by all means we had THE MOST fun celebrating. We didn’t get home till the sun started to rise.

The next morning I found both of us sleeping on two different couches. The next two days we were packing up and I ended up carrying four big travel bags. We came to the conclusion that the bike were best to travel through the transport company. The price would be paid from Jake to help me with the economic problems. Sigh… He was so kind hearted that he really was making me happy. The flight on the plane, even though it lasted a few hours, was joyful enough because we was speaking of all those great moments we were about to experience.

“Ireland!”, I said and laughed going far from the chaos of New York. As for my father, oh well, I left him a letter saying only two words. “I left”,  and this was the only thing he was worth to know about me. Nothing more, nothing less. But what we were about to experience soon and especially me, nobody would ever be able to believe.

The End

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