Through the Eyes of a VampireMature

A vampires struggle to control her paranormal and fulfil her want... to become vegetarian.

The thumping music made the blood ripple in my veins. The voices of the hundreds of people in the room merged together to create one big buzz. I clutched at my ears, trying to concentrate. It was Jimmy’s voice that pulled me out of it.

“Liv?” he asked. The sound of concern lingered in his voice. I looked up. “You okay?” I nodded as I came to my senses. “Here,” he offered pushing a pint glass over to me, “Have a drink.” I took a sip of the ice cold liquid and inhaled sharply as it trickled down my throat. The hands that had been crushing my head, released their grip. My head snapped up and a grin spread uncontrollably across my face.

“Let’s dance,” I said, continuing to grin like a psychopath. I grabbed his arm and dragged him over to the dance floor. Jimmy danced like a moron on ecstasy. Luckily for me, however, I had not touched the stuff, even after Jack had pulled the clear plastic packet from his pocket earlier that evening. Disastrous consequences would have followed if I had, and I would have to leave again; start fresh. After a few tracks, the noise became extraordinarily loud, almost unbearable, then it muffled again. Suddenly, everything seemed to slow down, but I was till moving at a regular pace. I could feel the bass from the current song pulsing through me. I turned, but everything seemed to stay in its place. A wave of nausea passed over me. I began to stagger forwards and heard some screams as I must have run into some people. As I passed through the doors to the toilets, everything became normal once more. I buckled over and smashed into a cubicle, then vomited down the pan.


Outside the nightclub, I could feel the fangs protruding from my gums. Soon, the pain became unbearable and the transformation inevitable. I cried out in pain as I began to stagger through the alleyway and away from the nightclub. My nostrils flared as I inhaled the sweet scent of blood. I continued to wobble through the streets of Cardiff city centre and into the suburbs. The gothic style clothing blew behind me in the breeze. As I reached my street, I noticed Ian McGregor out walking his dog. First Blood, I smirked. I continued to walk, the lights shining from the houses danced on my skin. As I reached McGregor, I inhaled the scent of his blood; it was reminiscent of coconuts and chocolate, an odd scent for a man, but it was appetising. When it mixed with the scent of his canine companion, the combination became mouth-watering. Tasty, I thought. I carried on walking, watching him out of the corner of my eye, and as I drew closer, I turned into the shadows of two houses, and waited. So far, he hadn’t appeared to notice me. It seemed that the advantages of being a Vampire were paying off. Soon, he came past me, looking straight ahead, oblivious to the danger that threatened him. I whipped out from the shadows and stalked him. Nearby, a twig snapped. Shit, I thought, a distraction. McGregor turned around. His eyes widened in terror. He gasped. It was time. I lunged forward and grabbed at his throat. As I lifted him above me like a trophy his face twisted into hideous shapes and forms; vile gurgling sounds clicked from the back of his throat; his temples began to throb; his eyes bulged from his head. I tightened my grip around his throat, but he simply refused to give up. Eventually, I lost patience; someone was bound to notice me, so I threw him against a wall. A loud thud echoed down the street and a light turned on in the house he had landed against.

Shit! I thought. I strutted over to the body and picked him up. The dog was still standing there by his owners’ side, whimpering pathetically. McGregor was out cold. This was no fun!

“Oh well,” I thought aloud. I leaned in towards his neck and licked at the area I was about to bite. The smell hit me. It was so strong. I bore my fangs and plunged them deep into his skin. The blood flowed freely from the punctures and it crashed down my throat in torrents. I savoured every millilitre. A few minutes later, I licked the wounds to gather up any remaining juice. Then I heard the sound of a car nearby. McGregor’s dog began to bark wildly. I panicked. The car swung down the street, headlights illuminating the area. At the same time a shadow appeared behind the window of the house. McGregor’s body was now slumped against. I laughed, quietly. Ironically, it was his own. He had got the home death he had always talked about. The headlights drew closer. I could hear Mrs McGregor rattling the door and calling something about “Keys!” Blundering with tiredness, I fumbled around in McGregor’s pockets searching for some keys, and found one on a bundle. I hurried round the back of the house, just in time for the Mini not to catch me in its headlights glare. I wiped my mouth and took a look at the keys, then at the lock on the back door. I tried to work out which key was the correct one, as I did not want to cause too much commotion. That would ruin the fun. It was comical to see the look of surprise on their faces when I appeared before them. I found the right key and let myself in. I hurried over to the sink and wiped some water down my face. I could hear Janes’ footsteps as she returned from poking her head out the door. Clearly she had missed the leg that I had accidentally left sticking out from the side of the house. She quickly pottered into the lounge, and then appeared again with a mug in hand. She looked vaguely worried through the distorted glass of the kitchen door. As she entered the Kitchen and set the mug down next to the sink, she raised her hands and smothered her face with them, then she set her hands on her thighs. She looked up and her eyes widened when she saw me:

“Olivia!” she cried, “Why are you…? Where’s…? What’s happening!? The house just shook a few minutes ago, I can’t see anything outside. I can’t see Ian! and this is a straight street! Did -” I was savouring every second of her panic. I couldn’t help but smirk.

“Ian’s dead, Jane,” I said matter-of-factly. Janes’ hand flew up to her mouth in preparation to scream, but before the words could come out, I was next to her with my hand clamped tightly across her mouth. Muffled squeals remained trapped inside her wide open orifice.

“Now, now, Jane. We wouldn’t want to frighten the children would we?” I said, and she soon quietened down. “That’s better. Now,” I continued lowering my voice to little more than a murmur, “Are you ready to die?” Her scream continued to resound in my ears as I climbed the stairs and headed to the children’s bedroom.


The next thing I knew, I’m sitting in a car. It wasn’t mine. It was a Mini. Probably the same one that had almost caught me in the act of murdering Ian McGregor. The mood lighting in the interior of the car began to get on my nerves and I tightened my grip on the steering wheel. I took a quick glance down the front of me. It was covered in deep red blood. My eyes snapped back to the road. My house soon loomed up ahead of me. It was then I noticed the lump in the back of the car. A figure, grossly disfigured in face and body shape, was hunched up on the back seat. I couldn’t recognise it. I swung the car into the drive and turned off the engine. A sudden wave of anger came over me and I smashed my fists into the dashboard. The glass shattered and the steering wheel crumpled, but I remained unhurt. I got out the car and left the door open, then strode over to the front door. I kicked it down in rage and pain, and the blue and green glass in the wooden and steel frame shattered and tinkled to the floor. I sprung over the door and spun round on my heels screaming:
          “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! I DIDN’T ASK FOR IT! JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!” My blood seemed to boil beneath my skin and kicking and screaming, I ran round the house leaving a path of destruction wherever I passed. The expensive, antique vase fell to the floor with an almighty crash and bits of kitchen counter and appliances along with furniture flew through windows and blew holes in the walls and it pulled most of the downstairs apart, constantly ignoring the pain consuming me. I just stood there glowering at everything that stood before me and suddenly it all burst into flames. Finally, I blacked out. I couldn’t take it any more.


I woke up. Daylight was pouring in through the window. I had no idea what time it was, or what day. I had no recollection of what had happened to me before now, to make me feel so rough. The room was freezing! It was then I realised that the window was smashed and the cold air from outside was rushing in. I tried to sit up, but something tugged at my hair and it stuck to the pillow. I pulled it away with my hands, leaving a few strands behind, then turned around to see what had caused me to stick. My head only had to turn a little before… A body lay next to me. Well, most of it. Blood covered the body, the pillow, the sheets, me. My nostrils flared and I let out a scream at the same time. The body, or what was left of it, lay sprawled out across the bed. It was my boyfriend, Jay. He was naked except for a small slither of sheet respectfully covering his more private parts. But the horror was not yet over. Where his head should have been, a stump now was. Dried blood had created strawberry lace like slithers across the remains of his neck. A few metres from the bed lay his head. Amazingly, after all that had happened, he still looked peaceful. I couldn’t take it all in. I let out a slightly pathetic sob. I buried my head in my hands, lifted it again and let out an ear piercing shriek. Why!? Why did this happen to me?! It all came flooding back. And then I realised. After explicitly refusing the ecstasy that Jack had offered me, however many nights ago it was now, Jimmy must have slipped some into the beer that he offered me to clear my head. That fucking drink was the source of this entire catastrophe. That was when it all started. Goddammit! A tear rolled down my cheek. I stepped out of bed and trod on the glass as I made my way to the other side of the room. As I knelt down next to Jays head, my knees cracked. I picked up the head and held it in my arms. I closed his eyes, and held his head for a few moments. His body was cold so he had been dead a few days. The tears continued to stream down my face. I carried his head over to the bed and set it down in its rightful place.

“I’m so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen…”

I bent over and kissed his forehead, then walked away.


In the Living Room, which was now no longer living, trashed beyond repair, I sat down on one half of the torn apart sofa and stared at my feet. Contemplating a plan of action was surprisingly easy. I knew I couldn’t stay in Cardiff. Maybe even Wales! They would come looking for me. Whoever “they” were. I was long gone before they came, all I knew was that they were the ones who came and wiped it all away. As though it had never happened. This was my second strike. I would get a letter any day soon. I had made up my mind. I’d go to Italy. Hide with the Volterra. Get them to change me into a proper Vampire. Being a half blood was killing me. The decision was made. I sniffed and picked myself up from the sofa and walked out the door… The haunting end of Farther Away which I had put on a few minutes ago played as I walked away from my life for the second and final time… I had to be vegetarian. And my destiny beckoned.

The End

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