Through the Eyes of a Monster, Chapter II

 Chapter II,
Let's Just Say a Long Time After

I looked up from my book, out the window. The sky was a dark blue and the stars twinkled in the moonlight. It was only five, but where I lived, that was considered night time. Hopefully, all the residents in the small town of Summerville would be in bed. I hoped. But if they weren't my plan would crash down on my shoulders.

    My feet carried my body to my bedroom where I grabbed a coat and slipped on my Uggs, then I found myself slipping out the door and into the darkness. My home.


    A scream erupted from the stranger as I broke into her house and my eyes found hers. They were a lavender purple, a very unusual color. She gasped as I ran across the room at an inhuman speed.

    I opened my mouth to reveal long fangs, which I hoped would frighten her even more.

"Please, don't hurt me!"
She pleaded as tears burst out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry."
I smiled sarcastically and laughed as her eyes widened in horror as I sunk my teeth into her neck and searched for a vein.

The End

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