Through the Eyes of a Monster

Rebecca awoke shuddering, her breathing rough with terror. She pulled her damp sheets up on her petite body and shut her eyes. She tried to remember what her dream had been about, but she could only remember one thing: in the horrid nightmare, she had asked to be turned into a monster.

Climbing down the old wooden stairs that led to the first floor, Beck shook her head and kept reasurring herself that monsters didn't exist. That it was just a product of her imagination. And finally after a zillion seconds of argueing with the crazy side of Miss Mark, Rebecca knew that monsters were part of a fantasy tale.

While walking to the kitchen to get cereal, she passed the full length mirror that was hung on the wall next to her family portrait. She often stood looking at her reflection, but as she was not one to boast, constantly told herself that she looked like everyone else did and that she was not beautiful.

So, she did what she did all the time, she looked in the glass. There she was. But it wasn't her, it really was, but it didn't look a thing like her. The woman had long brown hair, but Rebecca had made sure that her locks had only been past her shoulders. The lady, also had pale skin, but yesterday, her skin had been as dark as the night.

While finding out these small changes, Miss Mark almost didn't see the most obvious difference between her refelction. Her eyes.

They were a rich crimson, not chocolate.

In that moment, Beck realized that her nightmare had not been just a dream. It had been real, she had actually turned into a monster. She was a demon now.

Rebecca Mark was a vampire.

The End

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