Through the Bloodied Rain

War's (of the Four Horsemen) life. A sort of character experiment, thus why I'm making this collaborative. Characters are from my story, Bayacrux.

My first memory of my last life was first stepping into the kingdom of Pomef.

The kingdom was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, much more so than my hometown of Sprout. The cat statues, the fountains of crystal clear water, and the king himself, Shed. Shed was around thirteen years old, and he had taken over when his father died. Of course, the kingdom was ruled by someone else and Shed was just a figurehead until he was old enough to be king on his own. But I didn't know that. I just admired Shed as a shining example of what every human should be: powerful, commanding, and not afraid to kill. The last part was the most important. The kingdom of Pomef had a strict death penalty policy for crimes such as treason, and 'WANTED' posters were up all around the city.

After my father took my hand and led me back to the entrance of Pomef on our last day, I stared up at the castle where Shed lived. The sunset shined pink light on the bricks of the castle and a thought passed through my head that would rule the rest of my actions for years to come-

This will be mine.

The End

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