Waking Up

John woke up to the glaringly bright sun in his eyes. He slept on an old cot, left over from the previous world, in an old and abandoned warehouse- this, too, was left over from the previous world. John's stomach growled at him, telling him he was hungry. It had been two days since his last meal. With a yawn, he stood up and stretched, and grabbed his handmade spear. It was time to hunt again.

Hunting was particularly difficult in this new world. It was hard to find edible food around these parts, and even then, it was usually just mutated plants or insects. John brought his spear along for protection, and if he got lucky, to score a small deer-like creature.


The door of the old ware house creaked noisily open, and John winced at the grinding sound, hoping no prey was scared off in the process.

He looked out into a meadow of tall, green, five-foot grasses. The sky was a greenish, blue color, which was now the natural thing for New Earth. He breathed in a deep breath of air, but it couldn't exactly be called fresh. There was a residue, or a trace, of the old, polluted air from the Before Times.

If inhaled too much, it could kill anything. Luckily, this was only a very small trace. No where near as bad as in other parts of the world.

The End

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