Through New Eyes

****This is just a new start on my previous story, A Journey at the End...****

600 years after the apocalypse, John is just discovering the real world. **It may get confusing, and believe me, I'll probably get confused while writing this, too. So, forgive me if it's really confusing.
It will switch between the story of John, and me kind of forgetting about the actual story line, and just explaining some things to you, or kind of "talking" with you... If that makes sense...
This almost goes along with the movie 2012, a teensy bit of Avatar, and a few traits from the Journey to the Center of the Earth, too. I hope you enjoy this.
**FYI: t



You would say that it's 2612, approximately six hundred years after the apocalypse. The few humans left are still adjusting to the thirty-six hour days. The seasons are off; it now takes four years to go through four seasons. Due to the End of the World, life is different for us. Animals and humans both have mutated into different life-forms all together, no longer recognizable. Vegetation habits are no longer what they were.

You would think that after six hundred years, we would have adjusted and re-learned all that we knew before. Wrong. We are just beginning to adjust and adapt after the devastation of our planet.

In the stories we tell our children at night, it is said that the End was predicted. According to these silly legends, these people were called the Mayans. It is said that they're calendar ended on 12/21/12. I don't know what to call this date, other than Twelve, Twenty-One, Twelve- the numbers that this represents. Many feared that this would be the end of the world.

Was it the end? Or was it just the beginning?

The End

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