place of solitude

The path was neglected, uneven and consumed by wild bushes. They looked like they were trying to grab my ankle with their finger like branches. Deep in the heart of heart of the wood there's a lake. At far corner of the lake there was a large oak tree, this is where I come to escape reality. The lake looks magical, with the sunlight squeezing through the branches twinkle on the top of the water. The calling of birds to each other makes life seem tranquil.

I sat on the floor leaning on a fallen down down tree, I could stay here forever, just leave my life behind but I knew I could never leave my mum behind on her own she's hopeless by her-self. I got my sketch book out of my bag and pencils and started to draw a tall dark haired boy carrying a small girl out of the woods. I had many drawings of this boy. I met him this boy I can't remember when, where, nor why, but when I imagine him I feel safe, loved but also frightened for my life.

I heard a twig snap behind where I was sitting, I gasped and froze still where I was. No please not Paul, please don't let him see me with a tear streaked face,He''ll take advantage of me.

“oh '.sorry I didn't to frighten you, I see you down here a lot, so I thought I'd come and see if you were ok” I relaxed a little when I head the low husky voice which belonged to Caspian. He came and sat next to me I was too afraid to look at him, to let him know I was crying. “you're good at drawing my I have a look?” I nodded and handed him the sketch pad, my hand kept shaking I couldn't control it. As he flicked threw my sketchpad I sneaked a chance too look at him, he was soo pale but it might have been because of the cold weather, but something inside me knew it wasn't because of that.

He kept flicking threw the pad as spoke his eyes never leaving the pictures “ you draw this boy a lot why?” He said softly as if any louder I would have screamed.

“I'm not sure but when I think of him I feel safe and that everything will ok silly but it's the truth” I said in a shaky voice, he turned and smiled sincerely showing his white, straight teeth. He said sweetly “No it's not silly it's a nice thing” He swepped away a tear that was sliding down my face, I blushed under the touch of his finger and looked at the floor. “so please don't cry, your eyes sparkle when you smile”

The End

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