As I pit the Key in the door, my mum opens it for me. She grabs me into a hug when I take the key out of the door and shut it. “Oh my poor baby are you ok tell me everything” Why does everybody do this? I'm sure Mrs Marlowe has informed her everything already.”I'm fine mum but you're suffocating me” She lets go automatic, I go for the stares and she just stares at me.I took a deep breathe to make sure I sound very convincing “I'm fine mum really It's a good job Caspian was there” I give her a faint smile that always wins her over.


“oh yes what a nice boy” I knew I had convinced her I ran up stair threw my bag on my bed and got changed I wore my favourite knee length skirt, it is black, red chequered skirt it had a little black hemming underneath, my red t-shirt and my long black coat. I grabbed my sketch pad and pencils.


I go down the stairs and I clear my throat to get my mum's attention she turns around on the couch “oh are you off out don't be black late ok?” she says very carefully making sure I'm going to be safe.


“ I know mum thanks love you” I say in the most happiest voice I can manage. I leave the house as quick I as I could trying to hold the tears back.

The End

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