As I walked through the school reception I spotted Keya, she is my best friend from primary school. She's the complete opposite from me, she's tall, slim, long flowing blond hair. Crystal blue eyes, full lips and always surrounded by boys falling over her.


“Izzie my sweet how are you? I heard what happened” Keya said running over to me grabbing me into a hug, I simple nodded when she let go of me “well come on let go home, I want to know everything about this cute boy you were with” Typical Keya, most popular girl in the school and she still hasn't changed always thinking about boys. But she's always been there for me even though were very different.


“Well this morning Paul, Sam, Rich, Tom and Alex followed me on my way to school. So I took the long route to school you know the one the one were not supposed to go I down, I was hoping they wouldn't follow. But they did they didn't they carried on flowering. But no-one was around, so I started running but I don't know why I was so scared” I stopped and look up at Keya to see is she was ok Keya just looked ahead and smiled “go on” she encouraged me.


I took a deep breathe “Well they ran after me, Paul grabbed me from behind, and slammed me a wall-”, Keya interrupted me she grabbed me and started shaking me “STOP, STOP RIGHT THERE” I forgot Keya and Paul were in a serious relationship, they had been together for 14 months.

“Paul wouldn't do that, he promised me he would leave you alone. You must have got in wrong” By this point she was shaking, tear flowing down her cheek. She was staring at me as if I was a new life force from space.


I removed her hands off me, with a lot of effort and put a tissue in her right arms. Carefully placed her arms by her side, I was to scared if I did anything wrong she might explode. “I...I em have to go now? She just nodded and turned the corner to her house. Oh no what have I done I'm sure either Paul will kill me for this , or Paul will twist Keya round and then they both will come looking for me.

The End

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