I get to school and everyone is stared at us, and Caspian well he just stared back until they felt uncomfortable and looked away. A boy puts his leg out and I tripped over the leg, I closed my eyes in anticipation of hitting the cold stone floor. But it never comes I open my eyes to find out Caspian had cached me, “now don't fall I don't think cold cope with another fall” He lifted the corner of his lips into a crooked smile. I just stared at him in amazement, why was he helping me? How did he catch me? Normal people laughed and walked away and leave me,”thank you” I said breathlessly .

He took me to the Pastoral Managers office, where we had to write out a statement on what happened. I couldn't stop shaking, Mrs Marlowe was a little shocked at first but she always had the look of understanding in her eyes that always managed to calm me down. Mrs Marlowe was tall, brown spiky hair. However Mrs Crystal was the complete opposite of her, she was small long black hair, caramel skin and wide eyed, that seemed to dance when she smiled. She was full of life, yet at times I felt more mature then her and she was almost patronizing.

For the rest of the day I didn't see Caspian it turns out he's in the year above me. The way he looked at me reminds of how a panther looks at his prey,wondering should he toy with it? Eat straight away? Ignore it? Or learn to love it? I shook me head NO! I will not let let my-self think of him like that, but one ting I am sure of Caspian is different and he's dangerous but why am I drawn to him? And why do I have the feeling we have met before? Only time will tell.

The End

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