As I walk down the lane, I am aware that five boys from my school are following me i can feel there presence behind me. I go for the longer route to school hoping that they would not follow because of the rumours of rape. This was a bad idea because they kept following me and no-one was around. I started to run but one of the boys, paul grabed me from behind and slammed me into a wall, I gasped as the pain seeped through out my body as Paul, Rich, Alex, Tom and Sam started to laugh as they surounded me, there was no way out.

"Well, well, well arnt we lucky to bump into you this morning ? how's are little dweeb doing Hmmmm? ya see I'm not in a good mood this morning so I really need need to get rid of this tension before schooll"Sam said you could almost taste the venom they started sniggering, Tom pulled my bag me off me and emptied on the floor while pouring my drink on my bag. I couldnt do or say anything I was too scared to move, i didnt know what was going on I didnt want think about what they were doing all I knew was the pain was unbarable and this is bad.

Out of no where I heard a vioce i had not heard in a long time " Get the hell away from her!" it was a low husky growl" they boys turned away to see who said this and my knees gave in and I fell to the ground. "What do you want Casper cant ya see were busy?" At this the boys chimed at Sam's aragance. the boy spoke calmy this time but you could it was still a growl " Get lost and you'll never know" Who was this boy? and what did he want with me?

Rich lunged for him but the boy move out of Richs way and punched him in the chest, he fell to his knees trying to catch a breath. Sam went to grab him from behind but he duct and Sam landed on top of Richs  crumpled form. the other boys helped them up and ran away.

He started to walk towards me I was soo scared I  huddled my-self in a corner and started to cry what did he want I dont understand? He picked all my belonings and placed them in my bag, he knelt down beside me and put his hand on my right shoulder "They have ran off whimps, its safe now  Iwont hurt you, My names caspian" I could almost here the smug grin on his face. I looked up at him and gasped at his beauty. He had smouldering blues eyes, full lips, wonderful stucured face and shoulder length black hair. he stood up and my god he was tall he 7 2" and I am only 5" he wore a long black rain coat the made him seem more mysterious . He looked down at me the chuckled and helped me get up. "Come lets get you to school and then sorted out" I just nooded so I was still in shock and tears threatened to spill over,  we walked to school in silence.


The End

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