The Demon Lies Beneath

I opened my eyes, automatically looking at him, He was already gazing at them me with such cold eyes. I cringed under his gaze shifting slightly away to ease my over active heart. It felt as it was trying to escape the restraints of my chest.

"How? How can you do that?" his voice was filled with venom like. It was strange, the friendly face Moments before helped to feel safe. But it clicked. It was him. He was the unknown force, he was the one trying to my mind. I stood quickly gathering my belonging.

She laughs nervously stepping backwards "I don't know what your talking about but I have to get home. I- erm my mothers expecting me soon" She turns quickly making a hasty retweet towards the main pathway. 

Some how his voice traveled through the breeze, it child her to the bone.

"I will find out who and what you are Issabella, and they day I do I will make you mine."

The End

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